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'To Kill A Mockingbird' - In Defense of the 1962 Movie About Racism

2020.08.01 15:29 finnagains 'To Kill A Mockingbird' - In Defense of the 1962 Movie About Racism

In defense of To Kill a Mockingbird: The 1962 film about racism in theaters this week - 28 March 2019
Fathom Events, TCM and Universal Pictures are screening To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) in select cinemas this week. Directed by Robert Mulligan, produced by Alan J. Pakula and with a screenplay by Horton Foote, the movie is based on Harper Lee’s 1960 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same title.
Set in the Depression era of the 1930s, the book and movie center on attorney Atticus Finch and his daughter Scout. Atticus opposes the legal frame-up in a small Alabama town of an African-American falsely accused of raping a white woman during the period of Jim Crow segregation.
The writing of To Kill a Mockingbird was made possible in part by the mass struggles of the Civil Rights movement, and it further encouraged them. Lee, a native Alabaman born in 1926, was influenced by the case of the Scottsboro Boys in 1931 and the 1934 trial in Monroeville, Alabama, (Lee’s hometown) of Walter Lett, a black former convict, accused of sexual assault by a poor white woman. Lett was initially sentenced to death, but his sentence was reduced to life and he died in prison. The horrifying murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, a black youth, in 1955 in Mississippi was still a fresh wound.
Lee’s book, which has sold more than 30 million copies and been translated into 40 languages, is deservedly beloved. Its themes of tolerance and compassion, and its related sensitivity toward the emotional life of children, have unquestionably influenced generations of young people in particular.
The showing of To Kill a Mockingbird is timely and appropriate for a number of reasons, including for its calling attention to the struggle against entrenched racism in the South.
The movie takes on a new significance, however, in light of the toxic arguments of contemporary identity politics advocates. First, the latter insist—in the face of social and demographic evidence proving the opposite—that the races can’t get along and that the white population is hopelessly racist. Second, these forces attack due process and the presumption of innocence, insisting that in cases of alleged sexual misconduct accusers “must be believed.”
To Kill a Mockingbird has faced numerous attempts—in the first place, by explicitly right-wing forces—over the years by school boards to ban it. One of the first was carried out by the Hanover County, Virginia, board in 1966, on the grounds that the novel was “immoral literature.” In the face of public outrage, including an open letter from Harper Lee, the board retreated.
Only last year, the Duluth, Minnesota, schools decided to remove Lee’s novel, along with Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885), from its schools’ curricula. And in 2017, the Biloxi, Mississippi, public school district removed To Kill a Mockingbird from the eighth-grade English lesson plan nine weeks into the semester.
In the racialist and anti-democratic #MeToo atmosphere in which movies like Green Book have been vehemently attacked, Lee’s work, some 60 years down the road, has found a new swarm of right-wing critics, often in “left” disguise. We will discuss this further on.
“[R]emember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird … Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy.”—Atticus Finch
The first half of the film version of To Kill a Mockingbird deals with the lives and actions of three white children, Scout (Mary Badham), Jem (Phillip Alford)—the offspring of Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck), a widowed attorney in the fictional rural town of Maycomb, Alabama—and their friend Dill (John Megna).
Through his interactions with the children, Atticus is fleshed out, as a man of deep integrity and unbendable humane values. (“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”) He and his children are very attached to their black housekeeper, Calpurnia (Estelle Evans).
In the second half, Atticus’ humanity is put to the test when he has to battle racist authorities and a portion of the town’s white population for the life of a black man, Tom Robinson (Brock Peters), accused by a poor white female, Mayella Ewell (Collin Wilcox), of rape.
The tense courtroom scenes stick in the mind of everyone who has seen the film. The spectators are segregated, with black residents confined to the balcony, where Scout and the other children also sit.
Finch’s cross-examination of the desperate, miserable Mayella suggests strongly she was not beaten by Robinson, but by her father. The black man has one withered arm and could not have carried out the actions he is accused of. When Robinson takes the stand, he denies he attacked Mayella, but testifies she kissed him. He explains he helped the young woman because he felt sorry for her, a sentiment the prosecutor (William Windom) seizes upon: “You felt sorry for her? A white woman? You felt sorry for her.”
The core of To Kill a Mockingbird is Atticus’ summation for the defense. It is worth citing at length:
To begin with, this case should never have come to trial. The State has not produced one iota of medical evidence that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place. It has relied, instead upon the testimony of two witnesses whose evidence has not only been called into serious question on cross-examination, but has been flatly contradicted by the defendant. There is circumstantial evidence to indicate that Mayella Ewell was beaten savagely by someone who led, almost exclusively, with his left.
Tom Robinson now sits before you, having taken the oath with the only good hand he possesses: his right. I have nothing but pity in my heart for the chief witness for the State. She is the victim of cruel poverty and ignorance. But my pity does not extend so far as to her putting a man’s life at stake, which she has done in an effort to get rid of her own guilt. I say ‘guilt,’ gentlemen, because it was guilt that motivated her. She’s committed no crime.
She has merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society. A code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst as unfit to live with. She must destroy the evidence of her offense. But what was the evidence of her offense? Tom Robinson, a human being. She must put Tom Robinson away from her. Tom Robinson was to her a daily reminder of what she did. Now, what did she do? She tempted a Negro. She was white, and she tempted a Negro. She did something that, in our society, is unspeakable. She kissed a black man. Not an old uncle, but a strong, young Negro man. No code mattered to her before she broke it, but it came crashing down on her afterwards.
The witnesses for the State, with the exception of the sheriff of Maycomb County, have presented themselves to you, gentlemen, to this court in the cynical confidence that their testimony would not be doubted. Confident that you gentlemen would go along with them on the assumption—the evil assumption—that all Negroes lie, all Negroes are basically immoral beings, all Negro men are not to be trusted around our women. An assumption that one associates with minds of their caliber and which is, in itself, gentlemen, a lie. Which I do not need to point out to you. And so a quiet, humble, respectable Negro who has had the unmitigated temerity to feel sorry for a white woman has had to put his word against two white people’s.
The defendant is not guilty, but somebody in this courtroom is. Now, gentlemen, in this country our courts are the great levelers. In our courts, all men are created equal. I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and of our jury system. That’s no ideal to me. That is a living, working reality!
Despite the lack of evidence, Robinson is found guilty, then shot down while supposedly attempting to escape.
The movie has its limitations, many of them imposed by the times. This is a product of Hollywood and American liberalism. Certain characters are idealized, certain events strain credulity. The film fails to include a significant detail in the book, that the victimized black man had 17 bullet holes in his body.
However, To Kill a Mockingbird is a product of a liberal social and intellectual milieu when it still had some substance, even in the aftermath of the McCarthyite purges. Peck-Atticus’ speech to the jury remains a compassionate and democratic highlight in the history of American cinema. (It was undoubtedly the highlight of Peck’s lengthy career.) The movie’s hatred for and depiction of the fascist, racist forces is entirely legitimate and enduring, even if it does not explain the historical and social processes that make such reactionary elements possible.
Mulligan’s work did not emerge in isolation. From the end of the blacklist in the late 1950s through the mid-1960s, Hollywood produced numerous works aimed against racism or anti-Semitism, including Imitation of Life (1959), Sergeant Rutledge (1960), A Raisin in the Sun (1961), West Side Story (1961), Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), Pressure Point (1962) and The Pawnbroker (1964), or of an overall socially critical character, among them, Spartacus (1960), Inherit the Wind (1960), Elmer Gantry (1960), The Children’s Hour (1961), Town Without Pity (1961), The Young Savages (1961), The Outsider (1961), The Manchurian Candidate (1962), The Miracle Worker (1962), Advise & Consent (1962), David & Lisa (1962), Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962), A Child is Waiting (1963), Seven Days in May (1964), Fail-Safe (1964) and The Best Man (1964). The artistic quality varies widely, but for the most part, the filmmakers’ sincerity cannot be questioned. Mary Badham and Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird
However, To Kill a Mockingbird was one of the first major productions that confronted racist oppression directly. There had been numerous anti-lynching films made in Hollywood in the past, including Fury (1936), They Won’t Forget (1937, a fictionalized account of the Leo Frank case), Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), Intruder in the Dust (1949), The Sound of Fury (1950) and Bad Day at Black Rock (1955), and even such relatively minor efforts such as Outcast (1937) and Woman They Almost Lynched (1953), but all of them had white characters as victims. To Kill a Mockingbird took some courage and principle.
This was recognized by civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1964 book Why We Can’t Wait. His comments reflect the contradictions of the period and the politics that produced To Kill a Mockingbird. King first praises Finch for his non-violence, “to refrain from hitting back requires more will and bravery than the automatic reflexes of defense,” which matches King’s own pacifistic and reformist views. However, he goes on to make a quite perceptive and sensitive comment, which ought to serve as a slap in the face to our contemporary racialists.
After criticizing the American “frontier tradition” of “violent retaliation,” King writes, “Yet there is something in the American ethos that responds to the strength of moral force. I am reminded of the popular and widely respected novel and film To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Finch, a white southern lawyer, confronts a group of his neighbors who have become a lynch-crazy mob, seeking the life of his Negro client. Finch, armed with nothing more lethal than a lawbook, disperses the mob with the force of his moral courage, aided by his small daughter, who, innocently calling the would-be lynchers by name, reminds them that they are individual men, not a pack of beasts.”
To Kill a Mockingbird brought together genuinely talented artists. Robert Mulligan (1925–2008) is an undervalued director. Born in the Bronx in modest circumstances, Mulligan rose to prominence during the early days of television drama in the 1950s, like contemporaries John Frankenheimer and Sidney Lumet.
Mulligan collaborated with Alan J. Pakula, also from the Bronx, on his first feature film Fear Strikes Out (1957), about the emotionally tormented baseball player Jimmy Piersall, a work highly praised by French critic-filmmaker François Truffaut. It is a “bitter and disillusioned film,” Truffaut commented, “that doesn’t make you want to live in America. But if there were French directors as lucid and talented as Mulligan … the image of our country on the screen would be a bit less simplified.”
Mulligan made numerous uneven but interesting films with Tony Curtis, Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood in the early 1960s. He had one of his greatest commercial successes with Summer of ’42 (1971). His last film, The Man in the Moon (1991), introduced audiences to Reese Witherspoon.
Critic Jonathan Rosenbaum described Mulligan as “underrated and neglected,” and suggested that the filmmaker “may be one of the only American directors left with a fully achieved style that is commonly (if misleadingly) termed classical. Indeed, he is a master of carving out dramatic space with liquid camera movements and precise angles, a mastery that’s matched by a special sensitivity in handling adolescents.”
In a 1978 interview, Mulligan disclosed that “none of my family was in show business. They went to the movies, they listened to the radio, but my father never got past grammar school, my mother never graduated high school. I used to read a lot as a kid. … My aunt had a collection that I’m sure came off some sort of gift book thing, because none of the people in my family really read. It was a collection of Dickens: everything he wrote. I read all of it, I don’t know how many times.” Mulligan directed a “star-studded” version of Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities for television in 1958.
Mary Badham (younger sister of director John Badham), who played Scout at age 10 but never pursued an acting career, had only kind words to say about Mulligan’s role during the production of To Kill a Mockingbird. “He was so patient,” she told an interviewer. “He would get down at eye-level. He would squat down and talk to us. He didn’t talk to us like children. He basically would set up the scene for us and let us do the scene. If he needed to tweak it, he would tweak it. He made a game out of it. He made it really fun.” Badham also expressed great affection for Brock Peters and for Peck, with whom she maintained a friendship until his death in 2003.
Pakula went on to a significant career as a director in his own right, responsible for The Sterile Cuckoo (1969), Klute (1971), The Parallax View (1974), All the President’s Men (1976), Sophie’s Choice (1982), Presumed Innocent (1990) and The Pelican Brief (1993).
Screenwriter Horton Foote, score composer Elmer Bernstein, cinematographer Russell Harlan (Gun Crazy, The Thing, The Big Sky, Witness for the Prosecution, Rio Bravo, etc.) and renowned art director Henry Bumstead (on Vertigo and The Man Who Knew Too Much, among many others) each deserves recognition for his contribution.
None of the effort or artistry, or courage, that went into To Kill a Mockingbird, however, satisfies or even concerns our present-day identity politics know-it-alls. Mulligan’s film now elicits a generally hostile response from the media, in particular the New York Times, the leading #MeToo warrior. What scathing reviews it would attract from the Times if it were made today!
In a July 2015 Times article, “Now We Can Finally Say Goodbye to the White Savior Myth of Atticus,” Osamudia R. James, a professor of law at the University of Miami, writes: “Atticus Finch presented an enduring model to which many white liberals still cling. But besides being a fictional character, Atticus Finch is a myth.”
Finch’s virtues may be exaggerated or the character may possess qualities that are maximized, but what does it mean to argue that Finch is a “white savior myth”? The implication of the remark is that no white people have ever stood up against racism in a principled fashion. Several hundred thousand white Northern soldiers died in the Civil War to end slavery, socialist labor leaders like Big Bill Haywood, Daniel De Leon and others ferociously fought racial prejudice and backwardness, Communist Party members in the 1930s braved death in the South to oppose Jim Crow and figures such as Viola Liuzzo, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman paid with their lives. James’ comment is as ignorant as it is saturated with racialism.
In a June 2018 article in the New York Times Book Review, Roxane Gay, the gender and racial politics promoter and Times columnist, writes: “The ‘n word’ is used liberally throughout [the book] and there are some breathtaking instances of both casual and outright racism. The book is a ‘product of its time,’ sure, so let me just say that said time and the people who lived in it were plain terrible. As for the story, I can take it or leave it. Perhaps I am ambivalent because I am black. I am not the target audience. I don’t need to read about a young white girl understanding the perniciousness of racism to actually understand the perniciousness of racism. I have ample firsthand experience.”
What blindness and selfishness! This casual, cynical dismissal of Lee’s novel and Mulligan’s film lets us know what we need to know about Gay and her ilk at the Times.
The “perniciousness of racism” is not the central theme of To Kill a Mockingbird. Lee and Mulligan hardly felt the need to make that case. Standing up for principle and demonstrating what King termed “moral force” in the face of prevailing public opinion is the central issue here.
Gay and company are self-centered cowards and conformists, who have never engaged in a serious struggle in their lives, at least none that didn’t promise career and income improvement at the end of it. Gay can “take or leave,” i.e., “leave,” the struggle against racist violence in To Kill a Mockingbird, just as she can “take or leave,” i.e., “leave,” opposition to America’s catastrophic wars in the Middle East and Central Asia or defense of Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
There’s another issue, of course, involved in any discussion of To Kill a Mockingbird, the insistence of the #MeToo campaign that women have to be believed when they make allegations of sexual abuse. Lee’s novel revolves around Mayella Ewell’s self-serving lie. Although Gay won’t say so, this facet of the novel also makes her and the rest of sexual witch-hunters unhappy and uncomfortable.
In a particularly vile “left” commentary, Nick Pemberton in CounterPunch (“Killing a Mockingbird” on March 11, 2019), asserts that Lee’s novel is simply an example of “a fairy tale of good and evil” about “heroic rich white men in a history that produced none of these characters.” The book, according to this deranged reading, teaches its readers “that justice comes from the top. Now power no longer corrupts. Power does not oppress. Power, when in the right hands, saves. To those in power, power is always in the right hands.” What is he talking about? In fact, power in the genuinely right hands, the hands of the working class, absolutely does “save.” This is semi-anarchist nonsense.
And later, the CounterPunch writer argues, “To Kill A Mockingbird should never go near a child again because it means nothing beyond a reproduction of its own mythos. Truth is not found in the books that rich people require children to read, nor it is in the verdicts of rich lawyers who decide who is good and bad.” None of this empty-headed “radicalism” has anything to do with the book or film and their real place in American society.
The reactionary fantasies of James, Gay, Pemberton and countless others disregard the actual history, which King’s comment took for granted. To Kill a Mockingbird, both book and film, generated outrage and encouraged protest in the US and worldwide. And many young people, shaken by those works, went far beyond them in the political and social conclusions they drew, conclusions that rejected the entire capitalist social order. The lack of such works, changing what must be changed, is one of our great cultural problems at present.
See Also: To Kill A Mockingbird - Audiobook -
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2020.06.26 15:03 freedomforg The manhattan project thing 2/5

Patterson approved the acquisition of the site on 25 November 1942, authorizing $440,000 for the purchase of the site of 54,000 acres (22,000 ha), all but 8,900 acres (3,600 ha) of which were already owned by the Federal Government.[95] Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard granted use of some 45,100 acres (18,300 ha) of United States Forest Service land to the War Department "for so long as the military necessity continues".[96] The need for land, for a new road, and later for a right of way for a 25-mile (40 km) power line, eventually brought wartime land purchases to 45,737 acres (18,509.1 ha), but only $414,971 was spent.[95] Construction was contracted to the M. M. Sundt Company of Tucson, Arizona, with Willard C. Kruger and Associates of Santa Fe, New Mexico, as architect and engineer. Work commenced in December 1942. Groves initially allocated $300,000 for construction, three times Oppenheimer's estimate, with a planned completion date of 15 March 1943. It soon became clear that the scope of Project Y was greater than expected, and by the time Sundt finished on 30 November 1943, over $7 million had been spent.[97]
Map of Los Alamos site, New Mexico, 1943–45
Because it was secret, Los Alamos was referred to as "Site Y" or "the Hill".[98] Birth certificates of babies born in Los Alamos during the war listed their place of birth as PO Box 1663 in Santa Fe.[99] Initially Los Alamos was to have been a military laboratory with Oppenheimer and other researchers commissioned into the Army. Oppenheimer went so far as to order himself a lieutenant colonel's uniform, but two key physicists, Robert Bacher and Isidor Rabi, balked at the idea. Conant, Groves and Oppenheimer then devised a compromise whereby the laboratory was operated by the University of California under contract to the War Department.[100]
Main article: Metallurgical Laboratory
An Army-OSRD council on 25 June 1942 decided to build a pilot plant for plutonium production in Red Gate Woods southwest of Chicago. In July, Nichols arranged for a lease of 1,025 acres (415 ha) from the Cook County Forest Preserve District, and Captain James F. Grafton was appointed Chicago area engineer. It soon became apparent that the scale of operations was too great for the area, and it was decided to build the plant at Oak Ridge, and keep a research and testing facility in Chicago.[101][102]
Delays in establishing the plant in Red Gate Woods led Compton to authorize the Metallurgical Laboratory to construct the first nuclear reactor beneath the bleachers of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago. The reactor required an enormous amount of graphite blocks and uranium pellets. At the time, there was a limited source of pure uranium. Frank Spedding of Iowa State University were able to produce only two short tons of pure uranium. Additional three short tons of uranium metal was supplied by Westinghouse Lamp Plant which was produced in a rush with makeshift process. A large square balloon was constructed by Goodyear Tire to encase the reactor.[103][104] On 2 December 1942, a team led by Enrico Fermi initiated the first artificial[note 3] self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in an experimental reactor known as Chicago Pile-1.[106] The point at which a reaction becomes self-sustaining became known as "going critical". Compton reported the success to Conant in Washington, D.C., by a coded phone call, saying, "The Italian navigator [Fermi] has just landed in the new world."[107][note 4]
In January 1943, Grafton's successor, Major Arthur V. Peterson, ordered Chicago Pile-1 dismantled and reassembled at Red Gate Woods, as he regarded the operation of a reactor as too hazardous for a densely populated area.[108] At the Argonne site, Chicago Pile-3, the first heavy water reactor, went critical on 15 May 1944.[109][110] After the war, the operations that remained at Red Gate moved to the new site of the Argonne National Laboratory about 6 miles (9.7 km) away.[102]
Main article: Hanford Site
By December 1942 there were concerns that even Oak Ridge was too close to a major population center (Knoxville) in the unlikely event of a major nuclear accident. Groves recruited DuPont in November 1942 to be the prime contractor for the construction of the plutonium production complex. DuPont was offered a standard cost plus fixed-fee contract, but the President of the company, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr., wanted no profit of any kind, and asked for the proposed contract to be amended to explicitly exclude the company from acquiring any patent rights. This was accepted, but for legal reasons a nominal fee of one dollar was agreed upon. After the war, DuPont asked to be released from the contract early, and had to return 33 cents.[111]
A large crowd of sullen looking workmen at a counter where two women are writing. Some of the workmen are wearing identify photographs of themselves on their hats.
Hanford workers collect their paychecks at the Western Union office.
DuPont recommended that the site be located far from the existing uranium production facility at Oak Ridge.[112] In December 1942, Groves dispatched Colonel Franklin Matthias and DuPont engineers to scout potential sites. Matthias reported that Hanford Site near Richland, Washington, was "ideal in virtually all respects". It was isolated and near the Columbia River, which could supply sufficient water to cool the reactors that would produce the plutonium. Groves visited the site in January and established the Hanford Engineer Works (HEW), codenamed "Site W".[113]
Under Secretary Patterson gave his approval on 9 February, allocating $5 million for the acquisition of 40,000 acres (16,000 ha) of land in the area. The federal government relocated some 1,500 residents of White Bluffs and Hanford, and nearby settlements, as well as the Wanapum and other tribes using the area. A dispute arose with farmers over compensation for crops, which had already been planted before the land was acquired. Where schedules allowed, the Army allowed the crops to be harvested, but this was not always possible.[113] The land acquisition process dragged on and was not completed before the end of the Manhattan Project in December 1946.[114]
The dispute did not delay work. Although progress on the reactor design at Metallurgical Laboratory and DuPont was not sufficiently advanced to accurately predict the scope of the project, a start was made in April 1943 on facilities for an estimated 25,000 workers, half of whom were expected to live on-site. By July 1944, some 1,200 buildings had been erected and nearly 51,000 people were living in the construction camp. As area engineer, Matthias exercised overall control of the site.[115] At its peak, the construction camp was the third most populous town in Washington state.[116] Hanford operated a fleet of over 900 buses, more than the city of Chicago.[117] Like Los Alamos and Oak Ridge, Richland was a gated community with restricted access, but it looked more like a typical wartime American boomtown: the military profile was lower, and physical security elements like high fences, towers, and guard dogs were less evident.[118]
Canadian sites
Main article: Montreal Laboratory
British Columbia
Cominco had produced electrolytic hydrogen at Trail, British Columbia, since 1930. Urey suggested in 1941 that it could produce heavy water. To the existing $10 million plant consisting of 3,215 cells consuming 75 MW of hydroelectric power, secondary electrolysis cells were added to increase the deuterium concentration in the water from 2.3% to 99.8%. For this process, Hugh Taylor of Princeton developed a platinum-on-carbon catalyst for the first three stages while Urey developed a nickel-chromia one for the fourth stage tower. The final cost was $2.8 million. The Canadian Government did not officially learn of the project until August 1942. Trail's heavy water production started in January 1944 and continued until 1956. Heavy water from Trail was used for Chicago Pile 3, the first reactor using heavy water and natural uranium, which went critical on 15 May 1944.[119]
The Chalk River, Ontario, site was established to rehouse the Allied effort at the Montreal Laboratory away from an urban area. A new community was built at Deep River, Ontario, to provide residences and facilities for the team members. The site was chosen for its proximity to the industrial manufacturing area of Ontario and Quebec, and proximity to a rail head adjacent to a large military base, Camp Petawawa. Located on the Ottawa River, it had access to abundant water. The first director of the new laboratory was Hans von Halban. He was replaced by John Cockcroft in May 1944, who in turn was succeeded by Bennett Lewis in September 1946. A pilot reactor known as ZEEP (zero-energy experimental pile) became the first Canadian reactor, and the first to be completed outside the United States, when it went critical in September 1945, ZEEP remained in use by researchers until 1970.[120] A larger 10 MW NRX reactor, which was designed during the war, was completed and went critical in July 1947.[119]
Northwest Territories
The Eldorado Mine at Port Radium was a source of uranium ore.[121]
Heavy water sites
Main article: P-9 Project
Although DuPont's preferred designs for the nuclear reactors were helium cooled and used graphite as a moderator, DuPont still expressed an interest in using heavy water as a backup, in case the graphite reactor design proved infeasible for some reason. For this purpose, it was estimated that 3 short tons (2.7 t) of heavy water would be required per month. The P-9 Project was the government's code name for the heavy water production program. As the plant at Trail, which was then under construction, could produce 0.5 short tons (0.45 t) per month, additional capacity was required. Groves therefore authorized DuPont to establish heavy water facilities at the Morgantown Ordnance Works, near Morgantown, West Virginia; at the Wabash River Ordnance Works, near Dana and Newport, Indiana; and at the Alabama Ordnance Works, near Childersburg and Sylacauga, Alabama. Although known as Ordnance Works and paid for under Ordnance Department contracts, they were built and operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. The American plants used a process different from Trail's; heavy water was extracted by distillation, taking advantage of the slightly higher boiling point of heavy water.[122][123]
The key raw material for the project was uranium, which was used as fuel for the reactors, as feed that was transformed into plutonium, and, in its enriched form, in the atomic bomb itself. There were four known major deposits of uranium in 1940: in Colorado, in northern Canada, in Joachimsthal in Czechoslovakia, and in the Belgian Congo.[124] All but Joachimstal were in allied hands. A November 1942 survey determined that sufficient quantities of uranium were available to satisfy the project's requirements.[125] Nichols arranged with the State Department for export controls to be placed on uranium oxide and negotiated for the purchase of 1,200 short tons (1,100 t) of uranium ore from the Belgian Congo that was being stored in a warehouse on Staten Island and the remaining stocks of mined ore stored in the Congo. He negotiated with Eldorado Gold Mines for the purchase of ore from its refinery in Port Hope, Ontario, and its shipment in 100-ton lots. The Canadian government subsequently bought up the company's stock until it acquired a controlling interest.[126]
While these purchases assured a sufficient supply to meet wartime needs, the American and British leaders concluded that it was in their countries' interest to gain control of as much of the world's uranium deposits as possible. The richest source of ore was the Shinkolobwe mine in the Belgian Congo, but it was flooded and closed. Nichols unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate its reopening and the sale of the entire future output to the United States with Edgar Sengier, the director of the company that owned the mine, Union Minière du Haut Katanga.[127] The matter was then taken up by the Combined Policy Committee. As 30 percent of Union Minière's stock was controlled by British interests, the British took the lead in negotiations. Sir John Anderson and Ambassador John Winant hammered out a deal with Sengier and the Belgian government in May 1944 for the mine to be reopened and 1,720 short tons (1,560 t) of ore to be purchased at $1.45 a pound.[128] To avoid dependence on the British and Canadians for ore, Groves also arranged for the purchase of US Vanadium Corporation's stockpile in Uravan, Colorado. Uranium mining in Colorado yielded about 800 short tons (730 t) of ore.[129]
Mallinckrodt Incorporated in St. Louis, Missouri, took the raw ore and dissolved it in nitric acid to produce uranyl nitrate. Ether was then added in a liquid–liquid extraction process to separate the impurities from the uranyl nitrate. This was then heated to form uranium trioxide, which was reduced to highly pure uranium dioxide.[130] By July 1942, Mallinckrodt was producing a ton of highly pure oxide a day, but turning this into uranium metal initially proved more difficult for contractors Westinghouse and Metal Hydrides.[131] Production was too slow and quality was unacceptably low. A special branch of the Metallurgical Laboratory was established at Iowa State College in Ames, Iowa, under Frank Spedding to investigate alternatives. This became known as the Ames Project, and its Ames process became available in 1943.[132]
Uranium refining at Ames
A "bomb" (pressure vessel) containing uranium halide and sacrificial metal, probably magnesium, being lowered into a furnace
After the reaction, the interior of a bomb coated with remnant slag
A uranium metal "biscuit" from the reduction reaction
Isotope separation
Natural uranium consists of 99.3% uranium-238 and 0.7% uranium-235, but only the latter is fissile. The chemically identical uranium-235 has to be physically separated from the more plentiful isotope. Various methods were considered for uranium enrichment, most of which was carried out at Oak Ridge.[133]
The most obvious technology, the centrifuge, failed, but electromagnetic separation, gaseous diffusion, and thermal diffusion technologies were all successful and contributed to the project. In February 1943, Groves came up with the idea of using the output of some plants as the input for others.[134]
Contour map of the Oak Ridge area. There is a river to the south, while the township is in the north.
Oak Ridge hosted several uranium separation technologies. The Y-12 electromagnetic separation plant is in the upper right. The K-25 and K-27 gaseous diffusion plants are in the lower left, near the S-50 thermal diffusion plant. (The X-10 was for plutonium production.)
The centrifuge process was regarded as the only promising separation method in April 1942.[135] Jesse Beams had developed such a process at the University of Virginia during the 1930s, but had encountered technical difficulties. The process required high rotational speeds, but at certain speeds harmonic vibrations developed that threatened to tear the machinery apart. It was therefore necessary to accelerate quickly through these speeds. In 1941 he began working with uranium hexafluoride, the only known gaseous compound of uranium, and was able to separate uranium-235. At Columbia, Urey had Karl Cohen investigate the process, and he produced a body of mathematical theory making it possible to design a centrifugal separation unit, which Westinghouse undertook to construct.[136]
Scaling this up to a production plant presented a formidable technical challenge. Urey and Cohen estimated that producing a kilogram (2.2 lb) of uranium-235 per day would require up to 50,000 centrifuges with 1-meter (3 ft 3 in) rotors, or 10,000 centrifuges with 4-meter (13 ft) rotors, assuming that 4-meter rotors could be built. The prospect of keeping so many rotors operating continuously at high speed appeared daunting,[137] and when Beams ran his experimental apparatus, he obtained only 60% of the predicted yield, indicating that more centrifuges would be required. Beams, Urey and Cohen then began work on a series of improvements which promised to increase the efficiency of the process. However, frequent failures of motors, shafts and bearings at high speeds delayed work on the pilot plant.[138] In November 1942 the centrifuge process was abandoned by the Military Policy Committee following a recommendation by Conant, Nichols and August C. Klein of Stone & Webster.[139]
Although the centrifuge method was abandoned by the Manhattan Project, research into it advanced significantly after the war with the introduction of the Zippe-type centrifuge, which was developed in the Soviet Union by Soviet and captured German engineers.[140] It eventually became the preferred method of Uranium isotope separation, being far more economical than the other separation methods used during WWII.[141]
Electromagnetic separation
Main article: Y-12 Project
Electromagnetic isotope separation was developed by Lawrence at the University of California Radiation Laboratory. This method employed devices known as calutrons, a hybrid of the standard laboratory mass spectrometer and the cyclotron magnet. The name was derived from the words California, university and cyclotron.[142] In the electromagnetic process, a magnetic field deflected charged particles according to mass.[143] The process was neither scientifically elegant nor industrially efficient.[144] Compared with a gaseous diffusion plant or a nuclear reactor, an electromagnetic separation plant would consume more scarce materials, require more manpower to operate, and cost more to build. Nonetheless, the process was approved because it was based on proven technology and therefore represented less risk. Moreover, it could be built in stages, and rapidly reach industrial capacity.[142]
A large oval-shaped structure
Alpha I racetrack at Y-12
Marshall and Nichols discovered that the electromagnetic isotope separation process would require 5,000 short tons (4,500 tonnes) of copper, which was in desperately short supply. However, silver could be substituted, in an 11:10 ratio. On 3 August 1942, Nichols met with Under Secretary of the Treasury Daniel W. Bell and asked for the transfer of 6,000 tons of silver bullion from the West Point Bullion Depository. "Young man," Bell told him, "you may think of silver in tons but the Treasury will always think of silver in troy ounces!"[145] Eventually, 14,700 short tons (13,300 tonnes; 430,000,000 troy ounces) were used.[146]
The 1,000-troy-ounce (31 kg) silver bars were cast into cylindrical billets and taken to Phelps Dodge in Bayway, New Jersey, where they were extruded into strips 0.625 inches (15.9 mm) thick, 3 inches (76 mm) wide and 40 feet (12 m) long. These were wound onto magnetic coils by Allis-Chalmers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After the war, all the machinery was dismantled and cleaned and the floorboards beneath the machinery were ripped up and burned to recover minute amounts of silver. In the end, only 1/3,600,000th was lost.[146][147] The last silver was returned in May 1970.[148]
Responsibility for the design and construction of the electromagnetic separation plant, which came to be called Y-12, was assigned to Stone & Webster by the S-1 Committee in June 1942. The design called for five first-stage processing units, known as Alpha racetracks, and two units for final processing, known as Beta racetracks. In September 1943 Groves authorized construction of four more racetracks, known as Alpha II. Construction began in February 1943.[149]
When the plant was started up for testing on schedule in October, the 14-ton vacuum tanks crept out of alignment because of the power of the magnets, and had to be fastened more securely. A more serious problem arose when the magnetic coils started shorting out. In December Groves ordered a magnet to be broken open, and handfuls of rust were found inside. Groves then ordered the racetracks to be torn down and the magnets sent back to the factory to be cleaned. A pickling plant was established on-site to clean the pipes and fittings.[144] The second Alpha I was not operational until the end of January 1944, the first Beta and first and third Alpha I's came online in March, and the fourth Alpha I was operational in April. The four Alpha II racetracks were completed between July and October 1944.[150]
A long corridor with many consoles with dials and switches, attended by women seated on high stools
Calutron Girls were young women who monitored calutron control panels at Y-12. Gladys Owens, seated in the foreground, was unaware of what she had been involved with until seeing this photo on a public tour of the facility 50 years later. Photo by Ed Westcott.[151]
Tennessee Eastman was contracted to manage Y-12 on the usual cost plus fixed-fee basis, with a fee of $22,500 per month plus $7,500 per racetrack for the first seven racetracks and $4,000 per additional racetrack.[152] The calutrons were initially operated by scientists from Berkeley to remove bugs and achieve a reasonable operating rate. They were then turned over to trained Tennessee Eastman operators who had only a high school education. Nichols compared unit production data, and pointed out to Lawrence that the young "hillbilly" girl operators were outperforming his PhDs. They agreed to a production race and Lawrence lost, a morale boost for the Tennessee Eastman workers and supervisors. The girls were "trained like soldiers not to reason why", while "the scientists could not refrain from time-consuming investigation of the cause of even minor fluctuations of the dials."[153]
Y-12 initially enriched the uranium-235 content to between 13% and 15%, and shipped the first few hundred grams of this to Los Alamos in March 1944. Only 1 part in 5,825 of the uranium feed emerged as final product. Much of the rest was splattered over equipment in the process. Strenuous recovery efforts helped raise production to 10% of the uranium-235 feed by January 1945. In February the Alpha racetracks began receiving slightly enriched (1.4%) feed from the new S-50 thermal diffusion plant. The next month it received enhanced (5%) feed from the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant. By August K-25 was producing uranium sufficiently enriched to feed directly into the Beta tracks.[154]
Gaseous diffusion
Main article: K-25
The most promising but also the most challenging method of isotope separation was gaseous diffusion. Graham's law states that the rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its molecular mass, so in a box containing a semi-permeable membrane and a mixture of two gases, the lighter molecules will pass out of the container more rapidly than the heavier molecules. The gas leaving the container is somewhat enriched in the lighter molecules, while the residual gas is somewhat depleted. The idea was that such boxes could be formed into a cascade of pumps and membranes, with each successive stage containing a slightly more enriched mixture. Research into the process was carried out at Columbia University by a group that included Harold Urey, Karl P. Cohen, and John R. Dunning.[155]
Oblique aerial view of an enormous U-shaped building
Oak Ridge K-25 plant
In November 1942 the Military Policy Committee approved the construction of a 600-stage gaseous diffusion plant.[156] On 14 December, M. W. Kellogg accepted an offer to construct the plant, which was codenamed K-25. A cost plus fixed-fee contract was negotiated, eventually totaling $2.5 million. A separate corporate entity called Kellex was created for the project, headed by Percival C. Keith, one of Kellogg's vice presidents.[157] The process faced formidable technical difficulties. The highly corrosive gas uranium hexafluoride would have to be used, as no substitute could be found, and the motors and pumps would have to be vacuum tight and enclosed in inert gas. The biggest problem was the design of the barrier, which would have to be strong, porous and resistant to corrosion by uranium hexafluoride. The best choice for this seemed to be nickel. Edward Adler and Edward Norris created a mesh barrier from electroplated nickel. A six-stage pilot plant was built at Columbia to test the process, but the Norris-Adler prototype proved to be too brittle. A rival barrier was developed from powdered nickel by Kellex, the Bell Telephone Laboratories and the Bakelite Corporation. In January 1944, Groves ordered the Kellex barrier into production.[158][159]
Kellex's design for K-25 called for a four-story 0.5-mile (0.80 km) long U-shaped structure containing 54 contiguous buildings. These were divided into nine sections. Within these were cells of six stages. The cells could be operated independently, or consecutively within a section. Similarly, the sections could be operated separately or as part of a single cascade. A survey party began construction by marking out the 500-acre (2.0 km2) site in May 1943. Work on the main building began in October 1943, and the six-stage pilot plant was ready for operation on 17 April 1944. In 1945 Groves canceled the upper stages of the plant, directing Kellex to instead design and build a 540-stage side feed unit, which became known as K-27. Kellex transferred the last unit to the operating contractor, Union Carbide and Carbon, on 11 September 1945. The total cost, including the K-27 plant completed after the war, came to $480 million.[160]
The production plant commenced operation in February 1945, and as cascade after cascade came online, the quality of the product increased. By April 1945, K-25 had attained a 1.1% enrichment and the output of the S-50 thermal diffusion plant began being used as feed. Some product produced the next month reached nearly 7% enrichment. In August, the last of the 2,892 stages commenced operation. K-25 and K-27 achieved their full potential in the early postwar period, when they eclipsed the other production plants and became the prototypes for a new generation of plants.[161]
Thermal diffusion
Main article: S-50 Project
The thermal diffusion process was based on Sydney Chapman and David Enskog's theory, which explained that when a mixed gas passes through a temperature gradient, the heavier one tends to concentrate at the cold end and the lighter one at the warm end. Since hot gases tend to rise and cool ones tend to fall, this can be used as a means of isotope separation. This process was first demonstrated by Klaus Clusius and Gerhard Dickel in Germany in 1938.[162] It was developed by US Navy scientists, but was not one of the enrichment technologies initially selected for use in the Manhattan Project. This was primarily due to doubts about its technical feasibility, but the inter-service rivalry between the Army and Navy also played a part.[163]
A factory with three smoking chimneys on a river bend, viewed from above
The S-50 plant is the dark building to the upper left behind the Oak Ridge powerhouse (with smoke stacks).
The Naval Research Laboratory continued the research under Philip Abelson's direction, but there was little contact with the Manhattan Project until April 1944, when Captain William S. Parsons, the naval officer in charge of ordnance development at Los Alamos, brought Oppenheimer news of encouraging progress in the Navy's experiments on thermal diffusion. Oppenheimer wrote to Groves suggesting that the output of a thermal diffusion plant could be fed into Y-12. Groves set up a committee consisting of Warren K. Lewis, Eger Murphree and Richard Tolman to investigate the idea, and they estimated that a thermal diffusion plant costing $3.5 million could enrich 50 kilograms (110 lb) of uranium per week to nearly 0.9% uranium-235. Groves approved its construction on 24 June 1944.[164]
Groves contracted with the H. K. Ferguson Company of Cleveland, Ohio, to build the thermal diffusion plant, which was designated S-50. Groves's advisers, Karl Cohen and W. I. Thompson from Standard Oil,[165] estimated that it would take six months to build. Groves gave Ferguson just four. Plans called for the installation of 2,142 48-foot-tall (15 m) diffusion columns arranged in 21 racks. Inside each column were three concentric tubes. Steam, obtained from the nearby K-25 powerhouse at a pressure of 100 pounds per square inch (690 kPa) and temperature of 545 °F (285 °C), flowed downward through the innermost 1.25-inch (32 mm) nickel pipe, while water at 155 °F (68 °C) flowed upward through the outermost iron pipe. The uranium hexafluoride flowed in the middle copper pipe, and isotope separation of the uranium occurred between the nickel and copper pipes.[166]
Work commenced on 9 July 1944, and S-50 began partial operation in September. Ferguson operated the plant through a subsidiary known as Fercleve. The plant produced just 10.5 pounds (4.8 kg) of 0.852% uranium-235 in October. Leaks limited production and forced shutdowns over the next few months, but in June 1945 it produced 12,730 pounds (5,770 kg).[167] By March 1945, all 21 production racks were operating. Initially the output of S-50 was fed into Y-12, but starting in March 1945 all three enrichment processes were run in series. S-50 became the first stage, enriching from 0.71% to 0.89%. This material was fed into the gaseous diffusion process in the K-25 plant, which produced a product enriched to about 23%. This was, in turn, fed into Y-12,[168] which boosted it to about 89%, sufficient for nuclear weapons.[169]
Aggregate U-235 production
About 50 kilograms (110 lb) of uranium enriched to 89% uranium-235 was delivered to Los Alamos by July 1945.[169] The entire 50 kg, along with some 50%-enriched, averaging out to about 85% enriched, were used in Little Boy.[169]
The second line of development pursued by the Manhattan Project used the fissile element plutonium. Although small amounts of plutonium exist in nature, the best way to obtain large quantities of the element is in a nuclear reactor, in which natural uranium is bombarded by neutrons. The uranium-238 is transmuted into uranium-239, which rapidly decays, first into neptunium-239 and then into plutonium-239.[170] Only a small amount of the uranium-238 will be transformed, so the plutonium must be chemically separated from the remaining uranium, from any initial impurities, and from fission products.[170]
X-10 Graphite Reactor
Main article: X-10 Graphite Reactor
Two workmen on a movable platform similar to that used by window washers, stick a rod into one of many small holes in the wall in front of them.
Workers load uranium slugs into the X-10 Graphite Reactor.
In March 1943, DuPont began construction of a plutonium plant on a 112-acre (0.5 km2) site at Oak Ridge. Intended as a pilot plant for the larger production facilities at Hanford, it included the air-cooled X-10 Graphite Reactor, a chemical separation plant, and support facilities. Because of the subsequent decision to construct water-cooled reactors at Hanford, only the chemical separation plant operated as a true pilot.[171] The X-10 Graphite Reactor consisted of a huge block of graphite, 24 feet (7.3 m) long on each side, weighing around 1,500 short tons (1,400 t), surrounded by 7 feet (2.1 m) of high-density concrete as a radiation shield.[171]
The greatest difficulty was encountered with the uranium slugs produced by Mallinckrodt and Metal Hydrides. These somehow had to be coated in aluminum to avoid corrosion and the escape of fission products into the cooling system. The Grasselli Chemical Company attempted to develop a hot dipping process without success. Meanwhile, Alcoa tried canning. A new process for flux-less welding was developed, and 97% of the cans passed a standard vacuum test, but high temperature tests indicated a failure rate of more than 50%. Nonetheless, production began in June 1943. The Metallurgical Laboratory eventually developed an improved welding technique with the help of General Electric, which was incorporated into the production process in October 1943.[172]
Watched by Fermi and Compton, the X-10 Graphite Reactor went critical on 4 November 1943 with about 30 short tons (27 t) of uranium. A week later the load was increased to 36 short tons (33 t), raising its power generation to 500 kW, and by the end of the month the first 500 mg of plutonium was created.[173] Modifications over time raised the power to 4,000 kW in July 1944. X-10 operated as a production plant until January 1945, when it was turned over to research activities.[174]
Hanford reactors
Main article: Hanford Site
Although an air-cooled design was chosen for the reactor at Oak Ridge to facilitate rapid construction, it was recognized that this would be impractical for the much larger production reactors. Initial designs by the Metallurgical Laboratory and DuPont used helium for cooling, before they determined that a water-cooled reactor would be simpler, cheaper and quicker to build.[175] The design did not become available until 4 October 1943; in the meantime, Matthias concentrated on improving the Hanford Site by erecting accommodations, improving the roads, building a railway switch line, and upgrading the electricity, water and telephone lines.[176]
An aerial view of the Hanford B-Reactor site from June 1944. At center is the reactor building. Small trucks dot the landscape and give a sense of scale. Two large water towers loom above the plant.
Aerial view of Hanford B-Reactor site, June 1944
As at Oak Ridge, the most difficulty was encountered while canning the uranium slugs, which commenced at Hanford in March 1944. They were pickled to remove dirt and impurities, dipped in molten bronze, tin, and aluminum-silicon alloy, canned using hydraulic presses, and then capped using arc welding under an argon atmosphere. Finally, they were subjected to a series of tests to detect holes or faulty welds. Disappointingly, most canned slugs initially failed the tests, resulting in an output of only a handful of canned slugs per day. But steady progress was made and by June 1944 production increased to the point where it appeared that enough canned slugs would be available to start Reactor B on schedule in August 1944.[177]
Work began on Reactor B, the first of six planned 250 MW reactors, on 10 October 1943.[178] The reactor complexes were given letter designations A through F, with B, D and F sites chosen to be developed first, as this maximised the distance between the reactors. They would be the only ones constructed during the Manhattan Project.[179] Some 390 short tons (350 t) of steel, 17,400 cubic yards (13,300 m3) of concrete, 50,000 concrete blocks and 71,000 concrete bricks were used to construct the 120-foot (37 m) high building.
Construction of the reactor itself commenced in February 1944.[180] Watched by Compton, Matthias, DuPont's Crawford Greenewalt, Leona Woods and Fermi, who inserted the first slug, the reactor was powered up beginning on 13 September 1944. Over the next few days, 838 tubes were loaded and the reactor went critical. Shortly after midnight on 27 September, the operators began to withdraw the control rods to initiate production. At first all appeared well but around 03:00 the power level started to drop and by 06:30 the reactor had shut down completely. The cooling water was investigated to see if there was a leak or contamination. The next day the reactor started up again, only to shut down once more.[181][182]
Fermi contacted Chien-Shiung Wu, who identified the cause of the problem as neutron poisoning from xenon-135, which has a half-life of 9.2 hours.[183] Fermi, Woods, Donald J. Hughes and John Archibald Wheeler then calculated the nuclear cross section of xenon-135, which turned out to be 30,000 times that of uranium.[184] DuPont engineer George Graves had deviated from the Metallurgical Laboratory's original design in which the reactor had 1,500 tubes arranged in a circle, and had added an additional 504 tubes to fill in the corners. The scientists had originally considered this overengineering a waste of time and money, but Fermi realized that by loading all 2,004 tubes, the reactor could reach the required power level and efficiently produce plutonium.[185] Reactor D was started on 17 December 1944 and Reactor F on 25 February 1945.[186]
Separation process
A contour map showing the fork of the Columbia and Yakima rivers and the boundary of the land, with seven small red squares marked on it
Map of the Hanford Site. Railroads flank the plants to the north and south. Reactors are the three northernmost red squares, along the Columbia River. The separation plants are the lower two red squares from the grouping south of the reactors. The bottom red square is the 300 area.
Meanwhile, the chemists considered the problem of how plutonium could be separated from uranium when its chemical properties were not known. Working with the minute quantities of plutonium available at the Metallurgical Laboratory in 1942, a team under Charles M. Cooper developed a lanthanum fluoride process for separating uranium and plutonium, which was chosen for the pilot separation plant. A second separation process, the bismuth phosphate process, was subsequently developed by Seaborg and Stanly G. Thomson.[187] This process worked by toggling plutonium between its +4 and +6 oxidation states in solutions of bismuth phosphate. In the former state, the plutonium was precipitated; in the latter, it stayed in solution and the other products were precipitated.[188]
Greenewalt favored the bismuth phosphate process due to the corrosive nature of lanthanum fluoride, and it was selected for the Hanford separation plants.[189] Once X-10 began producing plutonium, the pilot separation plant was put to the test. The first batch was processed at 40% efficiency but over the next few months this was raised to 90%.[174]
At Hanford, top priority was initially given to the installations in the 300 area. This contained buildings for testing materials, preparing uranium, and assembling and calibrating instrumentation. One of the buildings housed the canning equipment for the uranium slugs, while another contained a small test reactor. Notwithstanding the high priority allocated to it, work on the 300 area fell behind schedule due to the unique and complex nature of the 300 area facilities, and wartime shortages of labor and materials.[190]
Early plans called for the construction of two separation plants in each of the areas known as 200-West and 200-East. This was subsequently reduced to two, the T and U plants, in 200-West and one, the B plant, at 200-East.[191] Each separation plant consisted of four buildings: a process cell building or "canyon" (known as 221), a concentration building (224), a purification building (231) and a magazine store (213). The canyons were each 800 feet (240 m) long and 65 feet (20 m) wide. Each consisted of forty 17.7-by-13-by-20-foot (5.4 by 4.0 by 6.1 m) cells.[192]
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2020.05.12 08:52 Adit269 Book Review

Book Review

To Kill A Mockingbird

  • Author: Harper Lee
  • Published: 1960
Picture Courtesy:
A mockingbird is an avian species, found to mimic sounds of other birds, insects and amphibians, often in rapid succession. It is also used metaphorically, to define a group of people, who believe in some ideology which is not beneficial for the society as a whole, but they stick to it like a tongue to an iron pole in the Artic. It may often result in panic in a large scale, which may sometimes turn into riots, resulting in loss of human lives. In our society, we may find such mockingbirds walking and talking with us on a regular basis. Sensible people may choose to ignore them, so as to prevent any mishap. but as the world is changing, so is the mind of people. People are becoming more conscious of their surroundings; they are becoming more reactive. In our country, for instance, a small rumor can cause mass destruction. What can we do to prevent it? Try to think everything logically and as humanely as possible.
“To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee, is based in a small town of Maycomb, in the state of Alabama, in the US of America, during the Great Depression. The residents were living a happy life, despite the hardships they faced on a daily basis. The story begins with a small girl named Scout, who lived with her elder brother Jem, and a widowed father, Atticus Finch, who worked as a lawyer. The kids, along with a friend, spend their summers, trying to solve the “mystery” of their reclusive neighbour, Arthur Radley. The kids dream about various scenarios, like how to get him out of the house. Radley, a subject of fear in the minds of the residents of Maycomb, tried to reciprocate the kindness of the kids, but he never came into their sight, much to their disappointment.
Soon, the story takes a serious turn, when Atticus is asked by the judge to defend a black man, named Tom Robinson, accused of raping a white girl, named Mayella Ewell. Atticus defended Robinson with all his might, and established that the Ewells were a bunch of liars. But he was still convicted. Meanwhile, in the process, Scout had to defend and fight for her father, who was being mockingly called a “nigger-lover” by the other students in her school. Atticus tried to stop a mob trying to kill Tom, and only after the interference of the Finch kids, did the mob leave. Innocence of a man forces him to take a drastic step, and Tom was shot and killed for trying to escape the prison.
Bob Ewell, the father, still angry at Atticus for utterly destroying his already miniscule standing in the society, vowed to destroy him. He attacked Tom’s widow, and tried to murder Scout and Jem while they were returning from their school. Radley came to their rescue, and while Jem had a broken arm, they were returned safely to their home. The sheriff found a dead Bob the next day, and believed that Radley killed him, but decided not to report him. Radley was never seen again.
The title is aptly named “To Kill a Mockingbird”, as many mockingbirds are being destroyed here. The case of Radley, feminine nature of Scout, and the “inherent” criminality of the coloured people.
  • Radley was an introverted guy, who, out of shame for something, did not want to be seen by others. As a result, people started creating conspiracy theories, and declared him a lunatic. They stopped their children from even going near his house. Only after he saved the kids from their apparent doom, was he acknowledged by the townspeople.
  • When Scout tried to fight with everyone for her father, many people disapproved, owing to the so-called “fact” that women are supposed to bear everything and not fight back. Scout, even though being the youngest, was her father’s daughter, and did not care about what everyone thought of her at that moment. The only thing in her mind was to prove that her father being a “nigger-lover” was not a bad thing at all.
  • In the USA, racial discrimination is rooted deep into their history. Poor people from many African countries were forcibly brought to the USA, to do the bidding of the “supremacist” white people. Many Americans, notably, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., tried to fight against it, and succeeded to a point that the coloured people were not being enslaved. But they could not completely wipe out the superiority complex. The coloured people are living a life of fear, still today, even after having a black President. Harper Lee tried to kill this mockingbird too, by showing the face of “white trash”, namely the Ewells, whose mentality is not uncommon among people today. Black people are still being incriminated and lynched on a feeble basis of “he had a gun with him”.
This book may have caused an uproar, to the point of it being removed from school curriculums after being added, but it is still relevant today. This is a book to be read and remembered, as it teaches us to be humans above all, it teaches us to fight for truth and justice, though still being a piece of fiction.
Review by: Aditya Raj Singh
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We are getting a cream colored kitten it’s a girl! 🎀
We have a pup named Ranger. (His pics are in the imgur link)
We like cool names, not cutesy (no princess, fluffy, sugar, etc). Or names that are funny or ironic. We like things that are California, Colorado and Louisiana inspired. She is going to be more of an outside cat and a mouse hunter.
So far we like the names Aspen, Sierra, Roux, and Dixie. We love skiing and got married in New Orleans. We also are Alabama, Saints and Denver Broncos fans.
Dixieland Delight is the Alabama football team song. Roux (pronounced Roo) is the base for making Gumbo. Also maybe Sierra (mountain range).
All the names I had planned are boy names (Sarge was the forerunner for boy cat names - from the movie 101 Dalmatians ) - but we need a girl name instead.
It’s also family tradition to name our pets royal or military titles: Prince, Scout, Captain, Duke, Major. And two outlier cats: Buddy and Tigger. All boys. This is our first female pet.
Too many friends have named their pets Nola And Bacchus. So those names are out.
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Sade (2001) Safe Bet (2016) Safe Haven (2013) Safe House (2012) Safety of Objects, The (2002) Safe (2012) Sahara (2005) Saint Ange (2006) Saint Judy (2019) Saint Laurent (2015) Saint, The (1997) Salaam Namaste (2005) Salaam-E-Ishq: A Tribute to Love (2007) Salesman, The (2017) Salim (2014) Salinger (2013) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2012) Salt (2010) Salvation (2019) Same Old Song (1998) Sammy 2 (3D) (2012) Sammy 2 (2012) Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage (3D) (2011) Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage (2011) Samoan Wedding (2007) Samson & Delilah (2010) Samson (2018) San Andreas (3D) (2015) San Andreas (2015) Sanam Re (2016) Sanam Teri Kasam (2016) Sanctuary, The (2011) Sanctum (3D) (2011) Sanctum (2011) Sandakozhi 2 (2018) Sanju (2018) Sankofa (2003) Santa Clause 2, The (2002) Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, The (2006) Santa vs. The Snowman (2006) Santhosh Subramaniam (2008) Sapphires, The (2013) Sarafina! (2006) Sarbjit (2016) Sarkar 3 (2017) Sarkar Raj (2008) Sarkar (2005) Sarkar (2018) Satyagraha (2013) Satyameva Jayate (2018) Sausage Party (2016) Savages, The (2008) Savages (2012) Save the Last Dance (2001) Saved (2004) Saving Grace (2000) Saving Mr. Banks (2014) Saving Private Ryan (1998) Saw 3D (2011) Saw 7 (2011) Saw III (2007) Saw II (2006) Saw IV (2008) Saw VI (2010) Saw V (2009) Saw (2005) Say It Isn't So (2001) Scar 3D (2008) Scarlet Tunic, The (1999) Scary Movie 2 (2001) Scary Movie 3 (2004) Scary Movie 4 (2006) Scary Movie 5 (2013) Scary Movie (2000) Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) School for Scoundrels (2007) School of Rock, The (2004) Schuks Tshabalala's Survival Guide to South Africa (2010) Schuks! Pay Back the Money! (2015) Schuks! Your Country Needs You (2013) Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004) Scooby-Doo (2002) Scoop (2008) Score, The (2001) Scorpion King, The (2002) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) Scream 2 (1998) Scream 3 (2000) Scream 4 (2011) Scream (1997) Screwed (2000) Sea Inside, The (2005) Sea Monsters (2008) Seabiscuit (2003) Searching for Sugar Man (2012) Searching (2018) Season of the Witch (2011) Second Act (2018) Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The (2015) Second Chance, A (2015) Second Skin (2000) Secondhand Lions (2004) Secret Ballot (2003) Secret Life of Bees, The (2009) Secret Life of Pets (3D), The (2016) Secret Life of Pets 2 (3D), The (2019) Secret Life of Pets 2, The (2019) Secret Life of Pets, The (2016) Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The (2014) Secret Life of Words, The (2006) Secret Superstar (2017) Secret Window (2004) Secret in Their Eyes, The (2010) Secret in Their Eyes (2016) Secretariat (2011) Secretary (2003) Secrets & Lies (1997) Secrets of the Heart (1999) Secret, The (2002) See Spot Run (2001) Seed of Chucky (2005) Seeing Double (2003) Seeker: The Dark is Rising, The (2007) Seeking Justice (2012) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) Seema Raja (2018) Seethakaathi (2018) Self/less (2015) Selma (2015) Semi-Pro (2008) Semi-Soet (2012) Sense of an Ending, The (2017) Senseless (1998) Sentinel, The (2006) Separate Lies (2006) Separation, A (2012) September Issue, The (2010) Seraphim Falls (2007) Serena (2015) Serendipity (2002) Serial (Bad) Weddings (2015) Serial Teachers (2014) Series 7: The Contenders (2001) Serious Man, A (2010) Serpent's Kiss (1998) Serving Sara (2002) Session 9 (2002) Sessions, The (2013) Setup (2012) Seun (2015) Seven Pounds (2009) Seven Psychopaths (2013) Seven Years in Tibet (1998) Seventh Son (3D)(IMAX) (2015) Seventh Son (3D) (2015) Seventh Son (2015) Sew the Winter to My Skin (2019) Sex Drive (2008) Sex Tape (2014) Sex and the City 2 (2010) Sex and the City: The Movie (2008) Sex is Comedy (2003) Sexy Beast (2002) Sexy Girls (1998) Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (2018) Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar (2006) Shaadi Ke Side Effects (2014) Shaadi No. 1 (2005) Shaadi Se Pehle (2006) Shaandaar (2015) Shabd (2005) Shab (2017) Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure (2006) Shack, The (2017) Shadow Conspiracy (1997) Shadow Dancer (2013) Shadow of Doubt (1998) Shadow of the Vampire (2001) Shaft (2000) Shaggy Dog, The (2006) Shagird (2011) Shakalaka Boom Boom (2007) Shakespeare in Love (1999) Shakti -- The Power (2002) Shall We Dance (1998) Shall We Dance (2005) Shallow Hal (2002) Shallows, The (2016) Shame (2012) Shamitabh (2015) Shanghai Knights (2003) Shanghai Noon (2000) Shanghai Triad (1997) Shanghai (2011) Shanghai (2012) Shaolin Soccer (2003) Shape of Things, The (2004) Shape of Water, The (2018) Shark Night (3D) (2011) Shark Night (2011) Shark Tale (2004) Shattered Glass (2004) Shaukeens, The (2014) Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015) Shazam! (3D IMAX) (2019) Shazam! (3D) (2019) Shazam! (4DX) (2019) Shazam! (2019) She Hate Me (2005) She is King (2017) She's All That (1999) She's Funny That Way (2015) She's Out of My League (2010) She's So Lovely (1998) She's The One (1997) She's the Man (2006) Shepherds and Butchers (2016) Sherlock Gnomes (3D) (2018) Sherlock Gnomes (2018) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) Sherlock Holmes (2010) Shine a Light (2008) Shiner (2003) Shipping News, The (2002) Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi (2012) Shirley Adams (2010) Shivaay (2016) Shivalinga (2017) Shiva (2006) Shock and Awe (2018) Shoot 'Em Up (2007) Shooter (2007) Shooting Dogs (2007) Shooting Fish (1998) Shootout at Wadala (2013) Shopgirl (2006) Short Kut: The Con is On (2009) Shortbus (2007) Shot Caller (2017) Show Dogs (2018) Shower (2000) Showtime (2002) Shrek 2 (2004) Shrek Forever After (3D) (2010) Shrek Forever After (2010) Shrek the Third (2007) Shrek (2001) Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (2017) Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (2020) Shuddh Desi Romance (2013) Shut In (2016) Shutter Island (2010) Shutter (2008) Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) Sicario (2015) Sicko (2008) Side Effects (2013) Sidewalks of New York (2002) Sideways (2005) Siege, The (1998) Siembamba (2017) Signal, The (2014) Signs (2002) Silence (2017) Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2013) Silent Hill (2007) Silk (2007) Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Simmba (2018) Simon Birch (1999) Simple Favour, A (2018) Simple Plan, A (1999) Simply Irresistible (1999) Simpsons Movie, The (2007) Simran (2017) Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (3D) (2014) Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Sin City (2005) Sin Eater, The (2003) Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) Sing (3D) (2016) Sing Street (2016) Singh is Bliing (2015) Singh is Kinng (2008) Singham II (2013) Singham Returns (2014) Singham (2011) Single Man, A (2010) Sing (2016) Sink (2016) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The (2005) Sisters Brothers, The (2019) Sisters (2015) Sitter, The (2012) Sivaji: The Boss (2007) Sivakaasi (2005) Six Days Seven Nights (1998) Sixth Sense, The (1999) Skeem (2011) Skeleton Key, The (2005) Skeleton Twins, The (2014) Skemerson (2019) Ski to the Max (2001) Skin I Live In, The (2012) Skinwalkers (2008) Skin (2010) Skin (2019) Skiptrace (2016) Skoonheid (2011) Skulls, The (2000) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2005) Sky High (2006) Sky Is Pink, The (2019) Skyfall (2012) Skyline (2011) Skyscraper (3D IMAX) (2018) Skyscraper (3D) (2018) Skyscraper (2018) Slackers (2002) Slam (1999) Slam (1999) Slap Her, She's French (2003) Sleeper's Wake (2013) Sleeping with Other People (2016) Sleepless (2017) Sleepover (2004) Sleepwalking (2008) Sleepy Hollow (2000) Sleight (2017) Slender Man (2018) Sliding Doors (1998) Sling Blade (1997) Slumdog Millionaire (2009) Slums of Beverly Hills (1999) Small Soldiers (1998) Small Time Crooks (2001) Smallfoot (3D) (2018) Smallfoot (2018) Smile Like Yours, A (1997) Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997) Smoke Signals (1998) Smokin' Aces (2007) Smurfs (3D), The (2011) Smurfs 2 (3D), The (2013) Smurfs 2, The (2013) Smurfs: The Lost Village (3D) (2017) Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) Smurfs, The (2011) Snaaks Genoeg (2016) Snake Eyes (1998) Snakes on a Plane (2006) Snatched (2017) Snatch (2000) Snitch (2013) Snow Cake (2007) Snow Day (2000) Snow Dogs (2002) Snow Falling on Cedars (2000) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011) Snow Queen 2 (3D), The (2016) Snow Queen 2, The (2016) Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice (3D), The (2018) Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice, The (2018) Snow White & the Huntsman (2012) Snowman, The (2017) Snowpiercer (2014) Snows of Kilimanjaro, The (2012) So Undercover (2013) Social Network, The (2010) Soft Fruit (2000) Solace (2016) Solaris (2003) Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, A (1999) Soldiers of the Rock (2005) Soldier (1998) Solo: A Star Wars Story (3D IMAX) (2018) Solo: A Star Wars Story (3D) (2018) Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Solo (1997) Someone Like You (2001) Somer Son (2015) Something Borrowed (2011) Something's Gotta Give (2004) Somewhere (2011) Son of Bigfoot (3D), The (2017) Son of Bigfoot, The (2017) Son of God (2014) Son of Man (2008) Son of No One, The (2012) Son of Rambow (2008) Son of Sardaar (2012) Son of the Mask (2005) Son's Room, The (2002) Sonchiriya (2019) Song One (2015) Song for Marion (2013) Song for a Raggy Boy (2006) Song of Sparrows, The (2009) Song to Song (2017) Songcatcher (2001) Songs From the 2nd Floor (2002) Sonic the Hedgehog (4DX) (2020) Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) Sonny (2004) Sonskyn Beperk (2016) Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018) Soorma (2018) Sophiatown (2005) Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2007) Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (2010) Sorority Boys (2002) Sorority Row (2009) Sorry Bhai! (2008) Soul Food (1998) Soul Men (2009) Soul Plane (2004) Soul Surfer (2011) Soul Survivors (2002) Sound of My Voice (2012) Sound of Thunder, A (2005) Source Code (2011) South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (2000) Southpaw (2015) Space Between Us, The (2017) Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back (3D) (2010) Space Chimps (2008) Space Cowboys (2000) Space Station 3D (3D)(IMAX) (2002) Spanglish (2005) Spanish Prisoner, The (1998) Spare Parts (2015) Sparkle (2012) Spartan (2004) Spawn (1998) Special 26 (2013) Species 2 (1998) Spectacular Now, The (2014) Spectre (IMAX) (2015) Spectre (2015) Speed 2 (1997) Speed Racer (2008) Speed (2007) Sphere (1998) Spiceworld (1998) Spider-Man 2 (2004) Spider-Man 3 (2007) Spider-Man: Far from Home (3D IMAX) (2019) Spider-Man: Far from Home (3D) (2019) Spider-Man: Far from Home (4DX) (2019) Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) Spider-Man: Homecoming (3D)(IMAX) (2017) Spider-Man: Homecoming (3D) (2017) Spider-Man: Homecoming (4DX) (2017) Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (3D) (2018) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (4DX) (2018) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Spider-Man (2002) Spiderwick Chronicles, The (2008) Spider (2003) Spies in Disguise (3D) (2019) Spies in Disguise (2019) Spirit of the Forest (2010) Spirit of the Marathon (2009) Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) Spirited Away (2003) Spirit, The (2009) Splice (2011) Split (2017) SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (3D), The (2015) SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, The (2015) SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The (2005) Spotlight (2016) Spread (2010) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2006) Spud 2: The Madness Continues (2013) Spud 3: Learning to Fly (2014) Spud (2010) Spun (2003) Spy Game (2002) Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2003) Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2004) Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (3D) (2011) Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (2011) Spy Kids (2001) Spy Next Door, The (2010) Spy Who Dumped Me, The (2018) Spyder (2017) Spy (2015) Square, The (2018) Squid and the Whale, The (2006) Sri Ramadasu (2006) St. Vincent (2015) Stage Beauty (2005) Stan & Ollie (2019) Stand Up Guys (2013) Stander (2003) Star Is Born, A (2018) Star Trek - First Contact (1997) Star Trek Beyond (3D)(IMAX) (2016) Star Trek Beyond (3D) (2016) Star Trek Beyond (4DX) (2016) Star Trek Beyond (2016) Star Trek: Insurrection (1999) Star Trek: Into Darkness (3D) (2013) Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) Star Trek: Nemesis (2003) Star Trek (2009) Star Wars Episode 1 (1999) Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace (3D) (2012) Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3D)(IMAX) (2015) Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3D) (2015) Star Wars: The Force Awakens (4DX) (2015) Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Star Wars: The Last Jedi (3D IMAX) (2017) Star Wars: The Last Jedi (3D) (2017) Star Wars: The Last Jedi (4DX) (2017) Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (3D IMAX) (2019) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (3D) (2019) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Stardust (2007) Stark Raving Mad (2002) Stars Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005) Starship Troopers (1998) Starsky & Hutch (2004) Starter for 10 (2008) Star, The (2017) State and Main (2001) State of Play (2009) State of Violence (2011) Statement, The (2004) Station Agent, The (2004) Status Update (2018) Stay Alive (2006) Stay (2006) Stealing Harvard (2003) Stealth (2005) Step Brothers (2008) Step Up 2 the Streets (2008) Step Up 3D (2010) Step Up 3 (2010) Step Up Revolution (3D) (2012) Step Up Revolution (2012) Step Up: All In (3D) (2014) Step Up: All In (2014) Step Up (2006) Stepfather, The (2010) Stepford Wives, The (2004) Stephen King's The Mist (2008) Stepmom (1999) Steve Jobs (2015) Stick It (2006) Stickmen (2001) Stigmata (1999) Still Alice (2015) Still Breathing (1998) Still Crazy (1999) Stilte (2012) Stir of Echoes (2000) Stockholm (2019) Stoker (2013) Stolen Princess, The (2019) Stolen Summer (2003) Stomp the Yard (2007) Stone Angel, The (2008) Stone Cold Jane Austen (2015) Stoning of Soraya M., The (2009) Stop-Loss (2008) Store Keeper, The (1998) Storks (3D) (2016) Storks (2016) Stormbreaker (2006) Story of Us, The (2000) Story of an African Farm, The (2004) Storytelling (2002) Stoute Boudjies (2010) Straight Outta Compton (2015) Straight Story, The (2000) Straight Up: Helicopters in Action (2004) Strange Magic (2015) Stranger Than Fiction (2007) Strangers: Prey at Night, The (2018) Strangers, The (2008) Straw Dogs (2011) Street Dancer (3D) (2020) Street Dancer (2020) Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) Street Kings (2008) StreetDance 2 (3D) (2012) Stree (2018) Strikdas (2015) Strike (1999) Stroke of Luck, A (2010) Stronger (2017) Stroomop (2018) Stuart Little 2 (2002) Stuart Little (1999) Stuber (2019) Stuck on You (2003) Student of the Year 2 (2019) Student of the Year (2012) Stuur Groete aan Mannetjies Roux (2013) Sub Down (1997) Submergence (2018) Suburbicon (2017) Sucker Punch (2011) Suffragette (2016) Sugar & Spice (2001) Sui Dhaaga: Made in India (2018) Suicide Kings (1999) Suicide Squad (3D)(IMAX) (2016) Suicide Squad (3D) (2016) Suicide Squad (4DX) (2016) Suicide Squad (2016) Sully (IMAX) (2016) Sully (2016) Sultan (2016) Sum of All Fears, The (2002) Summer 2007 (2008) Summer of Sam (1999) Sun Is Also a Star, The (2019) Sunchaser (1997) Sunday (2008) Sunlight Jr. (2014) Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms (2009) Sunshine Cleaning (2009) Sunshine State (2003) Sunshine on Leith (2014) Sunshine (2001) Sunshine (2007) Super 30 (2019) Super 8 (2011) Super Nani (2014) Super Size Me (2004) Super Speedway (2008) Super Troopers 2 (2018) Super Troopers (2003) Superbad (2007) Supercon (2019) Supercross (2006) Superfly (2018) Superhelde (2011) Superhero Movie (2008) Superman Returns (2006) Supernova (2000) Superstar (2000) Surf's Up (2007) Surfer, Dude (2009) Surrogates (2009) Surviving Christmas (2004) Surviving Evil (2009) Survivor (2015) Susanna van Biljon (2010) Suspect Zero (2004) Susters (2018) Suurlemoen! (2014) Suzie Gold (2005) Swades (2004) Swan Princess 2 (1997) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2008) Sweet Hereafter, The (1998) Sweet Home Alabama (2003) Sweet November (2001) Sweet Sixteen (2003) Sweet and Lowdown (2000) Sweetest Thing, The (2002) Swept From the Sea (1998) Swift (2019) Swimfan (2003) Swimming Pool (2004) Swimming Upstream (2003) Swing Vote (2008) Swingers (1997) Switchback (1998) Switch, The (2010) Swordfish (2001) Sy klink soos lente (2016) Sydney White (2008) Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Hindi) (2019) Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Tamil) (2019) Sylvia (2004) Synecdoche, New York (2008) Syrian Bride, The (2007) Syriana (2006) T T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (2001) T2 Trainspotting (2017) TMNT (2007) TRON: Legacy (3D) (2010) TRON: Legacy (2010) Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007) Taare Zameen Par (2007) Tabaluga (2020) Table 19 (2017) Table Manners (2018) Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (3D) (2018) Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (2018) Tadpole (2003) Tag (2018) Tahaan (2009) Tailor of Panama, The (2001) Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story (2003) Take Shelter (2012) Take the Lead (2006) Taken 2 (2012) Taken 3 (IMAX) (2015) Taken 3 (2015) Taken (2008) Takers (2010) Taking Lives (2004) Taking Woodstock (2010) Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, The (2009) Talaash (2003) Talaash (2012) Tale of Despereaux, The (2008) Tale of a Naughty Girl, A (2004) Talented Mr. Ripley, The (2000) Talk of Angels (1998) Talk to Her (2003) Talk to Me (2008) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) Tamara Drewe (2011) Tamasha (2015) Tamizh Padam 2 (2018) Tammy (2014) Tangled (3D) (2011) Tangled (2011) Tango Lesson, The (1998) Tango (1999) Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020) Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015) Tanu Weds Manu (2011) Tao of Steve, The (2000) Tarzan (3D) (2014) Tarzan (1999) Tarzan (2014) Tashan (2008) Taste of Cherry (1998) Tathastu (2006) Taxi Number 9211 (2006) Taxi (2004) Te3n (2016) Tea With Mussolini (1999) Teaching Mrs. Tingle (2000) Team America: World Police (2005) Tears of the Sun (2003) Ted 2 (2015) Ted (2012) Teefa in Trouble (2018) Teen Patti (2010) Teen Spirit (2019) Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3D)(IMAX) (2014) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3D) (2014) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Tees Maar Khan (2010) Teesri Aankh — The Hidden Camera (2006) Tell Me Sweet Something (2015) Tell Tale (2010) Temptress Moon (1997) Ten Commandments, The (2007) Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny (2006) Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive (2016) Tere Bin Laden (2010) Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012) Tere Naam (2003) Teri Meri Kahaani (2012) Terminal, The (2004) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) Terminator Genisys (3D)(IMAX) (2015) Terminator Genisys (3D) (2015) Terminator Genisys (2015) Terminator Salvation (2009) Terminator: Dark Fate (4DX) (2019) Terminator: Dark Fate (IMAX) (2019) Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Terra Willy: Unexplored Planet (2019) Tess (2016) Testament of Youth (2015) Tevar (2015) Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The (1999) Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The (2006) Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (2004) Texas Rangers (2002) Thaanaa Serndha Koottam (2018) Thaandavam (2012) Thackeray (2019) Thalaivaa (2013) Thani Oruvan (2015) Thank You For Smoking (2006) Thank You for Your Service (2018) Thank You (2011) Thanks for Sharing (2013) Thappad (2020) That Awkward Moment (2014) That Darn Cat (1997) That Old Feeling (1997) That Sugar Film (2015) That Thing You Do (1997) That's My Boy (2012) That's The Way I Like It (2000) Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (Tamil) (2017) Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (Telugu) (2017) Theevandi (2018) Their Finest (2017) Themba - A Boy Called Hope (2010) Then She Found Me (2009) Theory of Everything, The (2015) Theory of Flight, The (1999) There Will Be Blood (2008) There's Something About Mary (1998) They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) They (2003) Thick as Thieves (2000) Thief, The (1999) Thin Red Line, The (1999) Thina Sobabili (2015) Things We Lost in the Fire (2008) Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (2001) Things to Come (2017) Thing, The (2012) Think Like a Man Too (2014) Think Like a Man (2012) Third Miracle, The (2000) Third Person (2014) Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2002) Thirteen Days (2001) Thirteenth Floor, The (1999) Thirteen (2004) This Beautiful Fantastic (2017) This Christmas (2007) This Is Where I Leave You (2014) This Is the End (2013) This Means War (2012) This Must Be the Place (2012) This Year's Love (1999) This is 40 (2013) This is My Father (1999) Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (2008) Thodari (2016) Tholi Prema (2018) Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie (2018) Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor (2017) Thomas & Friends: The Great Race (2016) Thomas Crown Affair, The (1999) Thomas and The Magic Railroad (2001) Thondan (2017) Thoongaa Vanam (2015) Thor (3D) (2011) Thor: Ragnarok (3D IMAX) (2017) Thor: Ragnarok (3D) (2017) Thor: Ragnarok (4DX) (2017) Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Thor: The Dark World (3D) (2013) Thor: The Dark World (IMAX 3D) (2013) Thor: The Dark World (2013) Thor (2011) Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (1998) Thousand Acres, A (1998) Thousand Words, A (2012) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2018) Three Dollars (2006) Three Kings (2000) Three Musketeers (3D), The (2011) Three Musketeers, The (2011) Three Seasons (1999) Three Stooges, The (2012) Three to Tango (2000) Thugs of Hindostan (2018) Thumbsucker (2006) Thunderbirds (2004) Thunderbolt (2000) Thunderpants (2003) Thuppakki (2012) Thys & Trix (2018) Tiger Claws (1997) Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) Tiger and the Snow, The (2006) Tigger Movie, The (2000) Tik Tik Tik (2018) Til Death Do Us Part (2019) Til There Was You (1998) Tim's Vermeer (2014) Time Machine, The (2002) Time Traveler's Wife, The (2009) Time for Drunken Horses, A (2001) Timecode (2000) Timeline (2004) Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy (3D) (2014) Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy (2014) Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010) Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (3D) (2015) Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2015) Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009) Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings (3D) (2012) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2012) Titan A.E (2000) Titanic (3D) (2012) Titanic Town (1999) Titanic (1997) Titan, The (2018) Titus (2000) To Do List, The (2014) To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (1997) To Kill a King (2003) To Rome with Love (2012) To Save a Life (2010) To Walk With Lions (2000) To the Power of Anne (2013) To the Wonder (2013) Toilet - 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2020.04.15 21:33 InfernoAA Booking John Cena's Retirement Round Three Part Two: You Want Some, Come Get Some!

Part Two: You Want Some, Come Get Some!

RAW May 16th, 2021
After defeating Joe at Extreme Rules, Cena is given a week off to recover from any injuries sustained from the bout, before returning on this edition of Monday Night RAW, sporting his old white ‘The Champ Is Here’ shirt, quite the different scene to last week where he was soaked in crimson blood. The fans shower him with adulation for his hard-fought victory over Joe in a war of attrition, Cena humbly accepting their positive reaction.

JC: Ladies and gentlemen… The Champ Is STILL Here! I’ll be honest, there were moments where I thought I could be done for, but the support of all of you allowed me to pull through and deliver on my words. I am STILL the WWE Champion, and whilst I may have taken a little rest last week, I am back, fully functional, and ready for more competition! Except, I have a bit of an… interesting challenge. I’ve proven to all of you that I could hold my own in a straight-up singles match at WrestleMania. I’ve proven to all of you that I could hold my own in a brutal Extreme Rules match 8 days ago. But now… how about a change of scenery? What I’m saying is, instead of taking on one opponent, instead of going to hell and back with one opponent… how about three? How about… a Fatal Four-Way featuring 3 of the best possible opponents for my championship?
This ain’t a first for me, I’ve done it back against ‘07 against three of the best back then in Randy, Edge and HBK, I did it again in 2014 against Randy, Reigns and Kane, so since it seems to be a tradition every 7 years… why not bring back it back this year? So, to all the boys in the back listening to me right now, in 4 weeks’ time at Money in the Bank, 3 of you will be facing The Champ for his championship. Now, like I said, I only want 3 of the best, so the RAW General Manager kindly set up a few qualifying matches for you guys. 6 of you in singles matches, 1 qualifier a week, with myself on commentary. This is your opportunity to grab that brass ring, so make sure you take full advantage of it. Otherwise, the next guy in line’s gonna beat you to the punch and you’ll lose that coveted opportunity. Gentlemen, all the best.

As Cena lowers his mic and looks to head out of the ring…


Out come the quartet, causing Cena to pause and spin around, confused about why they’re back. This time though, they have some hardware on them, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish holding the RAW Tag Team Championships they won at Extreme Rules. As usual, KOR is off air-guitaring, only realising that the UE theme has already cut off when Fish shakes him to snap him out of his trance. KOR, embarrassed, steps back, but continues air-guitaring behind UE.

RS: Woah woah woah, Mr Champion!
BF: Johnny!
KOR: Jonathan?
AC: John, did you forget about your monthly Undisputed check-up? I mean, after all, the 4 best wrestlers on Monday Night RAW-
BF: And the nicest-
AC: Should make sure to check up on their champ often!
RS: He seems a little banged up after Extreme Rules… you sure we shouldn’t take a closer look at him?
KOR: Like, right now?
RS: Yeah right now! He’s suffering, don’t you see Kyle?
BF: Don’t worry John, it happens to the best of us! The never-ending aches and pains of aging, we understand John.
RS: Yeah John, we gotchu man.
KOR: Duh we do, we’re the RAW Tag Team Champions now, right Bobby?
BF: Right back atcha, brother!
AC: Boys, boys, I think our guest is feeling a little overwhelmed! Leave it to me, guys. (To Cena) So, John, I see you’re keeping that WWE Championship warm for me. You beat Joe, and now you’re going to Money in the Bank in a 4-Way…
KOR: (*whispers*) I think he forgot to invite us again.
RS: (*whispers*) You serious?
BF: (*whispers*) Who does he think he is! This is our show!
AC: Don’t worry John, I see you’re trying to continue some sort of… tradition of yours, and you know what? We forgive you for forgetting to invite us again, it’s cool. Since we’re just a group of 4 nice guys, we’ll tell you what. Whoever wants that spot, they can have it! Because the 4 of us, we’ve got our eyes set on other prizes. Kyle, Bobby, your reigning RAW Tag Team Champions. Me, Roddy, we’re going for that Money in the Bank briefcase! Because you know John, any Ladder match with Adam Cole in it is a guaranteed 5*. And then you add Roddy to the mix, oh boy, it’s going to be a classic! Have fun with your little challenge, because starting from Money in the Bank, you’re going to need eyes at the back of your head when one of us walks out as Mr. MITB. Remember John, you’re on borrowed time. We, on the other hand, we have all the time in the world, and soon, we’re going to have all the gold on RAW. And that, boys and girls, is Undisputed.

Cocky, arrogant, sleazy, the 4 pose at the top of the stage, KOR & Fish holding up their gold, the other two flashing their UE hand signs, matching the confident grins on their faces. UE are after Cena, and one of these days, fun time is going to be over. Cena will have to fight the UE. Until then though, we have ourselves the first of three qualifiers.

The first competitor in the qualifier shown to be warming is The Scottish Terminator, Drew McIntyre, looking to reclaim the championship that he won at last year’s WM, hoping to nab his second reign with the gold. The big man psyches himself up through practicing his chops, knowing that even the simplest moves can deal the most damage.

His opponent for the night is the man that was name-dropped in both of Cena’s past 4-Way retentions, someone who’s had an intense personal rivalry with Cena over the years, Randy Orton. The Viper leisurely moves around the locker room, relaxed, but also focused on his target.

The match takes place later that night, both McIntyre and Orton ready to reignite their feud from 2020 in this Qualifier, knowing only one of them gets the chance to move on and face Cena in the 4-Way. Either it’ll be the first WWE Champion from the UK, or the third-generation 13-time World Champion. Cena looks on from the commentary table, ready to scout any weaknesses he can before the eventual 4-Way.

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton in a WWE Championship Fatal Four-Way Qualifier
The two men start the match off at a cautious pace, knowing that thanks to their chemistry and in-ring experience, even the slightest mistake can be capitalised on by the other. They start off with a simple lock-up, McIntyre easily showing off the power advantage, causing Orton to slip out of the lock-up and catch a breather on the outside, scanning McIntyre for any potential openings that he can capitalise on. He slithers back into the ring, teasing another lock-up, the two men instead walking in a seemingly never-ending circle… until Orton strikes. RKO attempt. No. Claymore attempt by McIntyre. No. Schoolboy attempt by Orton. McIntyre stays standing, pulling Orton back up to his feet instead… ORTON CATCHES HIM WITH AN RKO! Just like that, it may be over! Orton quickly goes for the cover, distributing his weight on McIntyre’s shoulders to try and keep him down for the count, only for McIntyre to launch him off with a kick-out.

McIntyre returns to his knees, giving Orton a look of surprise, clapping to tell him ‘well played’, whilst Orton respond with a gesture of his own, showing how close he was to having McIntyre beaten. McIntyre calls Orton to the centre of the ring, wanting to duke it out with the Apex Predator in a battle of chops, Orton slightly unsure about the offer, remembering past experiences with McIntyre. Either he leaves tonight with stinging pains on his chest for a few days, or he can chicken out and refuse. It’s obvious which one Orton has gone for, and quickly, he’s already regretting it. McIntyre doles out vicious chop after vicious chop, turning Orton’s chest read, whilst Orton tries to deliver some of his own, leaving a mark on McIntyre’s chest, but nearly not as impressive. Frustrated, Orton tries to go for the RKO again, only to realise that McIntyre has it scouted this time, spinning Orton around into a surprise Future Shock DDT for a near fall, returning the favour.

McIntyre keeps control in the match, cutting off any attempts from Orton to gain momentum with sheer power, keeping Orton at bay with the likes of the Alabama Slam and Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster, only for Orton to keep chipping back with whatever offense he can. Eventually, Orton does find the opening he wanted, catching a Big Boot attempt into a T-Bone Suplex. Like a vulture, he circles his prey, laying in the Garvin Stomps, softening up McIntyre all over in hopes on finding one spot that he can manipulate to his own advantage. He continues pulling out tricks from his vintage Orton arsenal, landing a sweet Dropkick and Hangman DDT, before going for the big Superplex on the top rope. However, he’s unable to lift McIntyre up for it, McIntyre instead switching places with him, trying to land a Superplex of his own. Orton has it scouted, buckling the knees of McIntyre with a well-placed kick, his stomps paying dividends as McIntyre is caught up in a Tree of Woe, only for McIntyre to take advantage of the situation, landing an Avalanche Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, sending Orton crashing down to the mat hard! McIntyre gets in the corner to finish him off, counting down for a beheading Claymore Kick, putting Orton down for 3.
Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton to qualify (14:20)

As McIntyre’s theme booms over the PA System, Cena stands up in somewhat shock, holding his championship up high as he stares at McIntyre. The man who very well almost ended his dreams of going to WM37 to face Joe is the first competitor in the 4-Way, making things a lot more interesting as Cena realises, he can’t rely on his familiarity of dealing with Orton in such matches, but instead, has to watch out for the brutish strength of McIntyre.

RAW May 23rd, 2021
The qualifier scheduled for this week is a whole different game to last week, as instead of the slow, plodding bout between two former WWE Champions, this match has a lot of urgency to it, as it features two talented high-fliers that have a lot of history with each other outside the WWE, both men looking for their first WWE Championship reign.

We first get a shot of John Morrison warming up backstage, doing some stretches to loosen his limbs for any aerial manoeuvres he has in mind. For him, he needs this match, having only competed for the WWE Championship twice in his career, the second of those opportunities involving John Cena in a multi-man match an entire decade ago. This is his chance to prove he has what it takes to be champion after all this time. By his side, he has The Miz, who has already qualified for the MITB match, hoping to provide support for his friend so that he too can nab a shot at the World Title.

Morrison’s opponent is one that didn’t quite get his second shot at the gold, the man that answered Cena’s Open Challenge last month, only to have the opportunity taken away from him. That is, the One and Only, Ricochet, fully recovered and ready to soar to this all-important match-up.

Morrison heads down to the ring with Miz, the two taking a detour to get in Cena’s face at the commentary table, Miz reminding him about WM27 and how he beat Cena in the Main Event, whilst Morrison claims that he’s going to get back at Cena for taking the win away from him one decade ago. Ricochet is out next, giving Cena a nod of respect, whilst also signalling to him that he’s after the gold, having not gotten the opportunity to face Cena last time. The bell rings, and we are underway with Qualifier #2.

John Morrison vs Ricochet in a WWE Championship Fatal Four-Way Qualifier
These two are fast and furious out of the gates, having previously faced off on multiple occasions outside the WWE before, employing all their experience to craft a hot back-and-forth contest. Morrison opens with a quick Spinning Wheel Kick attempt, only for Ricochet to roll under, both men landing on their feet. Ricochet sprints at Morrison, going for the trip-up to get a fall, Morrison kicking out and returning the favour for the same result. Mirroring each other, they kip back-up and deliver dropkicks, both crashing back down to the mat, before going for a drop-down, jump-over sequence, employing their own corkscrews into it. Both land back on the mat, having delivered multiple counters only one minute deep into the contest, flashing grins as they know that they’re evenly matched… for now.

Morrison sprints for the legs, Ricochet leaping over and delivering a Double Foot Stomp to Morrison’s back, before trying for a Moonsault, instead landing on his knees as Morrison moves. Ricochet doesn’t have enough time to react as Morrison rebounds off the ropes, full steam ahead, delivering the Running Knee Smash to Ricochet’s face for an early near fall. The action spills to the outside following a Rolling Thunder Dropkick from Ricochet, the One and Only trying to follow up with his Corkscrew Moonsault Dive, only to be met with a simple Superkick to the face, knocking Ricochet down to the floor. Morrison tries for a Shooting Star Press off the apron, Ricochet delivering a Double Knee Facebreaker to counter, both men now facing the ref’s 10 count.

Miz rushes over to Morrison, trying to get him back into the ring, the Monday Night Delight successfully regaining his bearings, but upon being distracted talking to Miz, Ricochet springboards in from the outside, catching Morrison with an Uppercut for a close one. The two trade strikes, Ricochet going for Uppercuts, whilst Morrison fights back with his brand of kicks. Ricochet ducks under a Roundhouse, performing a Handspring, only to float right into a Flying Chuck to the back of the head. Morrison goes for a Hangman’s Neckbreaker, only for Ricochet to try and turn it into a Benadryller attempt. Miz, out of the ref’s view, latches onto Ricochet’s boot, preventing him from performing it, and instead eating a STO Backbreaker, still not getting Morrison the win though.

Ricochet floors Morrison with the Northern Lights/Deadlift Vertical Suplex combo, a Phoenix Splash attempt from the middle rope following up, only for Miz to be a thorn in Ricochet’s side once again, allowing Morrison to leap back to his feet and deliver an Elevated Lungblower to Ricochet. A quick Spike DDT sets up the Moonlight Drive, Ricochet instead spinning out and delivering a Pele Kick, followed by a Tornado DDT, sending Morrison to the outside. Ricochet amps himself up for a Triangle Moonsault, only for Miz to try and interfere yet again, pulling Morrison to the outside, but Ricochet has it scouted this time, changing trajectory to take the two of them out. He rushes Morrison back into the ring, going up top for the 630 Senton. Morrison moves out of the way, Ricochet walking right into a Spanish Fly.

Morrison preps himself for the finish, hooking in the Moonlight Drive as Miz barks orders to him from the apron. Ricochet pushes Morrison away though, whipping him across the ring with a Hurricanrana. Morrison springs off the ropes, going for the Flying Chuck Kick to Ricochet once again, realising too late that he has walked into Ricochet’s trap, the kick connecting with Miz instead of Ricochet as Ricochet moves out of the way. Morrison takes a peek outside, concerned for Miz, allowing Ricochet to pick him up for a successful Benadryller, before heading up top for the 630 Senton. However, as Ricochet looks to leap, Morrison kicks the ropes out from underneath, causing Ricochet to crotch himself and allow Morrison to deliver an elevated Moonlight Drive! With Ricochet in position, Morrison lands the Starship Pain! 1…2…3.
John Morrison def. Ricochet to qualify (17:04)

Ricochet threw everything he had at Morrison, almost having the win at certain points throughout the match, but it was the craftiness of the duo of Miz & Morrison that allowed The Shaman of Sexy to pull through with the victory, cashing Morrison a ticket to the 4-Way at the PPV, and perhaps his first WWE Championship. Cena looks on at the celebrating duo, realising that whilst there will be powerful competitors like McIntyre to get through, there will also be wily ones like Morrison, and he has to be prepared for both types.

RAW May 30th, 2021
The final qualifier is set to take place tonight, with the winner joining McIntyre and Morrison to take on Cena at MITB. The previous two bouts were polar opposites, one yielding a dominant big man to enter the fray, the other yielding a wily high-flier, providing an interesting dynamic for the upcoming 4-Way. Cena has to stay alert, because the winner of this match could add another twist to the title bout.

The penultimate competitor is someone who has experience in beating John Cena, and on top of that, for their first WWE Championship. They hope to replicate their past success at MITB, but must first win tonight. That man is The Beard, Daniel Bryan, who has been on a chase for the WWE Championship recently, wanting it back after not having held it in over two years. This could be his shot at redemption, but we’ll just have to see if he can pull through with the victory.

His opponent is a man who wrestled a breakout performance against Bryan and beat him, and has stepped foot in the ring with Cena upon The Franchise’s return, losing to him by DQ back in Autumn. The former and second-longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, steps up to his first match of this magnitude in WWE, perhaps on the verge of receiving his first shot at the World Title. Ever since the Superstar Shakeup in April, with Seth Rollins going to SD, Buddy Murphy has come to his own on RAW, branching his name out very quickly, prepared to make good on this rare opportunity.

Murphy is out first, and whilst he may have lost Rollins to SD, one thing he hasn’t lost is his cocky, competitive flair, brashly chewing gum on his way down to the ring. Bryan is out next, eyes solely fixated on the gold, knowing what he has to do to get back to his perch. As he enters the ring, he goes straight past Murphy to pose on the top turnbuckle, not wanting to give him any psychological advantages, instead turning the tide on him by belittling him. However, as he does return to the centre of the ring, Bryan looks Murphy dead in the eyes, and Murphy returns his cocky smile, before spitting his gum to the outside in Cena’s direction, the Champ taken aback by the disrespect, but nonetheless brushing it off. The ref calls for the bell, and we are underway with our third and final qualifier.

Daniel Bryan vs Buddy Murphy in a WWE Championship Fatal Four-Way Qualifier
Murphy bursts right out of his corner, going for a Bicycle Knee Strike right out of the gates, much like his first encounter with Bryan, except this time, Bryan has it scouted, lashing out with a Roundhouse Kick to drop Murphy to the canvas. Bryan leaps into cover, but Murphy kicks out. Bryan gets Murphy in a kneeling position, laying in the shoot kicks to the chest early, before swinging for the Roundhouse Kick once again, only for Murphy to see it coming this time, ducking under and connecting with a Powerbomb. He follows up with the usual combo, flipping Bryan into a kneeling position, going for the Double Wristlock Knee Strike. However, Bryan catches it, setting the knee down, keeping the wristlock clenched tightly though.

He powers Murphy’s shoulders to the canvas, but The Juggernaut lifts one up to break the count. Bryan tries again, yet the same occurs with the other shoulder. A third attempt leads into a wrestler’s bridge from Murphy. Instead of going for the usual counter of putting knees to the body to flatten out the bridge though, Bryan instead stomps away on Murphy’s face, the Aussie having nowhere to go, forced to absorb each blow. Bryan continues control with the double wristlock, manipulating it into a Surfboard submission, before yanking back into the Dragon Sleeper combo, Murphy having a tough time escaping Bryan’s technical genius. Bryan sets him down though, stomping on the knee joints on his way out.

He takes Murphy to the corner, firing off a few European Uppercuts, before placing a Running Corner Dropkick to Murphy’s face. As he goes for another, Murphy tries to counter with his Bicycle Knee Strike, but Bryan ducks under, leaping up for the Moonsault escape off the top rope… MURPHY CATCHES HIM MID-AIR WITH THE BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Murphy crashes to the mat, clutching at his knee, which is in agony from the technical wizardry of Bryan. Nonetheless, Murphy attempts to capitalise on the opportunity, dragging himself towards Bryan for the cover, getting 2 ½.

Murphy works his way back into the match, laying in punches to Bryan’s skull, before dropping him with a Flatliner. He sends Bryan into the corner with a Hip Toss, the Backpack Cannonball following up to crush Bryan in the corner, no dice in the cover though. Murphy sends Bryan to the outside, going for his patented Tope Con Giro, only to remember his knees are compromised, preventing him from gaining as much momentum in the run up, instead adapting his offense by landing a Plancha from the top rope. Murphy rushes Bryan back into the ring, yet still no 3 count. Murphy strings together more fast-paced offense, going for the walking Brainbuster, only for Bryan to slip out, rebounding off the ropes for a Lariat that turns Murphy inside out.

Bryan prepares to finish Murphy off with the Knee Plus, charging at his foe. Murphy pops Bryan up onto the top turnbuckle, a Cheeky Nandos finding its mark, followed by a Powerbomb, Double Wristlock Knee Strike and MURPHY’S LAW! This could be Murphy’s ticket! 1…2…NO! Bryan got his foot on the rope! Frustrated, Murphy lays some kicks into Bryan, in the process tweaking his knee further, causing him to collapse to the mat and stop for a moment. He refuses medical attention though, going back to the top rope, not wanting his injury to strip him of a signature part of his arsenal. It would’ve been better for him if left it out though, as his slow ascent to the top causes his Diving Meteora to be stopped mid-flight with a picture-perfect Dropkick to the jaw. Bryan takes the opportunity to land the KNEE PLUS, diving into the cover for the 1…2…3.
Daniel Bryan def. Buddy Murphy to qualify (17:46)

Where Murphy was brash, wanting to go for all the high-risk spots, Bryan was smart, disabling those facets of offence early with the Surfboard Stomp, that one move throwing Murphy’s entire game plan off. The Juggernaut proved he could adapt on the fly, but not well enough, as it was Bryan’s hand raised in the end, adding the technical master to the 4-Way. 4 very different dynamics and personalities set to clash at Money in the Bank, who will come out on top. WWE Champion John Cena? Drew McIntyre? John Morrison? Or Daniel Bryan?

Money in the Bank 2021 Scottrade Center June 12th, 2021
After taking a week off for some well-deserved rest, the four men are prepared for the high-stakes WWE Championship Fatal Four-Way, taking place two spots before the Men’s MITB Ladder Match main event. The defending champ, Cena, has retained in singles and an Extreme Rules bout thus far. Will he be able to add a multi-man defence to this title reign’s resume?

The challengers make their way out first, Daniel Bryan occupying the ring first, assuming a corner of his own to pose on, performing “YES!” chants, before crouching on the canvas, waiting for the others to arrive. John Morrison is out next with all his pomp and circumstance, showing off his fur coat and sunglasses on the way to the ring. Miz & Morrison claimed they would walk out with both, the world title, and the MITB briefcase, before then hoping to own both brands’ World Titles, believing the two of them will dominate WWE. Tonight’s their chance to make that come true. The final challenger is out, and he’s the most menacing of the three. The hulking Scotsman, Drew McIntyre, is back in the hunt for the gold that he lost last year. The loss to Cena in the finals of Elimination Chamber still cuts deep, McIntyre wanting to bandage over the relatively fresh wound with a win tonight.

And finally, the man everyone’s been waiting for, Mr. Hustle Loyalty Respect, John Cena does his usual entrance shtick, running down to the ring with the gold. Cena poses in the centre of the ring, showing all the 3 men his gold, before handing it to the ref, taking position in his own corner. We have the showman in Cena. The muscle in McIntyre. The high-flying in Morrison. And the technical wizardry in Bryan. Which one of these styles will prevail and bag the World Title?

John Cena (c) vs Drew McIntyre vs John Morrison vs Daniel Bryan in a Fatal Four-Way for the WWE Championship
KNEE PLUS! Right off the bat, Daniel Bryan dropped John Cena with the Knee Plus! McIntyre and Morrison look on in shock, as Cena is sent rolling out of the ring, Bryan surveying the scene, gaze quickly flicking back and forth between his two remaining competitors. And then all hell breaks loose. Bryan and Morrison go after McIntyre, storming him in the corner with a barrage of kicks. Bryan prepares for the Running Corner Dropkick, but Morrison offers to whiplash him for added momentum, Bryan taking up the offer, landing square on McIntyre’s face with extra oomph. McIntyre drops to one knee, before eating a Running Knee Smash from Morrison to the face, sending McIntyre out of the ring too. It is down to Bryan and Morrison to start things off 1-on-1.

Bryan throws a kick at Morrison’s side, Morrison returning with one of his own. The two trade kicks until Bryan suddenly grabs Morrison’s leg, getting the Dragon Screw Leg Whip, followed by a Heel Hook. Morrison fights out with a few kicks from his other leg, using his reach advantage to take Bryan out. Morrison goes for a Running Knee Smash to Bryan too, but Bryan ducks under, trying to steal Morrison’s leg once again for a submission, only for Morrison to have it scouted this time, bouncing onto the middle rope. Morrison flies off with Flying Chuck attempt, instead left rolling to safety as Bryan ducks under once again. Bryan comes at Morrison with a Lariat attempt, but Morrison sends Bryan to the apron, going for a kick to send him off. Bryan catches the kick though, pulling Morrison’s leg through the ropes and getting another Dragon Screw Leg Whip. As Bryan leans on the apron though, maintain full control of Morrison, he’s caught off guard with a blistering chop to the chest by McIntyre!

Cena returns to action too, slipping into the ring, still a little woozy from the early shot by Bryan, but nonetheless ready to compete. Cena goes for Morrison, wanting to neutralise Morrison’s cunning tactics early by maximising damage inflicted on him. Cena lays in a few fists, before going for the usual Leaping Shoulder Tackles, except on the second one, he runs into McIntyre instead, who bowls him over. McIntyre has little time to celebrate though, as Bryan is back in and on the top turnbuckle, delivering a Missile Dropkick to McIntyre. Bryan teams up with Morrison once again, the duo sending Cena and McIntyre to the outside with simultaneous Dropkicks. Morrison offers Bryan to soar first with his Suicide Dive, and Bryan obliges, recognising the merit of teaming up to take out the biggest threats. As he rebounds off the ropes though, he’s tripped up by Morrison, who goes for a quick cover on Bryan, The Beard slipping out and flashing a look of shock, caught off guard, but realising that he too has to watch out for Morrison’s deceptiveness.

Morrison connects a Superkick to Bryan, tossing him out of the ring and onto the apron. The two tussle there, with Morrison going for a Lariat to drop Bryan. Bryan ducks under though, going for his Moonsault escape, but instead projects it onto Cena and McIntyre, who were trading blows on the outside. Cena pushes McIntyre into line of attack, Bryan wiping him out on the steel ramp. Morrison realises the opportunity at hand, heading up to the top turnbuckle, preparing for a Moonsault of his own. Cena has it scouted though, pulling Morrison off the turnbuckle, instead trying for an AA to the steel ramp. Morrison fights out, taking the two out with a SPANISH FLY OFF THE APRON! Morrison sends Cena into the steel steps, before dropping Bryan with a DDT. He goes for McIntyre too, a big mistake on his part as McIntyre delivers a Glasgow Kiss to Morrison, followed by an Alabama Slam onto the floor. McIntyre takes Morrison back to the ring, going for the cover, taking advantage of the fact that Morrison took out everyone else, but the resolve of Morrison pulls through to kick out.

McIntyre manhandles his foe, delivering a pair of Snap Suplexes to the Shaman of Sexy. He gets Morrison in position for the Celtic Cross, but Morrison escapes, delivering a Penalty Kick to McIntyre, only for McIntyre to simply brush it off, chuckling. Morrison tries for another kick to the chest, McIntyre laughing that off too. A piercing chop finds its mark on Morrison’s chest, dropping him to the floor in agony. Bryan had enough time to recover, going top rope again, trying for a High Knee to Morrison. The Scottish Terminator catches him with ease, getting Bryan in position for the Celtic Cross instead. Cena re-enters the fray, taking his foes out with a Diving Leg Drop Bulldog. Bryan uses the cushioning of McIntyre’s fall to still stay in it though. As soon as Bryan pops back to his feet though, Cena is behind him, tossing him with a Release German Suplex, wanting revenge for the early Knee Plus. Bryan pulls himself up in the corner, before seeing Cena charging headlong at him. He sends him through the turnbuckles and into the steel post with a Drop Toe Hold, removing Cena from the equation again.

Morrison delivers a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT to Bryan, before readying himself for a Spear. Bryan counters into a Small Package though, but Morrison kicks out. Bryan delivers a Drop Toe Hold to Morrison too, getting him in position for the Heel Hook. McIntyre tries to break the submission attempt with a kick that would take Bryan’s head clean off his body, only for Bryan to barely avoid it, grabbing McIntyre’s leg for an Ankle Lock! Double Submissions! Bryan’s opponents are too tall though, the two of them managing to reach out for the ropes. There are no rope breaks, but Morrison and McIntyre have a better plan, both pulling in separate directions, almost trying to tear Bryan in two. Ultimately, Bryan has to let go, feeling his limbs close to ripping out of their sockets. Morrison takes advantage of the hurt Bryan, pulling him groin-first into the ring post! Morrison takes a moment to heal his leg, McIntyre doing the same.

Wanting revenge against Bryan, McIntyre and Morrison return The Beard to the ring, taking turns to punish the submission specialist, both men connecting their own brand of strikes on Bryan. They deliver a towering double team Back Body Drop, sending Bryan crashing down to the mat from high up. Cena returns to the apron, wanting to get involved in the action once again, only for McIntyre and Morrison to launch him into the announcer’s table, not letting The Champ get back into the match. McIntyre and Morrison take a moment to discuss tactics on their attack on Bryan, Morrison going for the same trick he did to Bryan, offering McIntyre to go first. McIntyre sees through it though, dropping Morrison with a Glasgow Kiss, followed by flooring with a Future Shock DDT! McIntyre goes a Taker-esque cover, only for Cena to save his title, sprinting back in to deliver a Throwback to break up the count.

Cena goes ham on everyone with Lariats and Leaping Shoulder Blocks, sending them out of the ring, one by one, until he’s left with Bryan. He drops him with the Protobomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle, but as he goes for the AA, Bryan escapes into a LeBell Lock! Cena fights to hold on, McIntyre and Morrison arriving in time to drag the two outside to break up the submission. They send Cena into the ring post, followed by Morrison sending McIntyre into the post too, Bryan following suit. With everyone down and on the outside, Morrison dismantles the announcer’s table, wanting to take someone out of the contest permanently. He places Cena on the table, readying for a Starship Pain off the barricade. Bryan slams a steel chair into Morrison’s back though, sending him crashing into the crowd instead. Bryan scales the top turnbuckle, sending Cena through the table with a Diving Headbutt! Morrison’s out, Cena’s out, it’s just Bryan and McIntyre left!

Bryan returns McIntyre to the ring, laying in Shoot Kick after Shoot Kick, Chop after Chop, leaving McIntyre’s chest beet-red. Bryan successfully lands the Roundhouse Kick and realises it may truly be his time. Heading to the corner, Bryan gets ready, chanting “YES!” with the fans in unison. McIntyre is back on his feet. Bryan looks to end the match with the same move that started the match… CLAYMORE KICK! MCINTYRE CAUGHT BRYAN WITH THE CLAYMORE! Sluggishly, McIntyre drags himself into cover, draping an arm over Bryan. As he does so though, Morrison, using his crazy athletics, springs from the barricade to the other announcer’s table to the apron, before delivering a Shooting Star Press to break up the count in the nick of time! Morrison tosses McIntyre out of the ring, hooking Bryan for The Moonlight Drive! Morrison could be onto his first WWE Championship! STARSHIP PAIN! COVER! 1…2…3! MORRISON HAS DONE IT! Morrison is ecstatic, celebrating wildly in the ring for his first WWE Championship victory… only for the referee to overturn the decision! Bryan’s foot was under the rope! So close yet so far!

Furious, Morrison argues with the official, only to be caught from behind into a roll-up from Bryan! Morrison kicks out, only to eat a KNEE PLUS! Bryan tries to get the pinfall on Morrison, but Morrison rolls onto his back! McIntyre returns to the ring, realising that there’s no one to break up pinfall attempts anymore! McIntyre gets ready for one more Claymore Kick, awaiting either Bryan or Morrison to return to their feet. Both men slowly do, McIntyre instead preparing for a Double Claymore… AA! CENA JUST SLIPPED BACK INTO THE RING TO DELIVER AN AA TO MCINTYRE! HOW IS HE STILL IN IT?! Cena tosses McIntyre into Bryan, sending the two of them out of the ring, before getting Morrison up on his shoulders. AA! COVER! 1…2…3! John Cena is STILL your WWE Champion!
John Cena (c) def. Drew McIntyre, John Morrison & Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship (21:52)

Through all the war and carnage, Cena stands tall still the champion, extending the length of his 17th title reign. There were submission attempts, aerial wonders, and even just pure brute strength showcased throughout the match, but ultimately, it was Cena slipping in last-minute to get the AA on Morrison to get the job done, turning the tables on JoMo with a bit of his own cunningness. He survived the 4-Way, proving that he can take on all multiple challengers at once. What’s next for Cena?
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2020.04.14 20:40 guarea Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama donated nearly 500 boxes of cookies to local food banks, healthcare workers, and first responders

Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama donated nearly 500 boxes of cookies to local food banks, healthcare workers, and first responders submitted by guarea to CoronavirusAlabama [link] [comments]

2020.04.02 12:30 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Take Away Florida's Keys by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (04/01/20)

"It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!" - Ina Garten, 9:30 AM

Flu's Blues

The CDC now estimates that around 25 percent of coronavirus carriers in the U.S. could be asymptomatic, highlighting why you cannot have a friend over even if you both feel terrific. Stay home, assume you’re infected, and enjoy this tale of how the government is making the crisis worse for no reason:
Meanwhile, Trump is trying to pull an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on America’s memory of the weeks he spent downplaying the virus.
Trump is flooding the airwaves with propaganda that rewrites recent history, and Democrats are up against absurd obstacles like Google’s COVID-19 ad policy, which thwart efforts to get the truth about Trump’s failures to the public. The results of the election may very well hinge on the country’s understanding of the administration’s response to this pandemic, and we can’t wait until the emergency is over to dismantle Trump’s false narrative.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

Tomorrow is What A Day the podcast’s 100th episode! Celebrate with them—listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts 💯

Under The Radar

Wisconsin plans to proceed with its primary election, scheduled for April 7, despite increasing calls for the state to delay it. Bernie Sanders joined the outcry today, calling for the primary to be postponed, along with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which has also signed on to a legal fight to expand voting by mail. Wisconsin’s Republican legislature has adamantly opposed expanding access to absentee voting, because of course they have, and the state is reluctant to delay the primary because it’s also the general election for key state and local offices. Nearly 60 percent of Wisconsin municipalities have reported a shortage of poll workers due to coronavirus fears—Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI) plans to call in the National Guard to staff polling sites, but the state may still come up short. Even if the polls are adequately staffed, it’s hard to imagine that everyone in the state who wishes to vote would feel safe doing so.

What Else?

Coronavirus Insider Trading Update: Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) also sold shares in retail stores and bought up stock in a company that makes COVID-19 protective garments. Seems like a nice day for her to resign!
The federal prison system will confine inmates to their cells for two weeks to fight the spread of coronavirus. As outbreaks spread in prisons and jails across the country, incarcerated people in Washington, DC, and Texas have sued their prison systems for better access to sanitary supplies.
The University of California announced it will suspend its admission testing requirements in response to the coronavirus crisis, but applicants do still need to make sure their personal essay about the coronavirus stands out from the 48769295 other coronavirus essays.
America First Action, the main Trump re-election super PAC, has launched a wave of anti-Biden ads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg won’t stop working out with her trainer at the Supreme Court gym, continuing her devoted efforts to send us into a collective panic.
There was an unprecedented spike in U.S. gun sales last month, topping the buying surge that followed the Sandy Hook shooting. In this time of widespread illness, at least we know that the nation is in a great place psychologically.
Ten New Jersey residents have been charged with violating the state’s lockdown order after gathering for an engagement party. What are you doing! Show them the ring over Zoom and then spend so much time trapped alone with your fiancé that you change your mind, like everyone else!
Wimbledon has been canceled for the first time since World War II. If we know tennis players (really sorry about this one) they’ll bounce back (just no excuse).

Be Smarter

Five states have essentially banned abortion during the coronavirus crisis, and yesterday a court ruled that Texas’s ban can go into effect while a legal challenge plays out. Ohio, Alabama, Iowa, and Oklahoma have also categorized abortion as a non-essential procedure, and ordered clinics not to offer it until the crisis is over. This is all very likely headed up to the Supreme Court, where Chief Justice John Roberts will probably be the deciding vote on whether states can end abortion completely if they use a pandemic as cover. Roberts has previously sided with conservative justices in an opinion deferring to Trump’s judgement to make calls for the common good in times of crisis, and he could very well defer to GOP governors to ban abortion on the same pretense. (For more on this—tune in to tomorrow’s What A Day podcast featuring an interview with the head of Planned Parenthood.)

Is That Hope I Feel?

California plans to release 3,500 non-violent prisoners—a tiny fraction of the state’s incarcerated population, but one of the largest releases since the crisis began.
Blood-donation centers have ramped up efforts to collect plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients.
Facebook has expanded its Community Help feature to let neighbors request and offer assistance.
Dolly Parton announced she’ll donate $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to fund coronavirus research, and starting tomorrow she’ll be reading bedtime stories to children. (Also, to us.)
Girl Scout cookies are now available to buy online, and while you’re vastly improving the quality of your quarantine (or, quar-qual™), you can donate a few boxes to first responders.
Here’s a handy list of ongoing food and delivery strikes, to help avoid crossing a picket line.


Lucy Small on Twitter: "2 weeks of isolation and we're out here making picnic tables for squirrels because we're insane"
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2020.02.08 14:36 swoldow [S] Swoldow's Survivor: Great Zimbabwe

We're back with another season, this one taking place in the once-sprawling hub of trade, culture, architecture, and religion, known once as Great Zimbabwe. 20 people from different walks of life will be fighting in this harsh beach climate for a million dollars! Who will come out on top? Find out in Swoldow's Survivor: Grezt Zimbabwe!
Zuva Tribe:
Moto Tribe:

Episode 1:
20 castaways are shipped by boat into the ports of a once-magnificent trading empire, Great Zimbabwe. They are devided into the Zuva and Moto tribes, and go to their respective camps to start the adventure of their lifetimes.
At Zuva, Thomas is the most active person on the tribe. He immediately gets to work socializing with people, and seeing who he can strategize with and use for numbers. He deems Winter and Rina both as incredibly intelligent, and approaches them to make an alliance with him, proposing the three of them could strategize together and control the votes. Winter suggests looking for potential numbers that would be loyal to the main three, and they start looking. Rina approaches Alex, who isn't talking to anyone, and lets her in the group. Alex is relieved, and promises to be incredibly loyal to them. Thomas also tries to work with Gavin. Gavin initially doesn't trust Thomas, so he decides to work with him for a bit, and use his cop intuition to see if it is necessary to flip on him and potentially take out a snake. Mal is also incredibly active, and after seeing Thomas talking with people, decides to make an alliance. Being a psychologist, Mal wants people under a false sense of security, which could lead to them approaching her with anything, leading her to be the keeper of information. She scouts for emotional people she can easily manipulate, and study for science, and brings in Kaleb and Melissa, who are both plainly happy to be there to use as numbers, and Hurricane and Jeffery, who she clearly sees as hotheaded and physical to use as shield. 2 five person groups have formed.
At Moto, Duncan and Chad immediately start bonding, both knowing they are incredibly smart. They decide to partner together and then start alliance-building. The two want to control their group, so they look for people they deem to be loyal enough to work with them. They see Anya and Shaun, who they deem as oddballs that aren't talking to anyone, and pick them up to use as numbers. Anya is glad to be in a group, but Shaun doesn't like being told what to do, and is distant from the rest of her alliance. They also rope in Anthony, who they liked because he did a lot to build the shelter. Lexi and Morgan also find commonalities between eachother and the two also want to lead an alliance. They rope in Cherise and River to join them, and use their combined brainpowers to control the game. Jimenez is the only person in the game unaligned, and he likes it that way, as he gets to be a swing vote.
At the first immunity challenge, Zuva wins immunity, sending Moto to tribal council. At Zuva, Hurricane manages to find an idol in secrecy, and doesn't tell anyone about it. Melissa also tries getting to know people on her opposing alliance, so she tries to get to know Alex, but she refuses to say anything about herself, causing a fight to go off between the two ladies. At Moto, Shaun feels like she is on the bottom of her alliance, and wants insurance, so she goes idol hunting while everyone else strategizes, finding the idol. Lexi and Morgan continue to run their alliance with iron fists, but their constant control rubs River the wrong way. He doesn't want to work with Lexi and Morgan anymore and the alliance crumbles. He wants to turn against his allies by voting Cherise, and teaming up with Jimenez. Morgan, desperately not wanting to be flipped on, asks Duncan who to vote, and he says that they were gunning for Jimenez for doing bad in the challenge. She agrees he should be first to go. Jimenez is the first person voted out in an 8-2 vote.

Episode 2:
River is on the bottom, and the outcasts are now at the mercy of Duncan and Chad's 5-person alliance. Everyone knows they are in control, and go looking for idols, but since Shaun already found it, their efforts were for naught. At Zuva, the alliances are still 5-5, and hostilities arise, when Hurricane and Winter get into a fight over rationing out food for the day. Gavin suggests his alliance goes for Hurricane next, because of the animosity he had towards Winter, and Thomas, Rina, and Winter agree. Gavin, despite not wanting to be in this alliance, as he doesn't trust Thomas and Rina, starts hatching a plan to force one of his own to leave, without him getting blamed, and then flipping the next tribal. Moto wins immunity sending Zuva to tribal council. Mal proposes voting out Alex to her alliance, and everyone is down to do so. Before tribal however, Gavin talks with Hurricane, and tells him he wants to flip, and they're voting for him. Hurricane shows Gavin his idol, and Gavin tells Hurricane to play it, and he wont tell a soul about it. Hurricane trusts Gavin, and at tribal, Hurricane plays his idol, negating the five votes cast against him. Alex goes home in a 5-0 vote.

Episode 3:
Thomas, Rina, and Winter are shocked Hurricane successfully played his idol. Gavin continues to play double agent between the two alliances, and suggests to both parties to find an idol before the other group does. Thomas and Melissa made mad dashes around the island trying to cover as much ground as possible to get the idol, and Melissa finds it for the majority alliance. At Moto, Chad is getting very power-hungry, and wants to plot against Duncan to blindside him and take control of his alliance, especially since nobody else can do anything about it. He tells Anya and Shaun about this plan, but both girls have a sider conversation. They don't want to work with Chad, and they would much rather work with Duncan, and still take out the minority to make sure Chad doesn't rally them to blindside her. Chad, visibly mad, decides to work with Anthony and try to pull in outsiders to vote out Shaun for rebelling against him. The alliance dissolves, and Shaun tells Duncan about what Chad is planning and Duncan is willing to work with them. Everyone is a free agent, and there are no alliances in the Moto tribe anymore. Zuva wins immunity, sending Moto to tribal council. Duncan, Shaun, and Anya want Lexi out for a lack of a filter, but they can't get anyone to rally with them, besides River. At tribal, neither Chad or Anthony even look at Shaun, and she thinks something is up. She decides to play her idol, and negates the 5 votes she got. Lexi goes home with 4 votes against her.

Episode 4:
Chad has no idea what just happened, and he no longer has the majority of people willing to vote for him. Morgan is also incredibly distraught, as Lexi was her closest ally. Chad is incredibly mad at Shaun for playing her idol, and decides to look for one himself to make sure she doesn't get it. He manages to find it, and rejoices. Chad was absent from tribe life for a long time, however, and Anthony begins to question Chad's authority, and doesn't want to work with him anymore. He still doesn't want to blindside Chad directly, but by taking out one of his numbers, like Cherise, it can still negatively effect him. Meanwhile, Anya believes Shaun will be the next to go, and decides it is best to be a true free agent and pave her own way in the game. Meanwhile, at Zuva, Thomas continues to try and find out how Hurricane managed to successfully play an idol, and is starting to catch on to Gavins plan on flipping on him. He questions Gavin of this, and this prompts a fight between them, which ends up breaking up his entire alliance. Now Mal has complete control over the tribe. Zuva wins immunity again, sending Moto to tribal again. Duncan and Shaun have a talk with Anthony over voting, and he wants to vote for Cherise. The two agree, but don't know what is currently happening beneath them. Chad, enraged at Duncan for masterminding the flip, wants him gone, and ropes in outsiders Morgan, Anya, Cherise, and River into doing his bidding. Duncan is blindsided in a 5-3 vote. Chad has gotten his revenge.

Episode 5:
Shaun is once again on the bottom, but knows anything can happen now that there aren't any alliances. She decides to pull more weight around camp, and she is praised by her entire tribe, besides Chad. At Zuva, Mal, Hurricane, Jeffery, Melissa, and Kaleb remain in control and bond a lot. Melissa and Kaleb grow to like eachother a lot, and Mal, Hurricane, and Kaleb also enjoy eachother's company. Mal's psychology research continues to be fruitful, as she sees the emotional difference between those on the top and bottom, and to test how it changes, invites Gavin into a voting block with her. Gavin is ecstatic, because he doesn't trust Thomas and would much rather play in a tight, loyal alliance like Mal's. Zuva wins yet another immunity, and Moto is sent back to tribal. Morgan, fearing being on the bottom tries to use her charms to manipulate Anthony, into trying to get a big name like Chad out. River also wants to take part in blindsiding a huge strategist. Anya wants to keep voting with Chad, as that gives her a shield, and Cherise is willing to do anything as long as it isn't her leaving. This puts Anthony and Shaun in the power position. Neither of them entirely trust Morgan or Chad, but after Anthony tells Shaun of Morgan's flirting, they deem her too dangerous to keep around. Morgan goes home in a 5-2 vote.

Episode 6:
Chad is glad he didn't leave with an idol in his pocket, and he knows he at least has another tribal left in him, but he knows he can definitely use other's situations to his advantage. He knows that Moto is in a huge numbers disadvantage, so he plans to try and bring the best players into the merge in order to have a higher chance of taking the numbers back. He relays this info to Shaun, and she is willing to work with him despite their previous rivalry. Meanwhile, at Zuva, tensions begin to happen as Jeffery isn't feeling like he is represented in the alliance, and that Mal runs the show. Despite trying to hold back his anger, he occasionally lashes out at everyone else, decreasing the alliance's morale. Zuva wins reward, and the twist presented to the castaways is that both tribes will go to tribal. At Zuva, Gavin has a side conversation with Rina, who he wants to work with outside of their group. Rina expresses similar sentiments to not trusting Thomas anymore, and the two plan to flip on him. With Rina not talking to him, Thomas is suspicious, and decides to blindside Rina alongside Winter. He talks with the majority about the move, but they see Rina as much less of a threat than Thomas. The Zuva majority stays united, and Thomas is blindsided in a 7-2 vote. At Moto, Anya, Chad, River, and Shaun all want to vote out a number so when they make the merge, they can take the majority using their skills. Since Anthony is a physical threat, they want Cherise out. Cherise and Anthony want strategic threat Shaun out instead. Cherise leaves in a 4-2 vote.

Episode 7:
After failure after failure, Moto manages to scrape by and win both reward and immunity for their team. Gavin and Rina continue to bond and get to know eachother more, but this makes Mal skeptical. During her observations, she believes that since they are tight, the two could potentially flip on them, like they did with Thomas, and work with the minority. Mal is looking for loyal people to bring into the merge, so she has a talk with outsider Winter, and asks if blindsiding Rina would be a good idea. Winter is willing to, if it sits her in the majority, and Winter promises loyalty to Mal for the rest of the game. Rina is told that Winter is the next vote, but everyone else is on board with booting the strategic heart-surgeon. Rina is blindsided in a 7-1 unanimous vote.

Episode 8:
Its the merge, and the Moto tribe as at a numbers disadvantage, 7-5. Nobody wants to have cross-tribal relations yet, and both want the other tribe out. Even though Moto has disadvantage, Chad has an idol, and believes it's best to play it to gain numbers. The first immunity challenge grants immunity to one man and one woman, and the winners are River and Mal. Mal, feeling unstoppable, tries to consolidate loyalty in her alliance by bonding with outsider Winter. They both get to know eachother well, and plan to stay working together. Kaleb has a talk with his alliance on who to remove, and Kaleb believes Chad is the best option, as Chad reminds him of past villains of the show. Meanwhile, the Moto tribe sees Gavin as a threat physically and socially. Shaun and Chad start rallying their tribe to vote for Gavin, and everyone agrees. At Tribal Council, Chad thinks he is getting targeted, so he plays his idol. 7 votes are negated, and Gavin becomes the first juror in a 5-0 vote.

Episode 9:
Zuva is scared out of their mind. They didn't foresee Chad playing his idol, and it could've been an impressive blindside. Melissa offers to play her idol, but Mal, Hurricane, and Jeffery all believe it is best to keep it for later. Meanwhile, Moto starts to enact their next plan, where they try to target physical threats Hurricane and Jeffery next, so there's a higher chance someone from Moto wins immunity. Shaun, Anya, Winter, Kaleb, and River win reward. Even the reward is a bit sectioned out, as nobody wants to work with anyone from the other tribe. Anthony wins immunity for Moto, guaranteeing one of them to live another day. The Zuva alliance plans on voting for Chad again, and to make sure he doesn't find another idol, they all set out to look. Sadly for them, Anya finds the idol mere seconds before Melissa finds the location. Another idol in the grasp of Moto leads to a fight between Anya and Melissa over it. Moto wants to throw Zuva for a loop, so they decide to vote for Jeffery in case one of the strategists have an idol. Meanwhile, Zuva votes for Chad, and since Anya didn't think she would be targeted, she didn't play her idol. Chad becomes the second juror in a close 6-5 vote.

Episode 10:
The Zuva tribe rejoices when they regain the majority, but that doesn't last for long. Jeffery is sick of Mal running the show, and Hurricane feels the same. The two don't want to work with their leader anymore, so they all decide to kick her from the alliance and not talk to her. Of course, they wouldn't want Mal out now, as she could possibly flip, so they plan on voting another member of Moto. Mal is angry that nobody wants to work with her, so she isolates herself from the group to think about what could've caused this, and assess it to her research. Kaleb, Anthony, River, Melissa, and Jeffery win reward, and Jeffery wins immunity. Mal doesn't want to be hated, so she gets info on who the majority wants to vote through Winter in an attempt to fix her mistakes. Everyone wants Shaun out as she is now the next biggest threat. Meanwhile, Moto wants Melissa out for her argument with Anya. Shaun becomes the third juror in a 6-4 vote.

Episode 11:
Mal, expecting forgiveness from her tribe because of her research, is proven wrong. Nobody wants to work with her still. She now has to fight her way to the end. Even though she played the immunity challenge valiantly, Anthony wins his second immunity. Mal needs insurance, so she goes to Anya, telling her she is willing to flip on her tribe, as they abandoned her. Anya, needing numbers and other intelligent people, decides to agree, and Mal and her plan to vote for Melissa again. Meanwhile, Melissa is scared because she got votes last tribal, but she believes it is a set-up orchestrated by Mal to potentially flush her idol, and vote somebody else out. Melissa wants to hold on to her idol anyway, as she has numbers. She decides to vote Anya, and tell her it is Mal so Anya doesn't play hers either. She is semi-successful, but Anya doesn't believe Melissa, as she still has a grudge against her. At tribal, Anya plays her idol, nullifying 5 votes, and sending her rival Melissa packing to the jury, with an idol in her pocket.

Episode 12:
Even with hostilities towards Mal, Winter believes Melissa exit wouldn't have happened, if Mal was still leading. She's been conveying information to Mal the whole time since Mal was on the outs, and she wants to provide the comfort Mal did to her when she was on the outs. She decides it is best to work with Mal over her alliance, and flip. Jeffery is enraged at Winter for wanting to leave the group, and starts rallying his alliance to vote for her. Hurricane wins immunity. Winter and Mal go idol hunting, and Winter manages to find an idol she can use to help herself or Mal in a flashy way. At tribal, Winter and Mal officially make their flip known when they side with the old Moto alliance and send physical threat Jeffery packing in a 5-3 vote. Jeffery is the fifth juror.
Hurricane wins his second immunity, and knowing he would be deemed a threat by the majority, decides to build a chair out of spare parts for them. It is appreciated. Meanwhile, Hurricane, now with the trust of everyone, wants to make a plan to bring Mal and Winter back to their group, in order to eliminate physical threat Anthony, why he would love to not have to deal with in challenges and go on an immunity run. Mal and Winter both agree, as long as he was to vote with them for the rest of the game. Hurricane said he would, but knew he wouldn't. Anya, Anthony, and River haven't talked to Winter in a day, while Mal tries to cover up their second flip. Anthony thinks something is up, and tries to rally people to vote Winter. It doesn't work, and Anthony becomes the sixth juror in a 4-3 vote.

Episode 13:
Now with a Zuva majority re-established, they plan to finish off the Moto tribe, starting with River. Kaleb, River, and Mal win reward, and Kaleb sees river trying to sway Mal back into his corner, and doesn't like it. He asks Mal if she's gonna flip and Mal says no. She feels scared people might flip on her, since even Kaleb doesn't trust her, so she fights hard and wins her second immunity. Mal and Winter continue to bond, and be in a ride-or-die position. Everyone continues to vote with their tribe, and River becomes the seventh juror in a 4-2 vote.

Anya is the only member of Moto left, and she tries desperately to stay in the game. She finds her game's savior in Kaleb, who unlike everyone else in the game, doesn't have a big move to back him up if he makes final three. He doesn't want to be seen as a goat, so he pulls in Anya and Mal to potentially blindside challenge threat Hurricane. Mal, knowing she'd be booted after Anya likes this prospect, but she thinks it is best to move on with Hurricane instead of Kaleb, as Kaleb is more liked than Hurricane and that could lead her to potentially get more votes. Mal wins her third immunity, and Kaleb starts to isolate himself from the tribe in complete paranoia. Kaleb becomes the eighth juror in a 3-2 vote.
Hurricane, Winter, and Mal all believe Anya should be the next one to go, as if she makes the final 3, everyone in Moto would vote for her, and she would have a huge shot at winning. Challenge beasts Mal and Hurricane plan to simply beat her in immunity, and they succeed, with Hurricane winning it. Everyone sticks to their word, and Anya becomes the ninth and final juror in a 3-1 vote. The final three is Hurricane, Winter, and Mal.
At final tribal council, nobody thinks Hurricane played as good as a game as Mal or Winter. Mal and Winter played similar games, strategizing from the bottom, and taking others out before themselves, and the similarity of their games forced a tie vote, 4-4-1. Hurricane now gets to cast the deciding vote for who to win. He believes that Mal's game was better, because she was on the bottom for longer, and also proved to be an effective leader while in control. Mallory 'Mal' North is crowned the winner of Swoldow's Survivor: Great Zimbabwe.
Jeffery Hwon wins fan favorite because his constant burst of anger and trying to hold them back was very entertaining to watch.

Potential All-Stars:
Mal, Winter, Hurricane, Anya, River, Jeffery, Shaun, Chad, Gavin

Potential Second Chance:
Melissa, Thomas, Duncan, Lexi

This is hands down one of my favorite seasons. Every single idol that was played was played successfully, and the constant battle for power between Moto and Zuva was really fun to watch and write for. Mal was a very entertaining winner and villain, and I really want Hurricane, Shaun, and Gavin to return as well.
Our next season will take place in Micronesia, and will have 8 fans of the show battling against 8 returning players chosen by you. See you next time for Swoldow's Survivor: Fans vs Favorites.
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2020.01.28 00:56 CuteBananaMuffin 19 Signs That America Has Become a Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything is Illegal

by Michael Snyder
Contributing Writer
February 29, 2012 from ActivistPost Website

Do you think that you are free?
Most Americans would still probably answer "yes" to that question, but is that really the case?
In the film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson stated that "everything is illegal in Massachusetts". Well, the same could pretty much be said for the United States as a whole.
Our lives are governed by millions of laws, rules and regulations and more are being piled on all the time. In fact, 40,000 new laws just went into effect in January.
Every single new law restricts your freedom just a little bit more. The truth is that America has become a crazy control freak nation where virtually everything that we do is highly regulated. You have probably broken multiple laws today that you don't even know exist.
We have all become criminals and lawbreakers because almost everything is illegal at this point.
Our politicians are convinced that they are "making life better" by piling gigantic mountains of laws onto our backs, and law enforcement authorities are convinced that they are helping society by "cracking down on crime", but the reality is that our liberties and our freedoms are being strangled by all of this government oppression.
This is not the way that America is supposed to work.
Yes, every society needs laws. But the laws should be short enough and simple enough that everybody can read them and understand them.
In America today, there is no possible way that any of us could ever read all of the laws that apply to us. Most of us just live our daily lives and try to do the "right" thing. But there is no guarantee that men with guns will not show up at your door one evening because of some obscure regulation that you have broken.
The following are 19 signs that America has become a crazy control freak nation where almost everything is illegal.
Sadly, this list of crazy laws and ridiculous regulations could be thousands long.
We are a nation run by a bunch of control freaks who do not care about our liberties and our freedoms.
Every once in a while, John Stossel does some really great reporting. An example of this is posted below. In this 40-minute video, Stossel goes into great detail about how almost everything is illegal in America today. In particular, the first 20 minutes are absolutely excellent.
If you have not seen this yet, I highly encourage you to check it out:
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2020.01.13 01:03 zachariusfrost Don't Wear Red in the Appalachian Woods

It was just another normal walk. That’s how it started anyway; a casual morning stroll on the forested trail that ran behind my parent’s house. They own a home on a couple acres in the small town of Skyline, Alabama. At the time I was in between jobs, and had been living with them as I tried to get back on my feet.
Their property intersects with a winding trail that ran for miles through some unkempt woods in the boonies. In the morning, the Appalachian hills would come alive with the songs of birds and fluttering of insects. The crimson sunrise would paint a beautiful portrait as it filtered down through the bristling leaves of aspen and spruce trees.
There was something about the place that just made me feel at peace. It was like all the stress and anxiety of modern day worries just faded away. It was my Zen place, until the day it was shattered forever.
The day it happened I woke up a bit before dawn, had my coffee and went out for an early-morning walk. The sun had just begun to creep over the horizon when I left the house.
I hadn’t planned on being gone any longer than an hour, and had only been walking about 15 minutes when I noticed something strange. The path around me was oddly silent, with the only noise coming from the sounds of my own footsteps against the gravel. The usual sounds of the woodland creatures or wind gently rustling the trees were absent. Everything was just completely silent.
It didn’t really bother me at first, but the longer it went on, the stranger it seemed. I finally stopped to try and determine whether it was some auditory illusion of some kind. I listened for any of the usual sounds. Cars on the highway a few miles out, lawnmowers fired up by the neighbors or just any noise at all. But there was nothing; just silence.
All of the sudden I began to feel lightheaded. My vision started swimming and my knees grew wobbly beneath me. The hairs on my arms stood on end, and a cold sweat dampened my brow. I didn’t understand what was happening, but in seconds I was struggling just to remain standing.
Panic struck hard, and I desperately reached for my phone thinking I was having a medical emergency. I never managed to reach it, and I just seemed to lose all control of my body and fall face-first to the ground. I still don’t know exactly what happened, but it must’ve been a seizure or fainting spell of some kind. What I do know is that when I finally came to, I wasn’t where I was before.
The environment was pitch black and suddenly cold. Only when I struggled and felt my knee knock into something solid, did I realize I was awake. The sudden jolt struck right on the funny bone, causing me to wince in pain.
I tried to reach my hand out to rub the aching nerve, but found I couldn’t. There was something restricting my movement; something cold and covered in a sticky substance. My whole body was pinned vertically against a wall.
Thankfully, the binds were not entirely restrictive, and I managed to fenagle the cellphone out of my pocket. I flipped it open and the light glowed in the dark. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for me to see where I was. That’s when the true dread set in.
As far as I could tell, I was in some sort of underground tunnel. The binds that restricted me looked almost like the roots of trees. They felt different though, more like dried mud than plant. They were greyish in color and coated with random splotches of this greenish-black goo. It was sticky like tree sap, and hung in gobs of tendrils from all over that smelled truly foul.
I almost had a panic attack in that moment, as I realized I had absolutely no idea where I was or how I’d gotten there. My initial thought was that there was some weird cave-in or earthquake which somehow led to me ending up where I did. I shined my phone up at the ceiling, but saw only the rigid, outline of the rocky walls. No fissure or gap I could’ve slid through, and thus that potential explanation died a quick, unceremonious death.
My next thought was that I had been abducted by someone. I thought about yelling for help, but if that were true, then I doubted they would be likely to come to my aid. I realized an explanation in that moment was not nearly as important as actually getting out.
After wiggling back and forth a bit, it was clear that wasn’t going to be enough to escape. I shined the phone around the corridor; using what sparse lighting it provided to try and formulate a plan. I caught a break when I the light gleamed off of some shiny metallic object only a few feet to my right.
It was too far for my hand to reach, and so I extended my right foot out as much as I could. After struggling for a few minutes, I finally managed to dig my heel down on top of it and drag it back towards me. I then managed to press it against the wall and move it vertical so I could reach it with my hand.
It was some sort of bent, iron rod. I didn’t know how it had possibly gotten down there, but I was nonetheless happy it had.
After slowly wedging it into one of the ruts, I managed to push outward and cause it to crack. The roots - or whatever they were crumbled with relative ease. A few of them broke away, and within a couple moments I managed to push my arm free. Soon after I managed to slide my entire body up and out of the hole I had created.
Somehow it was only then that I remembered my phone was good for something besides shining a shitty light. I dialed 911, but to no surprise the call didn’t go through. That seemed another confirmation that I was somewhere underground, but had no way of telling how deep. I realized then that in all likelihood, no one was coming to find me.
The time on my phone read 11:48 AM, meaning I had been out cold for nearly six hours. I had most of the same clothes on; a pair of tan cargo shorts and my running shoes. The only thing missing was my crimson Alabama university hoodie.
After looking around, I saw no sign of it. The air felt chilly and stagnant, and I shuttered as I rubbed the goosebumps on my exposed arms. Other than my thin layer of clothing I also had my phone, Leatherman multitool, keys, a pack of gum and Chapstick. Not exactly a wilderness survival expert’s emergency pack.
The corridor was unnervingly silent; devoid of any cave ambience. No howling wind leaking in cracks or distant drips of water. Just silence, intrusive and all-consuming. I started to walk, squinting to try and maximize my ocular reception under the minimal light of my cellphone. Each footstep I took, I did so with the utmost caution I was capable. It felt as though every sense in my body had been hypercharged from the onset of adrenaline and confusion.
Before leaving the area, I had one last look back at the root system that had formerly imprisoned me. A thought struck me then as I observed it from further away; it almost looked like some sort of primitive cage.
The tunnel stretched on for dozens of yards. Along the ground I started finding tufts of what appeared to be dried grass and straw randomly strewn about. Beyond that the tunnel came to a bend to the left, and the trail of grass continued towards it. Once around the corner, my eyes were met with the sight of an open cavern. In the waning light of my flip phone it was difficult to tell, but it was clearly of much greater volume than the previous tunnel.
In front of me was a large pile of sticks and dried grass similar to that I’d seen earlier. Beyond that, the walls came to a sort of arch that briefly narrowed two-dozen yards ahead of me, before seeming to expand out again in the next chamber. On top of the stone arch was a structure almost resembling a natural limestone bridge that seemed to connect two separate ledges some thirty feet above me. Above that there appeared to be another open space, but once again my lack of proficient lighting made it difficult to tell.
I tiptoed into the first section of the cave, keeping my head on a swivel. I reached the pile of debris, and decided to dig within it to see if there was anything useful. After finding a long stick a moment later, an idea blossomed in my mind.
I collected a few twigs, and cut a long vertical strip off my belt with my pocket knife. I then removed both of my boots and socks. I fashioned the socks into a sort of pouch, stuffed them with grass and twigs and then slipped it over the end of the stick.
Once it seemed suitable enough, I took out my pack of gum and popped a piece in, while cutting the wrapper in a way so make it one long strand of foil. I bunched the foil into a cluster, and popped the battery out of my cellphone. I placed the torch end in a pile of brush, then moved the foil cluster beneath it.
Carefully, I took the two ends of the stripped foil and pressed one to each of the battery’s terminals. In seconds the strand began to smoke, and then burst into a small flame in the brush. The flame took to the dry grass quickly, and I watched the crimson hue dance along the pile. Thank you, boy scouts; don’t know what I would’ve done without that little trick.
A second later my makeshift torch ignited. The flame grew stronger, penetrating further into the shadowy canopy around me. The panic in my mind diminished ever so slightly, as the orange glow of the torch painted an encouraging trail through the dark. As I turned to my left my torch glinted off something upon the cave wall that caught my eye.
I thought for sure I’d seen it wrong, but as I got closer a series of distinct shapes came into view. On the porous grey rock, about four feet off the ground were a series of cave paintings. They started low, and spread for at least a dozen of feet up the side of the wall. There were all sorts of things depicted. Most were little more than scrawny stick-figure drawings of people, but there were a few of animals as well.
One scene that stood out from the others. Three tall figures were drawn above a horizontal line, and three shorter ones were drawn down below it. The way the scene was centered on the wall made it seem significant, but I didn’t understand why.
The torch was burning quickly, so I maneuvered forward into the large open chamber beyond the archway. The fallen column above the arch appeared to bridge the gap between two rising ledges about thirty feet up. The way it was wedged made it look like it was done so intentionally, like someone carved it out of the rock. The roof of the cavern beyond the structure appeared to curl upwards, and I wondered whether there was more to see. I stepped beyond it, and felt my jaw nearly hit the floor as I got my answer.
The room beyond the arch transitioned abruptly into an absolutely colossal chamber that appeared to extend upward for at least several hundred feet. Suddenly it was bright enough to see without the torch, and I knew that meant light had to be filtering in from somewhere at the top. That realization provided hope, but also disbelief.
How far underground was I?
The chamber branched out at various points into countless winding passages, and pieces of rock ran overhead as makeshift bridges, looking like enormous veins in a massive stone organ. In the center was a massive center spire of rock that seemed to stretch all the way to the top. Many of the veins were connected to it, making it seem like a sort of central anchor.
Something then suddenly moved a couple hundred feet up. I didn’t see what it was, but I heard pebbles shuffle and plunge from above. They hit the ground with thunderous clacks; sounding like popcorn popping through a megaphone.
Not knowing what caused it - and not exactly yearning to find out, I ducked back underneath the arch. I waited there for a minute or so, but didn’t hear any further noise. It was clear then that I wasn’t alone down there.
A metallic gleam shown then caught my attention from the brush pile in front of me. After looking closer I recognized the distinct shape of a long barrel jutting from underneath the pile. Part of me couldn’t even believe what I was seeing, but as I got nearer and pulled it out things just got even stranger.
It was a musket; old-school, flintlock kind, like one from the Manifest Destiny era. It was in poor condition, and obviously wouldn’t be suitable for self-defense except maybe as a vulgar club, but that wasn’t what held my attention. If it was authentic – and judging from the advanced rust on the hide it seemed like it could’ve been, then it had to have been nearly 200 years old.
After digging around for a few more moments I quickly stumbled upon other treasures. An old leather belt, an adidas sneaker, a broken machete, a knapsack, and finally… a bone. I dropped it as soon as I realized what it was that I was holding. It looked like a large thigh bone from an animal. Probably a horse or a moose.
An extremely worrying thought then entered my head, one which sprouted goosebumps along my arms. I glanced around at the environment, seeing the large gathered pile of sticks and other things. The way the bundles were arranged made it almost look like it was some kind of nest.
Even then it seemed like a ridiculous notion. The pile was at least thirty feet in diameter. There’s no creature on earth that makes a nest that big, at least not that I know of. I couldn’t calm my nerves after that though, and decided to just continue trying to move upwards and reach the top; and more importantly the light.
Once past the pile I found myself faced with a series of three branching tunnels. One of them appeared to slope downward, and after a moment of contemplation I decided to just take the one on the far left that veered up.
My torch began to dim, and I did everything I could to maintain the flame for as long as possible. My pockets soon began to run dry of grass, and the cave once again grew dark. After a couple more seconds it was little more than smoldering ashes. Once again, I found myself alone in the dark.
I grabbed the cellphone from my pocket, and silently debated whether or not to go back for more fuel. An awful stench then accosted my nostrils like the malaise of a polluted rolling tide. It smelled like sewage and rotten eggs. The scent became so overwhelming that I felt my eyes begin to water, and bile climb in m throat. Along with the noxious scent was an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Like my olfactory senses had triggered some deep, primal fear hidden deep within my subconscious.
I flipped open my phone, and prayed my gut was wrong. The light from it barely made a difference, but it was enough to confirm my worst fear. I nearly dropped the phone as the outline of a decaying human hand became visible further down the corridor.
Out of instinct I took a step back and covered my mouth as I wretched. Unfortunately, there was no real choice aside from proceeding. I popped in a fresh piece of gum and prayed that my eyes had deceived me as I stepped forward.
It was even worse up close than even my imagination had built it up to be. Partially skeletonized hands and legs dangling with gangrene ribbons of flesh attached to a rotting corpse seated against the wall. Blackened intestines spewed from the gut like dead worms from some grotesque, moldy fruit. The head was missing entirely, and there was no indication as to where it had gone.
My instincts were all but begging me to flee. I had every intention of doing so too, until I saw a small knapsack on the ground beside the remains. On a hunch it may provide something useful – and seeing as how the person clearly no longer had any use for it, I decided to take it. Once I lugged it onto my back, I said a few parting words for the nameless corpse and moved on.
As if it wasn’t obvious before, that moment was when I truly realized the severity of my situation. Before that I had almost assured myself that me waking up there was some kind of mistake or odd coincidence, but after seeing that I abandoned that rationale. Anxiety constricted my mind as I wondered whether I had been kidnapped by some perverse serial killer; chained up like a pig ready for slaughter whenever he thought to entertain the notion.
After putting sufficient distance between myself and the corpse, I knelt down and popped open the knapsack. Inside I struck gold with a flashlight, a box of matches, a half-full water bottle, a pack of granola bars and a few magazines. Those were all most welcome additions, but much to my chagrin there was nothing to identify who the person was, or how they had gotten there. At least the flashlight still had some juice left in it.
I flicked the switch, and watched the flashlight sputter to life and blaze a trail through the passage. The tunnel was pretty unremarkable, appearing as just a long winding passage that led upward. Ever since the brush pile I hadn’t heard so much as a single decibel of sound. I never really realized how comforting background white noise is until I was forced to go without it.
After a couple more minutes of walking in utter silence I reached another open chamber. Two more branching passages lay further ahead and seemed to stretch in nearly opposing directions. One branched out left, and one right with both seeming to lead upwards.
As I approached the two passages, then noticed there was another directly above me on the ceiling. I looked up to see an extended chute, stretching for countless feet above me. Even the light of the flashlight was not enough to illuminate it’s entire length.
Obviously, I had no means of traversing the vertical shaft, but the discovery made things even more mystifying. I elected to take the left-hand tunnel in hopes it would lead to a higher level of the cavern. Before I could enter one of them though, my footstep disrupted a pile of pebbles and sent them skittering outward across the ground.
I froze, cursing myself for the noise and hoping nothing had been alerted by it. My mind was flooded with a torrent of catastrophic thoughts. It felt like breaking the silence within that place was somehow a graven sin in and of itself. Luckily for me, there was no other noises.
The further I went, the less likely it seemed like the cave was a natural formation. The walls had almost patterned groove marks in them, as if something had methodically yet boorishly dug them out. A worrying thought manifested as I remembered the apparent nest from earlier; maybe this was the den of some massive unknown creature.
For some reason I thought of Shelob – the giant spider from the Lord of the Rings, and obviously, that thought did not bring any comfort whatsoever. It seemed ridiculous of course, but darkness and silence can play cruel tricks on a solitary mind. I hoped that’s all it was, and I did my best to suppress them and continue on.
I dropped a piece of gum at the entrance of the next tunnel and continued walking. The idea was to use the glint on the shiny wrapper from the flashlight as a rudimentary map to help me find my back to where I started if it came down to that. The more I went though, the more I doubted and hoped I would not have to resort to that tactic.
All sense of direction in that place was restricted to a bare minimum, as with even as short as I had travelled, I had no real sense of where I was in relation to where I had started. That tunnel seemed to bend and twist; like an enclosed spiral staircase on an endless incline. Finally, as I rounded yet another bend, I saw a dull light breaching the other end.
I ventured forward, and once more the room elongated into that massive open chamber. There were some unusual items spread across the ground there as well. Splintered pieces of wood, along with a half-destroyed wooden chair. There was also a scattering of copper colored coins across the ground, but I didn’t recognize the denomination. However, one item stood out right away: an old rusted sword.
I made my way over and knelt to inspect it on the ground. Looked like an old cavalry saber from the civil war era. The hilt was rounded and encrusted with bronze, and the metal blade had clearly seen better years. It looked authentic – like the rifle from earlier, but of course that would lead to the quite elaborate conclusion that it had been there for a couple hundred years. I didn’t think much about it in the moment though; I was just happy to have a weapon.
“Hello?” A sudden voice froze me up like a breeze in the dead of winter. I killed the flashlight and ducked down.
“Hello? Anyone?” The ethereal voice sounded like a young girl calling from somewhere within the cave. Her vocal inflection quite clearly conveyed her terror, and I felt my heart quiver. The thought of a young girl alone in that place and terrified was haunting, and my instincts demanded I try to help.
I crept onward from the room, and found myself once more entering the massive chamber from earlier; this time on a higher level. The cavern loomed large like an ancient empty tomb, and felt as though I were a single ant in an alien, termite colony. Down below I heard the sounds of the girl whimpering, and I approached the ledge to try and spot her.
The area beneath me was shrouded in shadow, and I saw nothing upon first glance. I debated upon turning my flashlight back on and shining down, but some part of me wouldn’t comply with the thought. Like I knew it was the right thing to do, but fear had constricted me, and wouldn’t allow my hand to cooperate.
I peeked over the edge, waiting in the darkness top try and see her. Her hushed sobs and frantic breaths met my ears, but I couldn’t determine exactly where they were coming from. I kept quiet and continued listening, but something strange then happened. Her muffled cries changed pitch, and suddenly morphed into what I can only describe as a hooting, almost manic animal screech. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard.
Something then suddenly darted through the darkness down below me. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was quick. It disappeared in a split-second, and I was forced to entertain a ridiculous notion. Maybe those sounds were not meant to signal distress; maybe it was a lure.
I can’t exactly say why that unnerving thought entered my mind, but I picked up the pace a bit from then on. I crossed a fallen column to reach a higher elevation of ledges, sneaking glances down below to keep an eye out for whatever that thing was.
Luckily, I managed to cross without incident, and kept maneuvering further into the convoluted cave system. Every path which seemed to incline upwards was the one I took. At every tunnel I took I left another piece of the wrapped gum at the entryway, and the pack continued to dwindle.
Most corridors and rooms I came to held very little of interest. Found a few sparse piles of animal bones, as well as various personal belongings scattered around. The items I found in no particular order were an old briefcase, a torn pair of jeans, a solo winter boot, a Chicago Cubs baseball hat and a lunchbox with spoiled contents. All of it was rather asinine, but then I came to that room.
It was tucked away behind a large room that split into several other paths. By this point I was at least several hundred feet above where I had started. The room itself was little more than a small separate grotto, but the items inside I found truly interesting.
Most were articles of clothing: shirts, jackets, pants, hats and shoes of all sorts numbering in the hundreds. I also saw a cane, a fishing pole, a baseball bat, a deflated football and a small drink cooler. All the items in that room seemingly had a single thing in common, they all were either entirely or primarily red.
It looked as though someone had collected all of them over the years, and some of the articles and items looked decades old at the very least. I kept my new saber clutched tightly as I waded my way through the debris.
I was then struck by the epiphany that my suspiciously absent hoodie had also been red. I looked around for it briefly, but didn’t find it. It got me thinking though; maybe red was the reason I was there in the first place. Of course, I knew by then that I was not alone in the cave; and likely had been abducted to arrive there by someone or something. Maybe whatever had taken me didn’t like red, or maybe they were attracted to it.
Back outside and I was once again met with another fallen column that led up to another higher ledge. This one was different though; incredibly steep and worn. There appeared to be no easy way up, and no other real path to follow. I could see the light growing more luminous from above, and knew the steep path was my only option to reach it.
I stashed the sword on the back of my belt and began to climb. The rocks were slick and parts of them crumbled as I grabbed. I moved slowly, trying to stay both alive and quiet as much as possible. The road was tough, but I pushed on.
I was nearing the halfway point when something stopped me dead in my tracks. Somewhere far above, I heard the sounds of pebbles tumbling down the cavern slopes. I looked up and saw a dusty cloud of residue blossom off the cavern wall. My eyes rapidly scanned the area above, but I didn’t see anything that could’ve caused it.
I was just about to continue, when I spotted something strange. The dull light was filtering in from above, just barely illuminating the cavern. It was in that mystical twilight canopy that I saw it. On the far wall there was a small spot where the light appeared to shimmer in an odd fashion.
I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first, and just stared at the odd image. It almost looked like something translucent was partially obscuring the light, like an impossible patch of water held together by some unknown force. I must’ve blinked or something, because one moment it was there, and the next it was gone.
A cold chill crept down my spine, and I decided the best thing I could do was just keep moving. After taking a moment to level out my breaths, I continued onward, and thankfully reached the next ledge.
Once I hauled myself up, I peered back down over the ledge and saw the chamber plunge downward into obscurity. By that point I was nearing the top where the light was coming from. I just hoped that all the effort to get there would be worth it.
The room beyond that ledge was yet another empty space; or at least I thought it was. Once inside, my flashlight gleamed off one of the walls and illuminated several patterns on the rock. The entire thing appeared haphazardly scrawled in some sort of black ink. It was only when I backed further away from the wall that I realized what it was.
At first, I saw only squiggled lines, bloated ovals and winding tubes. Then I saw the X carved into one side. A realization struck me then; it was a map.
It was crudely made, but after further examination I recognized that the X section was similar to the cavern I was in. The paths drawn also seemed to vaguely reflect the ones I had taken to reach that point. My eyes grew wide, as I made the undeniable discovery that if the map was in any way accurate, then I hadn’t seen anything yet.
The colossal chamber I was currently in was only a tiny fraction of the entire piece. I counted six or seven other sections that were at least double the size. The ends of the portrait seemed to fizzle away, as if whoever had drawn it had not yet completed the entire thing. That realization was staggering; just how big is this place?
I took a picture of the diagram with my cellphone, and moved on. There were sudden noises and clangs far off in the distance, and I decided to move towards the light as quick as I could. According to the crude map, the way out of the labyrinth was near. If it was anywhere near true proportions, then I was already about three-fourths of the way there. I just had a little bit higher to go, but the worst was yet to come.
I advanced onto yet another tunnel, and began the arduous climb upward. I could see the light getting nearer, and just hoped there was an actual means of getting out. Luckily, after rounding a few corners I came face to face with just about the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. The exit.
In the ceiling there were several partially transparent films of unknown material stretched over holes. The light was gently beaming in from above, and I knew it had to be the way out. The only question was how I was going to reach it, as the ceiling was well over twenty feet up.
I made my approach into the open cavern, and stared upwards at the patches in the rock above me. There were grooves and indentations in the side of the wall, and I thought I may use them to climb up. It looked possible, but I didn’t get the chance to try then.
Out of the blue I was suddenly struck in the chest by something. The blow was sudden, completely unexpected and sharp. I crumpled to my knees and held my ribs where the blow had struck, feeling blood begin to spill from several open wounds on my abdomen. I then heard the sudden pitter-patter of feet scampering by me. My eyes franticly darted around the room, but I did not see my assaulter anywhere; even though they had passed right by me. It didn’t make any sense.
A plume of dust was then disturbed above me. I looked up, and saw something I still cannot fully explain. It was the same odd shimmering anomaly of the light that I’d seen before. It was closer this time, perched just above me on the ceiling. It was different than before though.
There was a distinct shape to it; at least partially. Like it looked different then the area around it. For anyone whose played the Halo franchise; just picture the translucent silhouette of an active camo upgrade and that’s basically how it looked. Something that was either partially cloaked or my eyes just weren’t capable of fully perceiving it.
It then moved, and my heart dropped like a lead weight. There was definitely something up there, and I had no idea what it was. It’s outline looked vaguely humanoid, but it was hard to tell for certain. The saber in my hand quivered as I held it out towards the thing. The three separate wounds on my chest stung like hornet’s venom, and I realized then that the pattern of them almost looked like something inflicted by claws.
We just stared at one another for the longest time, before it suddenly made this sort of hooting noise. I then watched as it leapt away several feet, and then disappeared into the shadows. Things fell silent once more, and I seized my chance.
Freedom was only a simple climb away, and with that in mind I made a scramble for it. I began my climb up the wall. It was jagged, and I felt rocks puncture into my hands, but I didn’t care. I just had to get out.
I was nearing the halfway point when something suddenly slammed into my back. The impact caused me to lose my grip and plummet about ten feet back to the cavern floor. I struck hard, with my head bouncing off the solid dirt. The room wobbled around me and my head pulsed from the impact.
Something then touched down ahead of me. I tried to stabilize my vision, and clutched tightly onto the rusted saber as my only means of defense. As I rose to my feet, I felt the thing slam into me. The two of us fell and rolled onto the dirt, wrestling and flailing about.
It’s claws were like razors, and piranha-like teeth tore my flesh into ribbons. I fought back and struggled, somehow managing to force the thing off of me. I could barely even see what I was fighting, but as we broke apart and it tried to slink back into the shadows; I saw blood shining on it’s torso.
I took a step forward and slashed horizontally with the saber. I felt the tip strike and tear through it’s translucent hide. It seemed only like a minor wound, but the thing went ballistic. I can’t even possibly describe the multilayered cacophony the thing produced. Voices and animals all blended into random blurbs of vocalized pain.
It flailed about, wailing in a god-awful tone. As if suddenly driven to utter madness by what was honestly just a minor wound. In shear disbelief, I watched it suddenly leap – or perhaps stumble over the ledge and plummet to the chasm below. It struck with a hard squelch a second later, and the silence returned. It didn’t last though, and before I could even ask myself what the hell had just happened, I heard something down below.
It began as a chorus of hoots, grunts and indistinct noises. I heard pebbles scuttling about, and the aggravated voices grew in volume. There were more of them; many more of them.
The only option I had was the holes up above, and so once more I dashed towards the rock wall. I scrambled up as quick as I could, as the horde of camouflaged things climbed from the abyss below. I heard them right beneath me as I reached the hole on the ceiling. There was some sort of thin film material covering the hole, but luckily, I was able to push right through it.
Daylight seared into my eyes as I plunged upward and burst out of the cave. The light accosted my retinas, and it took a moment to adjust after being locked in darkness for so long. There were boulders around me, and trees in the distance illuminated by a setting sun. Just as I was about to lunge outward, something grabbed hold of my legs. I felt claws sink into my legs and tear into the flesh.
I kicked and fought back with all the strength I had left; refusing to be dragged back down into the cave without fighting. My fingernails cracked as I clung with all my might onto the ledge and kicked around wildly. By some miracle I felt the thing’s grip relinquish on my leg. I hobbled to my feet as the chorus of sounds wailed from below. My leg was bloodied, but the pain barely registered. Adrenaline had taken full control, and I galloped into a run.
I didn’t care where I was going, I just knew I had to get as far away from there as possible. I don’t think I’ve ever ran for so long in my life. I heard them following behind me, and I knew if I stopped for even a moment I was dead.
It was dark before I finally saw smoke wafting in the distance. With every last ounce of energy I possessed, I dashed towards it. The most beautiful sight I’d ever seen came into view then as a simple, wooden cabin.
I yelled out, hoping someone would hear my pleas and help me. Exhaustion and loss of blood struck me then, and I collapsed within a few dozen yards of the home. My vision began to fade, but I saw blurry outlines emerge from within the cabin. Things then went dark once again.
Next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital; greeted by the desperate expressions of family and friends. It was all so surreal. They wept tears of joy, thanking god and others that I had returned.
Part of me wondered then whether all the things I’ve related here today were just nightmares or vivid hallucinations of some kind of coma. Bus as soon as I saw the extent of my injuries, I knew that wasn’t possible.
I had apparently been gone for nearly 24 hours when I was found. My body was covered in deep cuts and lacerations. I had three broken ribs and a partially rupture spleen. Many of my wounds had been stricken wit infection, and it took weeks for me to heal.
It was not a fun time, but at least I was alive.
The doctors and police thought my injuries were the result of an animal attack. They questioned me profusely, but I took the cowards way out. I didn’t tell them much; only that I was out hiking and was suddenly attacked by something. Doesn’t really explain the fact that I ended up at that cabin which was nearly 15 miles away from the trail I had started on, but that detail didn’t come up.
It felt wrong to lie to them, but I was paranoid that no one would believe me. I didn’t even know if I could believe myself. Ever since that day I’ve exhausted every possible rational explanation, but they always come up short. The memories are just too vivid. I still don’t understand exactly how it all happened, but I’ve learned a few things.
After I got out of the hospital, I started doing some research on all of this phenomenon, to try and see whether anyone had been through something similar. The Appalachians are known for cases of mysterious disappearances. Dozens of cases have been reported over the years, with many of them remaining unsolved. I don’t know whether they all were victimized by the same thing I was, but I did notice one peculiar detail. Many of them were reported to have been wearing a red article of clothing when they were declared missing.
In nature, red is the color of danger. Many animals like bulls have an innate fear or dislike of the color. It makes sense when you think about it too. Blood is red, fire too. Often times venomous snakes and insects will be partially or entirely red in color. Many poisonous mushrooms and berries also follow this pattern. I’m not positive, but I do believe red has something to do with this.
As for what those things were, I really don’t know. I’ve considered everything from aliens to ghosts and interdimensional creatures, but I don’t think anyone knows for sure. There’s a local legend about beings that supposedly live deep in the woods, hidden away from people. Indigenous folklore in the area mentions them extensively, but it sounds ridiculous. Faeries.
Nothing like the cutesy Tinkerbell or Cosmo and Wanda. According to legend, they are subterranean creatures that stalk and drag their prey back to their burrows. A lot of stories claim they live near rocks and boulders; something which reminded me of the location I arrived in after first exiting the cave.
I didn’t really buy into this explanation until a friend of mine who is native American mentioned one particular detail. Apparently, these beings are allergic to steel. That may explain what happened to the one that attacked me after I nicked it with that old saber. Maybe the steel of the blade caused it to have a reaction.
As for their apparent ability to cloak themselves, well, no one who I’ve told this account to honestly has been able to explain that. My same friend who told me about the faeries admits that he never really believed in them. They were just stories that his grandfather used to tell him as a kid. Both of us don’t really know what to think now.
Some people say that all myths and superstitions are rooted in something real. Real, but benign stories passed from generation to generation by word of mouth is spiced-up and exaggerated upon thus eventually leading to the folklore we tell each other around campfires. Maybe this time, the myth doesn’t need to be exaggerated. Maybe the reason that the world scoffs at these stories, is because the truth is very good at hiding.
I know how all of this sounds, trust me. Every skeptical thought that has passed through your mind while reading this is probably something I myself have considered at one point or another. If you choose to write this off as no more than fiction, then that is your decision.
I’ve saved this for the end, because I know there are those who skim through posts to see the conclusions. I want as many people to see this message as possible; it’s the only thing that really matters. Please, don’t wear red in the Appalachian woods; or any other woods for that matter.
You may not believe in or ever see the things I have – and honestly, I hope you never do. But just remember, when you’re out on a trail in the middle of the woods, they will see you. Don’t provoke them, because even if you survive, you’ll spend the rest of your life knowing a truth that no one will ever fully believe, just like me.
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2020.01.03 10:42 cracksniffer666 Kratom, Xanax, Weed, and Melatonin.. here's to another lucid dream

I have two lives. My living, and my sleeping. I'm about to enter my second realm. Wish me luck, last time I was there, a snapping turtle was coming at me, on a bus, going to Alabama? lol. I love it, kratom helps me lucid dream, and I had a few xans from the holidays. Melatonin is the cherry on top. Starting to fade, I hope I hit that slip n' slide rollercoaster, and the turtle doesn't come back. It's cool because I hang out with my family (all still alive thankfully, but we live in different states) ... Mushrooms were great this New Years Eve also. I'm being myself this year, and going to sleep, and live, and thrive. A man's gotta sleep. Lucid dreaming gives me energy when I wake up, honestly. It's weird. Cheers everyone.
I drank: 2 Jameson shots, 3 tequila respasado shots, 5 beers, 1 Paddy irish whiskey, 2 bowls of girl scout cookie, half a bar, 3 scoops of kratom, 5mg melatonin, and 8 cigs.
I'll be okay, first time posting here, but I'll be up in the morning, bartending again! yall be good!!!!

EDIT: annnnnd it just started gently raining outside. laaater d00dz
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2020.01.02 11:30 TrumpSupportersRisis A short list of Republicans that are convicted and accused of sexual assault and pedophilia.

No surprise a sub that loves to hate pedos downvoting based on partisan beliefs , #SAD!!!
Here is a SHORT list of Republicans accused and or convicted of sex crimes /domestic crimes against children and adults.
I encourage anyone out there to do their own list on democrats
Off the top of my head I can only think of Wiener
Lets dive into it with the head honcho himself
Donald Trump is accused of sexual assault by multiple women. His wife said he raped her before she decided to describe it differently [He is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl with Jeffrey Epstein]( and walking in on teens in the Miss Teen USA pageant. [He bragged of walking in on naked women at pageants]( and of course, of grabbing women “by the pussy.” Judge Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault and dating underage women. Rep Jim Jordan is seeking to step into Speaker Ryan’s shoes even though he is accused of ignoring sexual assault of young men while a coach, dismissing it as locker room talk Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert convicted of sex abuse Former Cobb County COP Chairman Joseph Russell Dendy - child molesting So-called "pro-life"/ antigay activist Howard Scott Heldreth was convicted of raping a child GOP Richland County Commissioner David F. Swartz convicted of sexually abusing a girl from age 6 upwards - released after only 8 years!!!! Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to molesting his 10-year-old daughter. Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor. Republican Speaker of the House in Puerto Rico Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17. Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls. Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl. Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child. She was underage. It was rape. Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile. Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl. Republican Congressman Donald "Buz" Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a female minor and sentenced to one month in jail. ONE MONTH!!!!! Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges and paying two teenage girls to pose for sexual photos. Republican of the Year Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children. Keep reading, it’s half-way down the page. Republican state senator Ralph Shortey from Oklahoma admitted to being involved in sodomy with a 17 year old male prostitute and transporting child pornography. He was sentenced to 15 years. Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child. Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a page. To be fair, Dem Congressman was Gerry Studds was also caught for the same thing. The Congressional Page scandal. Republican Congressman Mark Foley abruptly resigned from Congress after "sexually explicit" emails surfaced showing him flirting with a 16-year old boy. GOP Congressman Jim Kolbe - suspected of being too “close” to underage pages. Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with his stepdaughter. Republican congressman and anti-gay activist *Robert Bauman** was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar. 26 Republican Committee Chairman Jeffrey Patti was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped and notice, they agreed his record could be expunged in THREE YEARS! 27 Republican legislative aide *Howard L. Brooks** was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography. 28 Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old babysitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media. 29 Republican preacher *Stephen White**, who demanded a return to traditional values, was sentenced to jail after offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him. 30 Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl. 31 Republican anti-gay activist Earl "Butch" Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her. 32 Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison. 33 Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl. 34 Republican politician *Andrew Buhr** was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy. 35 Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16. He committed suicide 36 Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl. 37 Republican County Councilman *Keola Childs** pleaded guilty to molesting a male child. 38 Republican activist, McCain office manager Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, was arrested for molesting the child of a campaign volunteer. 39 NYC councilman, Republican-Queens, Dennis Gallagher - rape 40 Republican Mayoral Candidate and pastor - Rambler was accused of having sex with an underage boy and was convicted of soliciting explicit photos from a swingers' group & using the pics to extort money 41 Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15-year-old girl and served 6-months in prison. 42 Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on his home computer and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined $18,000. 43 GOP Sen aide Ryan Loskarn committed suicide after child porn arrest 44 Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession. 45 Faith and Family Alliance director, Republican strategist, and lobbyist Robin Vanderwall was convicted in of five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet. It's at the end or article, after all his illegal lobbying schemes 46 Republican businessman Jon Grunseth withdrew his candidacy for Minnesota governor after allegations surfaced that he went swimming in the nude with four underage girls, including his daughter 47 Republican director of the "Young Republican Federation" Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison 48 Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr. rape. Dasen has allegedly told police that over the past decade he paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young women 49 Republican Judge and campaign official Tim Nolan for President Donald Trump indicted for human trafficking and forcing a minors (9) to engage in sexual activity 50 Republican County Board Candidate Brent Schepp was charged with molesting a 14-year old girl. 
51 Randall Casseday, HR Director for right-wing Washington Times - caught in an underage sex sting - "The Washington Times is the only newspaper where the moral issues of family and faith are proudly reported on the front page on a regular basis"
52 Republican chairman of the Oregon Christian Coalition Lou Beres confessed to molesting a 13-year old girl
53 Republican County Constable Larry Dale Floyd was arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex with an 8-year old girl. Authorities say Floyd also was interested in a 3-year-old girl and 16-month-old boy.
54 Republican Party leader Bobby Stumbo was arrested for having sex with a 5-year old boy, in other words, rape.
55 Republican petition drive manager Tom Randall pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 14, one of them the daughter of an associate in the petition business.
56 Republican County Chairman Armando Tebano was arrested for sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl.
57 Republican teacher and former city councilman John Collins pled guilty to sexually molesting 13 and 14-year-old girls.
58 Republican campaign worker Mark Seidensticker was found guilty of offering alcohol and cigarettes to a 14-year-old boy. Authorities accused him of having offered beer and cigarettes to a boy while driving a car with a trunk stocked with blankets, duct tape, rope, and a lubricant. Seidensticker worked on NH Republican state executive councilor Burton campaigns for more than a decade. Burton knew he was convicted of assault when he hired him.
59 Republican Mayor Tom Adams was arrested for distributing child pornography over the internet.
60 Republican Mayor John Gosek was arrested on charges of soliciting sex from two 15-year old girls.
61 Republican Committeeman John R. Curtin was charged with molesting a teenage boy and unlawful sexual contact with a minor
62 Republican zoning supervisor, Boy Scout leader, Lutheran church president, and BTK killer Dennis L. Rader pleaded guilty to performing a sexual act on an 11-year old girl he murdered.
63 GOP ad consultant Carey Lee Cramer who created an anti-Gore ad modeled on LBJ's "Daisy" ad convicted of sexual assault of 2 8-year-old girls, including his daughter who appeared in the ad.
64 Republican Lobbyist Craig Spence - running call-boy prostitution ring, killed himself. While I am not posting people arrested for soliciting a prostitute, someone who runs a prostitution ring is a whole different kettle of fish.
65 Republican Judge Ronald C. Kline was placed under house arrest for child molestation and possession of child pornography
66 GOP state Rep Jim Knoblach of St. Cloud, MN ended his re-election campaign Friday amid detailed accusations from his adult daughter of what she described as his inappropriate behavior toward her since childhood
67 Steve Aiken(82), campaign manager for a Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona, former Quakertown, PA, police officer, and self-proclaimed reverend, was convicted of having sex with two underage girls
68 Republican president of the New York City Housing Development Corp. Russell Harding pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer
69 Republican state representative Bob Allen charged with soliciting oral sex from a male undercover cop. Normally, I would ignore a gay man being arrested for being gay, but he claimed Fear of Black men made him do it
70 Republican prosecutor John David Roy Atchison arrested on charges of flying across the country to try and have sex with a five-year-old girl. Committed suicide.
71 Republican chairman & radio show host E Ozwald Balfour arrested on four counts of forcible sex abuse/groping
72 Clifton Bennett, 18, son of Arizona Republican state senator Ken Bennett plead guilty to assaulting 3 boys, aged 11-15 with broomsticks up their rectal areas. They sodomized 18 boys and were not charged with sexual assault
73 Republican preacher Hewart Lee Bennett arrested for soliciting sex from 16-year-old boys while claiming that he did so to gain their trust and then teach them the love of Jesus
74 Republican commission candidate Wilton Frederick Bland sentenced to 80 years in prison for various sex crimes including 45 counts of first-degree rape of an 11-year-old
75 Republican councilman John Bryan resigned from office and committed suicide several hours later, just a few minutes before police arrived at his home to question him about his alleged rape of his two adoptive daughters, ages 12 and 15
76 Garrett Ventry-Judiciary Committee communications aide coordinating GOP messaging on Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation forced to resign due to sexual harassment claims. He denies them 77 Republican staffer and long-term director of financial operations for Seattle Republicans Larry Corrigan pleaded guilty for attempted rape of a 13-year-old girl 78 Republican talk show host Scott Eller Cortelyou plead guilty on charges of using the Internet to try and lure a child into a sexual relationship with him 79 Republican constable Joshua Dickens sentenced to five years in prison for torture-related activities against a young woman. 80 Republican spokesman Brian Doyle arrested for trying to seduce a 14-year-old girl over the Internet. He was later sentenced to 5 years in prison 81 Republican campaign official and former Romney staffer Matthew Joseph Elliott convicted of sexual exploitation of a child Got a great deal, but really went astray, ending up murdering a child. 82 Republican party chair Donald Fleischman was charged with two counts of child enticement and one count of exposing himself to a child 83 Republican Michael Flory, former head of the Michigan Young American Foundation, raped a colleague at convention 84 Richard Gardner, a Nevada State Representative (R), admitted to molesting his two daughters and 34% of voters still voted for him. That 7 over the Keyes Constant! 85 George Roche III resigned as president of conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan after accusations of a quasi-incestuous relationship with his daughter-in-law, Lissa. This is an exception to my no adultery rule because yuck, his daughter-in-law. How could he do that to his son? 86 Bishop Paprocki is not a sexual predator, but he protects them. He protected and enabled pedophile priests. He engages in partisanship to order Democratic politicians be denied communion by all priests in his diocese, including Dick Durbin 87 Republican high-level Bush appointee Dr. David Hager sodomized his wife while she slept. She divorced him for it. 88 Republican sheriff Don Haidl used his office to try to smear the victim that was gang raped. The main perpetrator was Haidl’s son, who poisoned the victim. Sheriff Haidl claims that the girl deserved it because she was a "slut." The original story I linked is now 404, but here is another one. 89 Republican activist Neal Horsley admits to having had sex with a mule. Horsley also wants all homosexuals arrested and solicited murders of abortion providers on his Nuremberg files site. 90 Conservative Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston covered up thousands of instances of sexual molestation by fellow conservative members of the clergy. 91 Republican congressman Joseph McDade charged with exposing his genitalia to two women on a public beach 92 Republican delegate Robert McKee resigns after police seized two computers and videotapes from his home pertaining to child pornography 93 Republican blowhard TV personality Bill O’Reilly paid several million dollars to settle a sexual harassment suit with Andrea Mackris. 94 Republican mega-preacher Marshal Seymour arrested on charges of having sex with underage boys. Seymour had been jailed almost a decade earlier for similar charges in a different state 95 White supremacist National Vanguard leader Kevin Alfred Strom arrested and charged with child pornography 96 Daniel Dean Thompson founded a family-values film company that removed all the "bad parts" from films to make them family-friendly front for child porn, arrested for having sex with 14-year-old 97 Wharton prof & conservative consultant on media effects on children Lawrence Scott Ward had video of himself having sex with children. Sex tourist 98 Spokane Republican homophobic mayor Jim West recalled after evidence surfaced that he molested little boys 99 Focus on the Family's Steve Wilsey - molesting an 8-year-old boy 100 Republican Southern Baptist megachurch pastor Paul Williams faces charges of molesting his son 101 Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, Glenn Murphy Jr., from Indiana was busted for assaulting another man. Not the first time it's happened. 102 Republican Township Supervisor Robert Holland pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 92-year-old nursing home resident in 2006. He was given a two-to-four-year sentence. 103 Antigay pastor Leonard Ray Owens told a woman who had miscarriage she was possessed by a sex spirit and lesbian demon so he raped her. 104 GOP State Rep & House Minority Leader Galen Fox convicted of molesting a woman who was a flight with him from Honolulu to Los Angeles 105 Albert Andre Zimmerman, a GOP-appointed spokesperson for the State of Florida Department of Children and Families, producing child porn. See also The Wrong Voice 106 The Republican Mayor of Collins Missouri, and Pastor of the Temple Lot Church in Collins, Allen D. Kauffman caught in internet sting by an adult pretending to be 13 107 Dana Rorabacher's aide Jeffrey Nielson, sex with underage boys 108 SD State GOP Rep Ted Klaudt: rape, sexual exploitation of a minor, witness tampering, stalking. Five victims, three foster children who lived with Klaudt. 109 Elyria Ohio city councilman, Republican Joseph Monteleone Jr. was found guilty of fondling underage girls 110 GOP County Commissioner Patrick Lee McGuire child molestation 111 Republican Mayor Jeffrey Kyle Randall was sentenced nine months in jail and six years on probation on charges that he molested two boys 112 Republican Judge Donald Thompson from Oklahoma, was found guilty on four counts of indecent exposure after using a penis pump while presiding over court cases. 113 Ohio GOP Caucus lawyer Stephen Linne - "Naked Photographer" a moniker suggesting his snapping pics of women in the nude was harmless. It was not 114 OP Sheriff candidate Eddie Frankum indicted for sexual harassment and illegally detaining women while police chief. 115 GOP campaign volunteer and national convention delegate Ted Bundy - kidnapping, rape, murder 116 Gun activist Cody Williams - child sexual assault 117 Christian Television Network entertainer Ronald William Brown convicted for child porn, the rest is just too disturbing to go into 118 GOP state Senate aide Alan Berlin - internet child sex. I don't care about him being a furry. I know a few furries who are lovely people, including one of my nephews. They are not pedophiles and the headline is offensive. 119 Trump White House aide Rob Porter - domestic violence 120 Roger Ailes, Republican propagandist, sexual harassment 121 Jason Miller, Trump campaign staffer and Trump advocate on CNN - poisoned ex with abortion pill It's not the sex, it's not the desire for abortion, it's the doing it against her will 122 GOP megadonor Steve Wynn - sexual harassment 123 Former Republican Michael Cohen used threats and money to silence women and reporters who could expose sexual predator 124 GOP Sen Patrick Meehan - sexual harassment 125 GOP Congressman Blake Farenthold - sexual harassment 
127 KY GOP state legislator Dan Johnson accused of sexual assault of 17-year-old. Killed himself
128 OR GOP state senator, Jeff Kruse, subjected two women senators to unwanted sexual touching
129 Pennsylvania Republican state rep Nick Miccarelli - domestic violence
130 Republican CO state senator Randy Baumgardner - sexual harassment,
131 OH state representative, Republican Wes Goodman — inappropriate behavior
He was also accused of fondling an underage boy
132 MN state rep Tony Cornish - sexual harassment
133 AZ state rep Don Shooter - sexual harassment
134 FL state senator Jack Latvala - sexual harassment, assault
135 KY state rep Jeff Hoover — sexual harassment
136 Idaho GOP state rep Brandon Hixon - child molestation, committed suicide
137 Republican Ohio state senator Cliff Hite — sexual harassment
138 Cumberland County Commissioner Bruce Barclay is not included because he hired male and female prostitutes every week. He’s included because he taped them without their knowledge.
139 GOP Congressional candidate Derek Walker - broke into ex’s house to tape her having sex
140 Franklin Graham, partisan religious leader, uses his family name & father’s credibility to protect child molesters and sexual predators, including Trump, Roy Moore, and Kavanaugh
141 Republican Judge Alex Kozinski, Brett Kavanaugh’s mentor: sexual harassment
142 Trump Deputy Chief of Staff for Communication Bill Shine - an expert at protecting and covering up sexual harassment and abuse.
143 How did I forget GOP Sen. Bob Packwood - serial sexual misconduct
144 Republican Columbus Mayor Dana Rinehart was never indicted for molesting 13-year-old babysitter, but years later it was discovered cop spied on her and family and worked to protect him from an indictment
145 Samuel Barstow Kent Republican Judge - sexual assault. By the way, he thinks prison is unfair
146 MO Gov Eric Greitens - consensual affair, BUT he took nude photos and threatened to publicize them. Yes, charges dropped, but only because the prosecutor was also a witness which is not allowed. Also, stealing from charity
147 Montgomery Co GOP Chair Robert Kerns - rape pled to indecent sexual assault
148 Edison Misla Aldarondo, Republican Speaker of the House in Puerto Rico, rape of 17-year-old girl, molesting stepdaughter, plus corruption
149 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - sexual harassment. He lied to the Senate. Senate Judiciary did not allow other accusers to testify.
150 GOP Candidate for ME House, James Tracey, Jr.
indicted for rape in Rhode Island, stayed in the race, won the primary, lost general, pled no contest and got probation. These were taken from Newsbank, a subscription service through my library so the links would not work for many. I took screenshots of the articles.
151 Alabama RW religious leader - Ralph Lee Aaron - child molesting 152 NV Governor Jim Gibbons - accused of assaulting a woman, settled a civil suit 153 PA GOP Congressman Don Sherwood - not for having an affair, but for assaulting and choking the woman he had an affair with 154 Republican Judge Mark Fuller - domestic violence 155 GOP Rep Trent Franks - harassment of his office staff - to serve as a surrogate for him and his wife, this makes me feel sad, actually 156 GOP Congressional aide Matthew Pennell - child molesting plea deal to 2 or 17 charges 157 GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain - sexual harassment 158 Tennessee GOP state rep Scott DesJarlais - OK, these are consensual affairs, but with PATIENTS!!!! 159 GOP Rep John Schmitz - John Birch Society member had two families (one he did not support) - and obviously there was some sickness going on because one of his daughters is Mary Kay LeTourneau the child-raping teacher. 160 California GOP Rep Ernie Konnyu - sexual harassment 161 Styles Bridges - R-MA - This man was filth. He extorted Dem Sen Hunt of WY that he would reveal his son’s homosexuality unless Hunt resigned so the R’s could get his seat. Hunt refused, but then killed himself. This headline is from a citizen’s jury, not a real one 162 Joe McCarthy, R-WI, started the Lavender Scare, a purge of gays from government. Many other Republicans joined in. Technically not a crime, but surely an immoral act 163 Pastor Roy D. Bolden, Providence RI GOP Chair child molestation and sexual assault 164 Ron P Broussard, Jr of TRUMP UNIVERSITY - sex with 8-year-old 165 Republican state senate candidate Sherman Lee Criner - molesting a 6-year-old girl. Prosecutors used an unusual standard of enough evidence to convict rather than probable cause, possibly because he is a popular lawyer. NOT CLEARED, just not indicted 166 Wenatchee Republican Michael T McCourt molested children for 30 years behind a civic front as a utilities commissioner, political operative and community volunteer, Then asked judge for leniency because of all his community activism 167 Unsuccessful Republican candidate William C Mach - child molestation. Ironically, he ran on a campaign to fight child molestation and was endorsed by related organizations Dn61JpVUUAAh619.jpg-large.jpeg 168 Republican Sheriff Perry Grogan continued to campaign despite indictment for child molestation, probably because of disgraceful coverage like this in the screenshot. He was convicted. Dn65azvV4AEabLA.jpg-large.jpeg 169 Republican campaign consultant and Baptist pastor Kenneth Adkins - child molestation. By the way, he said Pulse victims got what they deserved. So should he. 170 GOP candidate for OH legislature James E. Dutschke = child molestation, also investigated for ricin letters to Obama 171 Brian O'Toole, Republican Sunnyvale mayor convicted of child molestation. See screenshot as the newspaper is on NewsBank, accessible with some library cards, but not for everyone. Dn69oLGUwAEfpET.jpg 172 Last month Indianapolis Republican City Councilman Jeff Miller resigned/plea deal for child molestion 173 While Douglas Marks was a teacher, he was probably able to abuse two generations of children because of his wealthy Republican family. His brother was Speaker of the House. 174 Vermont Republican state senator Norman McAllister who's one of the Legislature's most outspoken conservatives charged with sexual assault, human trafficking, and prohibited acts. Made a plea deal 
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2019.12.21 20:42 WhoDatKrit Going to the Dome for football tonight and not putting the beer man's kids through college...

Update: my little girls dad and stepmom got sick and couldnt make it. No explaining football all night! But I am stuck with extra tickets because everybody else already had plans. I hate wasting money, ugh.
So, my daughter and her (step, but we don't acknowledge that distinction) sisters are representing their troop during a little half time thing honoring The Girl Scouts of America at The New Orleans Bowl tonight. This will be the first time in my adult life that I will be in the Dome watching football and leaving completely sober. Add to that the fact that it is UAB and Appalachian State, and I also realize this is the first time I'm going to the Dome to watch football and have pretty much zero interest in the outcome. (12yo daughter wants App State to win because UAB has Alabama in their name, and that is good enough for her to not like them, lol.) I'm also going to be there with my ex and his wife. We get along great so tension and weirdness aren't the issue, but neither of them understand football so just like every other time we've watched a game together, I will be explaining plays, penalties, and rules in general...all. damn. night. Oh yeah, we also have to be there two hours before kickoff to check in. Y'all, pray for me please. It's gonna be a long night!
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2019.10.10 23:53 rhonnie14 THROWBACK: My Son Is Terrified Of The Day Stalker

Newton, Georgia is a small town near the Alabama border. Less than an hour away from Stanwyck, my husband Robert's hometown. Newton's your typical one Wal-Mart, one high school town. People are friendly. And every November, the weather starts getting a little cooler.
But there's also quite a bit of history in Newton as well. Some of it ugly, some interesting. But recently, we've started getting some new history in this small town. A dark notoriety. You see, Newton was a quiet All-American town. Well before it became home to The Day Stalker.
The police and press don't know anything about the killer. For all we know, the Stalker could've been male, female, whatever. It didn't matter. There were no clues. Just a bizarre M.O.: a victim that always went missing in the daytime.
All of the victims were suspected to have been taken during the day... morning, afternoon, evening. It didn't matter to the Stalker. And then like clockwork, the bodies were found a little less than twenty-four hours later. Always in a remote location. Always in the daytime. It turns out the Stalker was a pure sunrise-sundown serial killer.
The murders had been piling up for about a year now. A year of panic and turmoil. And yes, the media went fucking nuts. We had national and local affiliates patrolling the town like a swarm of buzzards. All of them rude as fuck.
I dealt with the chaos for awhile. After all, I was one of the local beat writers for The Rockdale Citizen, our bi-weekly paper. Well, I should say I was a writer for them. The intrusive invasion of all these other pretentious "reporters" killed my action. All anyone ever wrote about was The Day Stalker... and these national writers all had a Hell of a lot more resources than I did. More ways to bullshit the lack of information at least. And since I didn't cover sports or local history, I was among the first of the Rockdale casualties.
So I was laid off a few weeks ago. I guess Rockdale figured they'd let the big boys cover The Day Stalker. I was expendable. Well, whatever. Fuck them. I didn't need that shit paper. I had a degree, Robert made good money on the police force. Me and him would still live in the heart of Newton suburbia. Only now I'd have more time to write. Yeah, that's right. Local Newton reporter Michelle Lenz was now gonna become a world famous novelist. Or at least, I was gonna make my umpteenth attempt at it. Most importantly though, I now had more time with my son Billy.
Billy was eight and scared shitless by the Stalker coverage. I couldn't blame him considering the fear that swept over the community like a thick fog. And like in a thick fog, we couldn't see who the killer was. We didn't know who'd be next. And even in the daytime, we had no idea when the Stalker would strike again. Regardless of all the press, us Newtonites felt totally isolated. Nothing more than helpless pawns for this exploitative news story.
During the long layoff, I spent more time with Billy. I think having me around comforted him. Gone were those long work nights spent at the office or covering local elections. Shit, I could even pick Billy up from school on time without having him wait around over an hour like an embarrassed orphan. Now Billy and I were closer than ever.
While Robert was stressed and overworked with the other officers, I became like both a mother and father for Billy. Both the nurturing mama and devoted daddy. We'd even play catch together in those cool autumn evenings.
From what I saw, my constant unemployment gave Billy constant reassurance. Constant safety from the plague of unease brought upon us by both the Stalker and the stifling media.
Everything in Newton was so tumultuous nowadays. A feeding frenzy of news cameras and asshole anchors. They made it tough to do anything in our little town. Traffic got congested, crowds conquered the city. And of course, putting Billy to sleep was harder than ever.
With Robert gone most nights, I was always there at Billy's bedside. A lot of nights I even fell asleep lying right next to him. A Scooby-Doo book usually on my chest.
And tonight was no different. There we were lying on his bed. In Billy's bomb shelter of a bedroom. There were the shelves of action figures. The Scooby-Doo dolls. And the countless comic books. Billy was interested in the scary stuff... just not old enough to handle the real disturbing stuff.
In his room, Billy cowered beneath his Superman blankets like a terrified soldier hiding in the trenches. I could sense his unease. His trembling timidity. Billy's nerves yet another victim of the Day Stalker.
But I was there by his side. I held Billy close, my arm draped around him like a shield. All while reading him the latest adventures of Scooby-Doo. The illustrated monsters provided us a safe spookiness from the all-too-real horror conquering our small town.
As I finished the last page, I looked over and saw Billy's eyes glued to the window. Perpetual worry on his young face.
I squeezed his shoulder. "Hey," I said in a soft tone.
Startled, Billy looked at me with quivering eyes.
"It's okay, Billy," I comforted him.
"But what if he's out there?" Billy asked in a low voice. His nervous gaze drifted back to the window. To our back yard.
The lighting outside illuminated the small yard. A perfect lawn I'd kept pristine due to all my free time. Even the shed out back looked nice... the opposite of the dilapidated eyesores that most of our neighbors had allowed theirs to turn into.
I closed the book and laid it on the nightstand. I could see it was gonna take more than Scooby-Doo to ease my baby's fears.
"He's not, Billy," I told him. Ever the caring mother, I leaned in closer. "I promise."
Billy faced me. He could see the confidence radiate off my warm smile.
"He won't get you at night," I said to him. I rubbed Billy's shoulder. "The Day Stalker only comes out in the daytime, remember."
"Yeah..." Billy said, his voice still full of trepidation.
I kissed his forehead. Like a Lifetime mom's kiss. Only mine was sincere. "You're safe at night, sweetie. I promise you, you are."
Silent, Billy just looked at me with his big bright eyes.
"Ain't no one gonna get you," I continued. I pinched Billy's cheek. "Not as long as I'm here."
"But what about the daytime?" Billy asked in a tremble.
"What about it?"
Like a paranoid scout, Billy stole another glance out the window. "What if he gets me in the daytime?"
Grinning, I pulled him in closer. "Sweetie, you'll be in school!" I followed his gaze out the window. Out at our lovely lawn. "And when you're not, I'm with you. Okay. Mommy's gonna be here a lot now. I'm gonna take you to school and take you back home."
My playful hands threatened to tickle Billy.
He couldn't help but laugh as he leaned in toward me. The chuckling alleviated Billy's scared state. Music to my desperate ears.
"Mommy's never leaving you, baby," I reassured him. "I'm always with you, remember that."
"I know..." His lingering smile relieved me. Even a weak smile was better than seeing your eight-year-old son so dominated by unease.
"And daddy'll protect us too. You know he's tough!"
"Like you!"
With the confidence of Wonder Woman, I strengthened my hold on Billy, showing off my physical and emotional strength. "You got that right!"
Right before I could give him another kiss, Billy's small hand blocked me. "But mom."
"What about Jodie?" he said, his voice a mere whimper. Like he was asking a question he wasn't sure he wanted the answer to. Like he didn't want the answer.
"Jodie?" I asked, keeping my smile. "That girl from school?"
"Yeah..." He peeked out the window. "I'm worried about her..." He faced me. "Is she gonna be safe too?"
Supportive, I cradled Billy in my arms. "Yes!" And this time, I did tickle him. "I promise you Jodie'll be fine!"
Billy giggled like a grade school maniac. So much so he almost fell of the bed.
Grinning, I held him steady in my arms. "Jodie's safe, okay. Both of y'all are!"
Still laughing, Billy wrapped an arm around my neck. "Okay!"
Like a victorious mama, I planted a kiss on Billy's soft cheek. Full of joy, we looked on at each other's smiling faces. My job here was done in this arena of toys and superheroes.
But deep down, I knew I'd lied. One of the few lies I'd ever tell my son...
Less than thirty minutes later, Billy was sound asleep. He slept heavy too. I could go berserk in that room, but he'd never wake up. The cartoons I'd left on his flatscreen were more effective than a sleeping pill.
Billy didn't even budge when I stepped off the bed. I'd left him some juice and cookies on the nightstand... a little something extra in the grape juice just in case Billy were to wake up in those next few hours.
I turned off the lights in the backyard. Like I always did for these late-night rituals. Dressed in my hoodie and jeans, I walked alone toward the shed. The November coldness did nothing against the warm excitement I felt within.
You see, I hadn't told Billy a complete lie. He was safe. And he would always be safe. Unfortunately, I just had to lie about Jodie. When she skipped school today, the opportunity was too perfect to pass up. Like when the naive fly just happens to land on that vicious trap.
The little girl should've known better. After all, Newton isn't the town for skipping class. Not when The Day Stalker lurks about in those mornings and afternoons.
I stepped inside my shed. Trembling with never-ending excitement, my hand managed to lock the door behind me.
The hanging small lightbulb broadcasted little Jodie Marks lying on a table in the back. She was out cold. Naked. Bound-and-gagged in duct tape with tight precision. Like a patient awaiting surgery. Only there was gonna be no drugs to ease the pain. I'd awaken her soon enough. I always woke them up before I got started.
Behind her awaited all my tools. Items on the pegboard and shelves. Knives, spades, hammers. All sorts of vicious weapons. All at my disposal.
My exhilaration warming me from the shed's coldness, I walked up to the arsenal of weapons. My eager eyes scanned each and every one of them. My touch caressed them. There were so many choices...
Throughout my pre-game ritual, I realized no one in the media would ever know that forcing me out of Rockdale had only increased my reign of terror. Back when I was working, I had a tough time with the schedule. Balancing being a mother, wife, reporter, and killer was tough! But now... well, I had all the free time in the world. While Billy was in school, I had all day to do what I wanted to do. To indulge in my sick pleasures.
And tomorrow after dropping Billy off, the police would discover what was left of Jodie's body. Like a musician releasing a surprise album, I'd dump her corpse somewhere to continue this circus. My world tour of slaughter. And everyone would still fear me. They'd still be terrified of The Day Stalker.
And through it all, Billy would always be safe. That much was true. Our relationship would never suffer. I may hurt others, but I'd never dare hurt him. I love Billy. While he may forever live in fear of the Stalker, he'll forever love me.
Finally, I settled on my sharpest garden spade. In the blade's reflection all I saw was my wide smile. My Day Stalker face. Like a demented child at Christmas. Only I was gonna have much more fun...
Holding the weapon, I looked over at Jodie. In just a few moments, I'd wake her. Then her helpless eyes would watch me make that first vicious wound. Her screams suppressed. Her body trapped.
Sure, I was The Day Stalker. I collected my victims during those long afternoons. And I'd dispose of their bodies early in the morning. But the real work... the real fun part always happened at night.
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2019.10.07 09:55 mofucious Cerber: A Mundane Chronicle [PART 7]

I know, I know, you folks are half-passed done with my shit, but until the leaves start turning and the days become shorter, my services become less needed. That said, I have drama! I also have Charice with me to tell her story after I’ve finished dumping the juicy details of Adeline’s birthday party onto your poor souls. That one will be posted a day after this one, since it breaks the character limit. Whoops! Before you ask or assume, I did NOT ask her how old she is. I know we all love to love and hate me for my lack of tact, but I did have a mom once and learned that lesson the hard way, ending in myself being smacked across the face with a carrot. Sorry, wrong drama bomb.
Adeline’s birthday party was on July 26th, located at this highrise club owned by Cerber, oddly enough. Seemed strange to me for a ride sharing company to own a personal nightclub in a penthouse, stationed at the waterfront of San Francisco. This sort of real estate could make Donald Trump wince at the price tag. I know that Cerber pulls in a lot of revenue, but what an excessive expense, for any company. Feels a little too much like The Umbrella Corporation. I shudder at the thought, shaking off the notion like dust onto the elevator floor. Charice hits the button displaying an orange, two dimensional lion head on a black background. The eyes of the lion glow a low orange hue, causing charice to wave her badge over the fob pad. The button clicked then pulsated a proud and radiant orange through the head of the lion, giving the illusion of being on fire. Neat parlor trick.
“Does Adeline know you’re bringing me along?” I asked.
“Nope, but I figured you’re basically family now, what with how much the three of us communicate.” Charice replied, watching the numbers climb across the top of the elevator.
“She...she said that?” I struggled to hide the squeaky excitement in my voice.
“Not exactly,”
“She said something along the lines of ‘That kid gives me a bigger headache than Perseus and a pony.’”
Charice narrowed her gaze and looked at me as if I had dragged my ass across an authentic persian rug.
“Okay, now I think I get why she calls you ‘kid.’ I thought it was something more endearing like mama bear type shit.”
“It really seems like you’re deflecting from my question. Could it be that you don’t even know the answer?” I cocked my head, raising a confident eyebrow.
“I know standard greek mythology. You’re not getting cliffnotes from me, you have the internet at your fingertips, do some homework.” She said, rolling her eyes.
DING. We reached the penthouse suite. The elevator doors opened, revealing a foyer bigger than my two-story house. Laid before us was a black carpet runner, leading us to an archway. In this archway stood stone lions, ascending more than twenty feet high, staring at us with glowing orange eyes. Underneath the heads displayed a sign that read “The Den” in a modern font. The doors were tinted black glass, the kind you may see at a “gentlemen’s club.”
“Ladies first.” Charice gestured in a smug bow. I made a face at her and threw her the bird.
Upon entrance, we didn’t see anyone. The lounge was filled with upscale, modern furniture, low-lit in a sage green. Odd choice, but a comforting one. Small, green candles on damask wall sconces contribute to the ease of the atmosphere. I glanced over at the bar and see neon green lights illuminate a mirrored wall with label-less bottles on glass shelves.
Behind the bar, I saw a bald man burning something white over -you guessed it- a green liquid, watching intently as the flames licked at their subject on a silver spoon.
“Heroin?” I asked Charice, feeling entirely unprepared for what kind of party we were in for.
“Absinthe.” Charice nodded. I nodded back, kinda-sorta recognizing what she was referring to.
Before I had a chance to register why, I found myself on the ground, clutching my chest for air. Staring up at the entirely too gaudy ceiling, Adeline comes into view, interrupting my wheezing fit.
“Cute.” I choked, realizing she tail-whipped me AGAIN.
“I’ve been around for centuries and I must say, it never gets old.” she giggles, extending her hand to me.
“Oh, right,” I exclaimed, rolling to my side, grabbing Adeline’s birthday present and weakly jutting the package into her hand, “happy birthday, grandma.”
“Jim! How sweet!” Adeline snatches the parcel out of my hand, ripping apart the snake emoji wrapping paper. Yeah, I went there and you would too. It’s cute.
Adeline opens the box and as her face quickly goes from joy to fright, mine goes from pain to delight.
“Ooooooh boy.” Adeline uttered before every snake on her head darted for three dozen dead, feeder mice. Relax, they’re responsibly sourced, I’m not a monster. Pun intended.
I doubled over in laughter, grateful I was already on the floor. Charice was having a hell of a time keeping her laughter guarded behind cupped hands on her face.
Once the swarm of lunacy subsided atop Adeline’s head, she said, “Charming. I don’t know what I was expecting.” Smoothing out her purple blouse.
“Hey it was either that or a snake in a peanut can.” I shrugged, still very pleased with how that turned out.
“Well, mine isn’t as exciting,” Charice said, trying to recenter herself, “happy birthday, miss.”
Adeline opened the card to find one gift card to Starbucks and another to ikea.
“Oh little lamb, you know me so well!” Adeline scooped up Charice in a bear hug.
“I get Starbucks, but ikea?” I asked.
“I’m always adding things to my locations, be it offices or lounges. They’re really affordable and tastefully done.” Adeline said with mild enthusiasm.
“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you,” I started, watching the joy leave the faces of my coworkers, “you said something about lamashtu being ‘dealt with’ and I wanted to ask you what you meant by that.”
“Lamashtu? Is she back at it?” Charice asked, visibly holding down deep-seeded rage.
“No, love. She’s gone.” Adeline said, attempting to soothe Charice.
“Yeah, again, what does that mean?” I asked, losing my patience.
“Jim, this isn’t something I want to talk about at my birthday party.” Adeline said.
“Right, I’ve about had it with the both of you. Happy birthday Adeline, I’m going to bounce now.” I replied, turning tail and heading towards the stripper doors.
“Wait,” Charice piped in, “Jim, get over here.”
I walked back over to the two most powerful women in San Francisco in their own rite, “You guys can’t just play keep-away like that. I get it, it’s all sensitive information, but who am I going to tell?” Knowing damn well this is going on reddit.
“Alright, Jim. Let’s go over to the floor beneath us where the conference room is.” Adeline motioned for the door.
“Yeah, were menu items, we don’t want to be here when the entities start showing up.” Charice mentioned. Smart girl, scared Jim.
“How many floors does Cerber own in this building?” I asked as we walked.
“Cerber doesn’t own the building, Jim. I do. I also own Cerber.” Adeline said plainly, but also with an element of pride. My jaw hit the floor, realizing that Adeline is basically the paranormal version of Bill Gates.
“Holy shit.” I managed to squeak.
We head down to the 76th floor of the building. Inside was a conference room that could host the entire house of Congress, decorated in the typical wood-and-wool pew inspired chairs. The room easily would be two stories and I just pray that an earthquake isn’t feeling social. We sat at a table with four chairs, set before the opera of seats. The three of us sat down, hands on the table. Buckle up, bitches. Turbulence ahead.
“I own Cerber and all of its assets. Part of the Cerber assets is a company called DePlague.” Adeline began.
“Alright, go on.” I wasn’t in the mood for theatrics, something the paranormal rely on as we’ve all come to find.
“DePlague is something of an extermination company. When entities become foolhardy and start lashing out at other entities or my employees, I call DePlague to handle it.” She said, keeping eye contact and impregnating the room with yet another unnecessary pause.
“Well?” I asked.
“Adeline, he has a right to know.” Charice gently interjected.
“Ugh, okay,” Adeline relieved herself from her rigid pose, “I just want to preface what I’m about to tell you is entirely necessary and all actions therein are done with delicate consideration.”
“Don’t worry, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Lamashtu anyway.” I replied, rolling my eyes.
“Yeah, you’ve yet to unpack that one for me, we’re going to have a talk later.” Charice narrowed her gaze on me, Deniro style.
“Alright,” Adeline picked back up where she left off, “something that most humans, let alone the paranormal don’t know, is that there is one thing, one solution, that not one single entity stands a chance against. Antimatter. Jim, do you know what a shadow person is?”
“Sort of. Something about being a super charged ghost that can actually hurt or kill people. That’s just what I’ve heard at least.” I replied.
“You’re half right. Shadow people can hurt or kill people. They’re not ghosts, however. They don’t have terribly much to do with humans. However, humans are not exempt from casualty.” Adeline added.
“Casualties? Of what?”
“Well, you see, shadow people are antimatter beings. They really shouldn’t be here, but have been here for as long as foot and feather. They’re more like supercharged voids that manifest itself into a person. This is for two reasons. One, to imitate a human, hoping that a human who may see them would just ignore them. Two, for bait.” Adeline finished that sentence with a tinge of malice.
“Bait for what? For entities?” I asked.
“Precisely. They feed off of other entities. They’re the absolute top of the food chain. Even above demons, though we don’t know how they would fair against the Devil. If a human sees a shadow person, it’s likely they’re baring witness to a shadow person exterminating an entity. Ghost, demon, goblin, an entity that is known to tamper with the sanity or general well-being of the human. Ghosts and demons can avoid being seen by humans. Shadow people cannot, but their humanoid manifestation is far more palatable than their true form.”
“So,” I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples, this was confusing, “they’re...evil...ish?”
“They don’t follow a balance of any sort. They’re not good or evil. They’re just hungry.”
“Jesus…” hell of a bombshell, “so they’re just spooky cavemen who eat as they please?”
“No. They’re insanely intelligent. No one really knows how they came to be, but they’re very logical creatures. They know that humans greatly outweigh the paranormal and that preserving human life is most important. Since that is their will behind their method, they do their best to eat things that put humans in eminent danger.”
“But you just said humans can become a casualty in their hunt.” I rebuttal.
“Yes, they can. You can still protect a greater mass of people and also accept the sacrifice of few. Preservation doesn’t mean everyone lives forever, everything dies, but the overall goal is still fairly maintained. Trust me, if they weren’t concerned about the preservation of human life, there would be a lot fewer of you and the luxury of being blissfully unaware wouldn’t exist.” She added with a dash of exasperation.
“Okay, so we’re clear,” I closed my eyes and tried to unscramble my eggs, “these shadow beings, antimatter, they’re technically good guys.”
“Sure, Jim. Let’s just go with that.” Adeline rolled her eyes.
“And these good guys, they exterminate the entities that cause trouble for humans.”
Adeline raises an eyebrow, “Why don’t you cut to the point Jim.”
“Where the fuck were they when I went after Wade?” Checkmate.
“Jim, you willingly walked into a situation -no- you stampeded through it with a car that didn’t belong to you and ended up getting another entity hurt in the process. Yes what happened to your sister and Borg was dismal, but you lead the charge on that-“
I cut Adeline off with “Hold the fuck on, you’re alleging these things take out entities that cause trouble to humans, I assume that also includes harmless entities as well, doesn’t that build a case against Wade? Is that why you didn’t tell me?”
“Jim. Wade didn’t seek you out. You sought him and dragged another entity into the situation as well. You’re the bigger bad guy here.” Adeline said, smugly shrugging at me.
“You bitch…” I stood up to leave and felt a force thump me back into my chair.
“Knock your shit off, Jim. You asked for intel, you’re getting intel. It’s not Cerber’s responsibility to make sure you get your pound of flesh. Nor is it DePlague’s problem. You owe Adeline an apology and none of us leave this room until you do. I’m not asking.” Charice kept her hand firmly planted on my chest and waited. She was right. Out of the billions of people and god knows how many entities, why is my issue such priority.
“Adeline, I’m sorry. Really. That was entirely out of line. I do appreciate you. I appreciate Cerber. Are we okay?”
“Yeah,” Adeline nodded with a weak smile, “I want to cut this short. I have friends arriving, but you can call me later if you have more questions and I’m sure you do. I don’t mean to dismiss you, but the timing is wrong.” Adeline rested her hand on mine. I grabbed hers and gave it a squeeze.
The three of us rose from our seats and head for the door. We decided to accompany Adeline up to the first so that she didn’t have to travel the dozens of floors beneath the penthouse sweet. As Adeline exits the elevator, I stopped her.
“Yes, Jim?” Adeline stares back at me with no particular emotion.
“Why what, Jim?”
“Why do they care about preserving humans?”
“Because when the entities die off, humans make a great replacement meal. One that breeds in excess. They’ll live forever.” Adeline said, turning away and slithering back to her intimidating doorway.
“Dude, what the fuck…” I let out under my breath.
“Yeah, I know.” Charice said.
“Look, Lamashtu didn’t really hurt me. She bit me and caused a bunch of damage to my car, everything is fine. There’s really not much to tell. Unless you want details about Pazuzu’s dick? I’m sad to say that I’ve seen her.” I hoped this would goad Charice into a playful mood. It didn’t. She remained what I assumed to be her “deep thought” state. She didn’t even smile and that’s alarming.
“Sorry, I’ve just been so busy with opening the office in Alabama that I haven’t really given much time to hear about what’s going on with you. I apologize for that. I feel guilty for not being there for you.” Charice turned her head.
“Dude, stop. I didn’t even think for one second that you were to blame in any of that bullshit. Don’t carry that cross. Plus, at least one of us gets to say they...walked away from the situation? Bah-dum-tisss.” I threw her finger guns and all.
“You prick,” she choked through giggles, “I’m glad you’re ok.” We shoved arms on each other in our weird, bromance nature and strolled through the elevator to exit the Adeline tower. That’s not it’s official name, of course, but may as well be.
When Charice and I left the building, we agreed to meet back up at Starbucks after we finish our own personal errands. Our schedules run very differently since we both have poured our life into Cerber. Grocery shopping is so much better when the rest of the world is asleep.
We meet up at Starbucks around 2 in the morning. I arrived first, had our coffees ready with my best dad face on. You know the one, the “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” face.
Charice comes up, spots me outside on the chairs and rolls her eyes in exasperation, “What now?”
“Lucy! You got some ‘splainin to do!” I reply in my best babaloo voice.
Charice plops in her chair and motions her hand in the most condescending precedence.
“What the actual fuck, dude? DePlague? Adeline is a wealthy cat lady?” I bark.
“No, not a cat lady. She tried cats, but they don’t get along with her hair.” Charice chuckles at her own joke.
“Right, I’m really done with the secret society shit the two of you are playing. Actually, let’s start there. Let’s begin this detangling by you explaining why you and Adeline are keeping so much from me. It seems inevitable that I’m going to find out anyway, so what the fuck?”
“Alright,” Charice says, unveiling her concern, “Jim it’s not that we don’t like you or something-“
“Yeah yeah, you’re lesbian, I get it.” I interrupt.
“Calm your tits, Jim,” charice's brow furrows, “but that’s a good reason why. Your collar is hot all the damn time and like it or not, it makes everyone nervous.”
“What are you talking about?” I nipped.
“You’re dramatic, emotional and trigger happy with your rage and sense of self-respect. You fail to see past your own reality to fully understand just how disposable you are, which makes you a fucking liability.” Charice’s voice climbs with anguish, “You being a liability with your own goddamn life is a red flag that you can’t handle certain pieces of information. It’s like trying to quell a toddler. You want adult privilege, then act like a fucking adult, Jim.”
Now, normally, this would piss me off. However, Charice is not someone who flies off the handle. Something is wrong. More secrets, cool.
“Ok, valid points. Consider it noted, but what’s going on? With you, I mean.” I ask in a gentle voice, hoping to come across as sincere as I felt.
“Nothing,” Charice says pinching the bridge of her nose, “I mean, not nothing, just nothing pertinent to this discussion.”
“Is it Lamashtu?”
“No. I mean kinda? No. No, I’m more freaked out at how far this has gone. DePlague...they’re terrifying.” Charice replies, staring down at her coffee.
“Why? Sounds like they’re the good guys.”
“No, they-“ Charice is cut off by the ding of a request. Duty calls and it called at the worst time.
“I’m going to accept this. I’ll drive. You’re in a state and that’s ok, but let’s shop talk on the way, yeah?” I thumb towards my SUV, “I’ll split the earnings.”
We climb into my SUV and head back towards the Adeline building. Then I see the name.
“Aleister Crowley? Really?” I saw aloud.
“Oh man, he tends the bar at The Den. You know him?”
“Doesn’t everyone know who he is? He’s known as the wickedest man to have ever lived, not exactly an endearing title.”
Charice bursts into hysterics, “Oh, Jim. You’re in for a real treat.”
“Glad my suffering humors you, wench.” I put the car in reverse, headed back to San Francisco from San Bruno.
“So,” I spark the conversation back up, “I’m a liability. Ok, I can understand that. I’ll try and work on that the best I can.” Charice shot me a look starting she’s unconvinced, “No, really. I’m going to make more of an effort, scouts honor.”
“Yeah. That would be a good first step.” Charice says, turning her attention forward.
“Without assuming my questions are entirely self-serving, I want to know why Wade didn’t qualify for DePlague.”
“Because entities still have the right to kill. They have the right to murder, feed, repeat. That’s not what DePlague is trying to stop.” Charice says.
“So what are they trying to stop?”
“It’s all case sensitive. Mostly, they prevent mass killing of humans.” Charice shrugs.
“Was Lamashtu a mass killer?”
“Not exactly. However, Adeline owns DePlague, so she calls the shots. I think the assumption is that Adeline has a damn good reason if she puts a hit out herself.” Charice replies.
“You think? You mean you don’t know?” I was situationally aggravated, more secrets. I’m so tired of secrets.
“Yeah, you heard that right,” Charice says with an arrogant cadence, “believe it or not, we’re not in an all girls club that’s designed to keep you in the dark. There are some things that Adeline doesn’t tell me. However, I’m not a fucking child about it when details are left out. I’ve been in this scene long enough to know that the less knowledge you have, the safer you are. My curiosity cat doesn’t need constant scratching, I suggest you learn that type of restraint. I’ll tell you what I know, but you’re responsible for keeping this to yourself. Respect your mortality.” sweats in reddit user
We pull up to the building, waiting for our passenger.
“Ok, so where are they located?” I ask, watching Charice shift uncomfortably in her seat.
“Poveglia.” She whispers.
“Like the island in Italy? The one that’s on all those cheesy ghost hunting shows?” I ask.
“Yeah, that one.”
“Makes sense. It’s boasted being a hellmouth for decades. So they operate out of poveglia exclusively?”
My car door opens and a portly, bald guy wiggles into the back seat.
“Good evening, Mr. Crowley, if you-“
Aleister cuts me off to say “Home, James!” Yeah, I’m not surprised he’s impolite. I put my car in drive and head towards Nob Hill. Of course he lives among the San Francisco elite.
“Yeah, they’re stationed in Poveglia and oppressed right out of the island.” Charice continues as if we don’t have someone in the back seat.
“Charice, shouldn’t this wait?” I squeak, my butthole tight enough to break a diamond.
“What? Aleister has scrambled eggs for brains. You think he’s impervious to brain damage from copious amounts of drugs?” My jaw hit the floor, eyes wider than football fields.
“Watch this,” Charice turns to the back seat, “You don’t mind me and Jimmy having a conversation about deep-rooted, secret organizations that eliminate entities, do you?”
“Charice!” I squawk.
“If someone farts next to you and immediately says “I’m taking you to flavor town,” you should probably alarm your fox.” Aleister replied.
“See?” Charice says, pointing to Aleister, “bat-shit insane.”
“But you JUST SAID-“ I begin, my own brain dying by the minute.
“I know what I said, this isn’t one of those times to worry. Yet another reason it’s hard to talk to you. The only word you seem to value is your own, you put everyone on trial. Stop that.”
“Ok. So, Poveglia.”
“Right. Poveglia.” Charice became visibly uncomfortable, “Well, it’s not a hellmouth. Not anymore. In the past, like centuries before, it used to spawn terribly wicked things. Some from hell, some not. It just had this horrible aura that drew in malice of all things...wrong.” She struggled to find the right words.
“I once had met a pineapple with braces. A pineapple!” Aleister declares, speaking to no one in particular. Charice and I just looked at each other for a brief moment, then back ahead, through the window.
“So where did the antimatter come from?” I say, continuing the discussion.
“No one really knows. I know that sounds like a copout, but it’s true. When asked these questions, they simply just don’t answer.”
“Why?” I push.
“I can think of a few reasons. One being that they want to remain at the top of the food chain and best means of preservation is to keep origin out of the matter. Finding out the origins means that there’s a possibility to find a weakness. Same reasons you wouldn’t just publicly post your address. Another reason could be that they’re the original gods. They could be a more malicious version of demons. Then there’s also the possibility that they also have no idea where they came from.”
“It definitely makes something more terrifying when you don’t know many details.” I reply, feeling a sense of experience in my statement.
“That. See? You’re catching on.” Charice smiles.
“The candy man actually cannot.” Aleister adds. I mouth “what the fuck” to Charice, to which she replies with shaking her head.
“Wade will get his, Jim.” Charice reassures me.
“I don’t doubt it.”
“What else do you want to know?”
I pondered that a bit before asking, “Why are humans such a focus? Why do they care if people live if their food source is paranormal?”
“Well, as morbid as this is, they want to make sure that people are still around after entities because entities can’t reproduce. Not many, at least. Humans can. They’re a sustainable food source that would take little effort to sustain on their part.”
“Wouldn’t that hurt Adeline’s business?”
“Nope. 1 in 3 bodies that you come across every day is not a human.” Charice replies in a hokey Halloween tone. I still shudder at such a startling number.
“I wish I could say that I’m not surprised, but I am. I didn’t know there were that many.”
“Hence why Adeline does business with them. She controls a lot of who stays and who goes, makes it easier to know the statistics if you’re the one influencing them.”
We pull up to a beautiful Victorian home. Aleister wiggles out of his seat and says, “Albatross.” Nods and walks off. Mescaline and absinthe did a number on poor old uncle fester, it’s pitiful, really.
My notifications chime with the fare and review. Aleister rated me five batwings with a review of “Low thread count.” His cost? $37 with no tip.
I glare at Charice and flatly say “What.”
“Your kitchen counters are more dangerous than Aleister Crowley.” Charice shrugs.
“No tip? He really is the most wicked man.” I snort.
“Yeah, no one ever really doubted that.” Charice giggles.
“I have one more question.” I say to Charice, who is recoiling from what I assume to be a potentially disastrous question.
“How do I apply to work for DePlague?”
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2019.08.03 14:34 Neurotic-pixie In 1995, Candice Fenton's body was discovered in her apartment, with her neck and wrists bound using a dog leash. The police say that while they doubt her death was natural, they can't rule it out.

Candice Fenton’s mother Frances says she had friends everywhere. As a child, she was a Girl Scout. She played softball and soccer, sang in the choir, acted in plays. She was on the swim team and in the color guard for three years in high school. She was an officer in Students Against Drunk Driving. After her father started treatment for cancer, she earned the nickname “Little Miss Sunshine” by singing for other patients to cheer them up. And she still somehow found time to volunteer for a variety of causes, from collecting toys for children to saving the dolphins.
In 1995, Candice was preparing to start her junior year at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She had moved there from New Jersey to attend college. According to Frances, she was happy there. She wanted to be a teacher, and though she had been struggling with reading assignments due to a learning disability, she had just been accepted into an exchange program in Spain. She had found her place in a local Lutheran church.
But on July 18, 1995, Frances started to get worried. She hadn’t heard from Candice in days, so she called the Auburn police and requested a welfare check.
When the police arrived at Candice’s apartment, they found her decomposing body on the floor, bound at the neck and wrists by a dog leash. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was partially clothed. There were no signs of forced entry, nothing had been taken, and she had no injuries beyond what the dog leash presumably did to her neck and wrists.
She died of asphyxiation, but the coroner couldn’t determine whether her asthma played a role in her death. While her mother is certain she was a victim of homicide, the police say they can’t completely rule out an accident.
One of her friends, Stephanie Perry, said that the police had asked her about Candice’s sexual orientation. They also asked her how she thought Candice had been killed, which struck her as odd.
In 2015, Auburn investigators went back for another look at the case, telling the media that newer technological advances like touch DNA “and other forensic processes” could help solve Candice’s case. At some point they sent evidence to the FBI in the hopes of getting a profile of the possible killer, but they understandably haven’t revealed anything they got in response.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find much about Candice’s case; just the two articles below and her obituary on Find a Grave. Candice’s death, which has not been officially ruled a homicide, remains unsolved after 24 years.
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2019.07.17 08:36 pijinglish Part 2: A Timeline of Epstein, Trump, Sex Trafficking, and the Intelligence Community

I don't think John DeCamp gets everything right, especially his claims about satanic groups, but in 1988 we learn about the Franklin Coverup, which Wikipedia describes as:
"The Franklin child prostitution ring allegations began in June 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska and attracted significant public and political interest until late 1990, when separate state and federal grand juries concluded that the allegations were unfounded and the ring was a "carefully crafted hoax."[1][2].
From the NYT:
(12/18/88) A Lurid, Mysterious Scandal Begins Taking Shape in Omaha
In the Executive Board's public session Monday, Mr. Chambers said the activities of Lawrence E. King Jr., the credit union's manager for the last 18 years and the central figure in its collapse, were ''just the tip of an iceberg, and he's not in it by himself.'' But Mr. Chambers added nothing that would shed light on his cryptic assertion....Mr. King is a 44-year-old Omaha resident who wholly or partly owns several small businesses here and lives with his wife and school-age son in a large house in one of the city's better neighborhoods. He is a tall, expansive figure well known for his costly style of dressing, lavish celebrations and extensive travel, sometimes in chartered jets and often with an entourage of young men.In 1972 he headed a national political organization, Black Democrats for George McGovern. But he gained greater prominence after he had switched parties a while later, serving for a time as vice chairman of the National Black Republican Council, an official affiliate of the Republican Party, and becoming a familiar figure on the Republican social scene.Mr. King has maintained a $5,000-a-month residence off Embassy Row in Washington and has also entertained generously at Republican National Conventions. At the 1984 gathering, in Dallas, where he sang the national anthem on the convention floor, he rented the ranch where the television series ''Dallas'' is filmed and organized a party there for black Republicans....Mr. King's trouble with the authorities came to the surface early last month when officials of the Government's National Credit Union Administration, acting on information from the F.B.I. and the Internal Revenue Service, arrived at the offices of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union and shut it down. Then, on Nov. 14, the agency, which oversees the nation's federally chartered credit unions and insures their deposits, filed the Government suit against Mr. King, whose salary as Franklin Community's manager had been less than $17,000 a year.
(1989) Washington Call Boy Scandal
Craig J. Spence (1941 – November 10, 1989) was a Republican) lobbyist who was found dead in a Ritz-Carlton hotel room in 1989.[1][2] ...Spence was implicated in a gay call-boy ring scandal, that arranged after-hours visits to the White House, the Washington Times and other papers reported in June 1989. Afterward, Spence committed suicide in a Boston hotel....Spence's name came to national prominence in the aftermath of a June 28, 1989 article in the Washington Timesidentifying Spence as a customer of a homosexual escort service being investigated by the Secret Service, the District of Columbia Police and the United States Attorney's Office for suspected credit card fraud. The newspaper said he spent as much as $20,000 a month on the service. He had also been linked to a White House guard who has said he accepted an expensive watch from Mr. Spence and allowed him and friends to take late-night White House tours.[4]Spence entered a downward spiral in the wake of the Washington Times exposé, increasingly involving himself with call boys and crack,[5] and culminating in his July 31, 1989 arrest at the Barbizon Hotel on East 63rd St in Manhattan for criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of cocaine.[6]Months after the scandal had died down, and a few weeks before Spence was found in a room of the Boston Ritz-Carlton Hotel, he was asked who had given him the "key" to the White House. Michael Hedges and Jerry Seper of The Washington Times reported that "Mr. Spence hinted the tours were arranged by 'top level' persons", including Donald Gregg, national security adviser to Vice President George H. W. Bush at the time the tours were given.[5]When pressed to identify who it was who got him inside the White House, Spence asked "Who was it who got [long-term CIA operative] Félix Rodríguez) in to see Bush?", agreeing that he was alluding to Mr. Gregg.[5]Gregg himself dismissed the allegation as "absolute bull", according to Hedges and Seper. "It disturbs me that he can reach a slimy hand out of the sewer to grab me by the ankle like this," he told the reporters. "The allegations are totally false."[5]
I'll let you decide how credible you find any of this so far. It should be noted that many of the people implicated in these affairs -- Wilson, Singlaub, Moon, Casey, Rodriguez, Bush, Stone, and Gregg -- were also involved to varying degrees in the Iran Contra Affair, which illegally raised money for anti-communist terrorists in Central America through the use of death squads, rape, and drug sales. One does not necessarily equal the other, but sexual blackmail and human trafficking don't seem like much of a stretch.
An article by The Guardian notes:
Czechoslovakia ramped up spying on Trump in late 1980s, seeking US intel:
In summer 1987, Donald and Ivana Trump visited Moscow and Leningrad, following a personal invitation from the Soviet ambassador in Washington, Yuri Dubinin. The trip was arranged by Intourist, a travel agency that was also an undercover KGB outfit. Soon after returning from Moscow, Trump announced he was thinking of running for president. That presidential bid failed to materialise.In October 1988, on the eve of the US election, Ivana Trump visited her parents in Zlín, known at the time as Gottwaldov. According to the files she “confidently” predicted Bush’s victory to her father, who in turn passed the tip to local StB officers.“The outcome of the election confirmed the veracity of this information,” StB field agent Lt Peter Surý wrote, in a document dated 23 January 1989 and marked “secret”.The prediction came “from the highest echelons of power in the US”. Ivana was “not only a well-heeled US citizen” but moved in “very top political circles”, Surý stated....It is unclear when the KGB began a file on the future president. In Prague about 60,000 StB documents were declassified in the mid-1990s, after the collapse of communism. The StB destroyed most records.However, secret memos written by the KGB chief, Vladimir Kryuchkov, in the mid-1980s reveal that he berated his officers for their failure to cultivate top-level Americans. Kryuchkov circulated a confidential personality questionnaire to KGB heads of station abroad, setting out the qualities wanted from a potential asset.According to instructions leaked to British intelligence by the KGB defector Oleg Gordievsky, they included corruption, vanity, narcissism, marital infidelity and poor analytical skills. The KGB should focus on personalities who were upwardly mobile in business and politics, especially Americans, the document said.
Another article in the Chicago Tribune notes:
Czechoslovakia secret police file: Trump sure of presidential win — in 1996:
A year before the 1989 collapse of communism in many parts of Europe, details about Ivana Trump's 1988 visit back to her homeland were recorded in a classified police report. The Oct. 22, 1988 report claimed that Trump refused to run for president in 1988 — despite alleged pressure to do so — because he felt, at 42, he was too young. But the secret report said he intended to run in the 1996 U.S. presidential race as an independent, when he would be 50."Even though it looks like a utopia, D. TRUMP is confident he will succeed," the police report said, based on information from an unspecified source who talked to Ivana Trump's father, Milos Zelnicek, about her visit.It was unclear where the alleged "pressure" was coming from. [Note: In "Get Me Roger Stone", Stone claims he was the one who convinced Trump to run.]...Trump's first wife was born Ivana Zelnickova in 1949 in the Czechoslovak city of Gottwaldov, the former city of Zlin that just had been renamed by the Communists, who took over the country in 1948. She married Trump, her second husband, in 1977. As she kept traveling home across the Iron Curtain on a regular basis, Ivana became a tempting target for the powerful, deeply feared Czechoslovak secret police agency known as the StB.
And by at least 1989, Trump himself was in the social circle of both Iran Contra figures and the father of Epstein's alleged "madame", Ghislaine Maxwell:
(This is from a previous post I made, seen here. Some of the links are subscription only, but are provided for accuracy)
NY Daily News - May 5, 1989:
“Everybody, but everybody at the party aboard British media mogul Robert Maxwell’s yacht Wednesday night had to doff their shoes before boarding the plush-carpeted “Lady Ghislaine.” Maxwell insisted, and his guests cooperated, including Donald Trump (minus Ivana), who has a much bigger yacht and was happy to compare notes with Maxwell. [Note: This is in reference to the Kingdom 5KR, originally owned by Adnan Khashoggi, international arms dealer and uncle of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi.] There were John Tower [Republican Senator in charge of the Tower Commission, which investigated Iran Contra]; ex-Navy secretary John Lehman [Reagan appointee 1981-1987], now with Paine Webber; lawyer Tom Bolan [law partner of Roy Cohn]; literary agent Mort Janklow [clients include both Nancy and Ronald Reagan for their memoirs]; UN envoy Thomas Pickering [currently a board member at the world’s biggest pipe company, OAO TMK, in Moscow and Chairman of the Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation, “a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that supports programs to improve the health of children worldwide”]; and Peter Kalikow, owner of the New York Post [awarded the Israel Peace Medal in 1982; created a super PAC for Herman Cain that was later revealed to be entirely financed by his donations]; Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine, and his niece, Helene Atkin of Macmillan, the publishing house Maxwell recently took over."[Note: This sentence wasn't in the Daily News article but shows up in a St Louis Dispatch piece a week later]: “Maxwell, who weighs about 300 pounds, went over the guest list personally.""No one could tell who didn’t make the final list, but we do know that Martha Smilgis of Time was disinvited by David Adler, public relations chief at Macmillan. She wrote the profile of Maxwell which he apparently did not like.”
Who was Ghislaine’s father?
Ian Robert Maxwell "MC (10 June 1923 – 5 November 1991), born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, was a British media proprietor and Member of Parliament (MP). Originally from Czechoslovakia, Maxwell rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing empire….Maxwell had a flamboyant lifestyle, living in Headington Hill Hall in Oxford, from which he often flew in his helicopter, and sailing in his luxury yacht, the Lady Ghislaine. He was notably litigious and often embroiled in controversy, including about his support for Israel at the time of the 1948 Palestine war. In 1989, he had to sell successful businesses, including Pergamon Press, to cover some of his debts. In 1991, his body was discovered floating in the Atlantic Ocean, having fallen overboard from his yacht. He was buried in Jerusalem. Maxwell's death triggered the collapse of his publishing empire as banks called in loans. His sons briefly attempted to keep the business together, but failed as the news emerged that the elder Maxwell had stolen hundreds of millions of pounds from his own companies' pension funds. The Maxwell companies applied for bankruptcy protection in 1992....Shortly before Maxwell's death, a former employee of Israel's Military Intelligence Directorate, Ari Ben-Menashe, approached a number of news organisations in Britain and the U.S. with the allegation that Maxwell and the Daily Mirror's foreign editor, Nicholas Davies, were both long-time agents for Mossad. Ben-Menashe also claimed that in 1986, Maxwell had told the Israeli Embassy in London that Mordechai Vanunu had given information about Israel's nuclear capability to The Sunday Times, then to the Daily Mirror. Vanunu was subsequently kidnapped by Mossad and smuggled to Israel, convicted of treason and imprisoned for eighteen years.Ben-Menashe's story was ignored at first, but eventually The New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh repeated some of the allegations during a press conference in London held to publicise The Samson Option, Hersh's book about Israel's nuclear weapons. On 21 October 1991, two MPs, Labour's George Galloway and the Conservative's Rupert Allason (also known as espionage author Nigel West), agreed to raise the issue in the House of Commons under Parliamentary Privilege protection, which in turn allowed British newspapers to report events without fear of libel suits. Maxwell called the claims "ludicrous, a total invention" and sacked Davies.[44] A year later, in Galloway's libel settlement against Mirror Group Newspapers (in which he received "substantial" damages), Galloway's counsel announced that the MP accepted that the group's staff had not been involved in Vanunu's abduction. Galloway himself, however, referred to Maxwell as "one of the worst criminals of the century....The Maxwell companies filed for bankruptcy protection in 1992. Kevin Maxwell was declared bankrupt with debts of £400 million. In 1995, Kevin and Ian and two other former directors went on trial for conspiracy to defraud, but were unanimously acquitted by a twelve-man jury in 1996.”
Epstein's own weird history has been spoken of to some degree, and I'm not sure I have much to add at this point, but perhaps it's important in context.
Financier in sex abuse case went from math whiz to titan
He taught calculus and physics at the prestigious Dalton School, a prep school in Manhattan, from 1973 to 1975, despite not having a college degree. Attorney General William Barr's father, Donald Barr, was headmaster at the time...Epstein left Dalton in the mid-1970s for a job at Bear Stearns at the urging of a student's father who arranged a meeting with the chairman of the investment bank, according to published reports. He later began his own money-management business, J. Epstein & Co....Epstein has long obscured the source of his wealth. Even after his arrest, he refused to provide authorities with even basic information about his income and assets. His attorney said Epstein's lawyers intend to provide the information but want to make sure it is correct first.This much is clear: "He is a man of nearly infinite means," federal prosecutor Alex Rossmiller said in court....Epstein also forged a relationship with Leslie Wexner, the retail titan behind Victoria's Secret, The Limited and other store chains. He started managing Wexner's money in the late 1980s and helped straighten out the finances for a real estate development Wexner was backing in a wealthy Columbus, Ohio, suburb.It was through Wexner that [in1996] Epstein acquired his Manhattan mansion, a seven-story, 21,000-square-foot former prep school less than a block from Central Park. It has been valued at about $77 million.
Around the same time, Trump started dating Marla Maples, who was working at his Atlantic City Taj Mahal Casino:
(1988) The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1):
Donald Trump, for his part, was becoming increasingly restless, and reckless. Despite fathering 3 children and having a devoted wife, by all accounts he didn’t spend much time with any of them, preferring work and play to the routines of domestic life. In the 80’s he made at least two life changing decisions-to step out on his wife publicly, and to expand his negligible empire into Atlantic City casinos. He built Harrah’s at Trump Plaza in 1984, and a partially completed building that became Trump Castle in 1985-a property that would be managed by his first wife, Ivana. He also scooped up the Taj Mahal in 1988, which at a cost of $1.1 billion made it the most expensive casino ever built at the time.
Some weirdness starts to pop up here, at least allegedly. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Resorts International, which opened the city's first gambling hall 5 1/2 years ago, broke ground yesterday for a second casino-hotel that will cost $250 million to build and will contain 1,000 hotel rooms and the world's second-largest casino.
According to Wikipedia:
Resorts International was a hotel and casino company. From its origins as a paint company, it moved into the resort business in the 1960s with the development of Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and then expanded to Atlantic City, New Jersey with the opening of Resorts Casino Hotel in 1978.
So how did a paint company morph into a multimillion dollar casino company? We're going to have to go to conspiracy theorists again. Make of it what you will:
Goodfellas: The Hidden History of Resorts International:
Resorts International was largely a family affair that grew out of a company called the Mary Carter Paint Company."Mary Carter (she never existed) was pretty much a family affair controlled by Jim Crosby, two of his brothers, and his in-laws. Based in Tampa, Florida, the firm included in its directorate James Crosby, John Crosby (a plastic surgeon in Mobile, Alabama), William Crosby (a Tampa realtor), and the Murphy brothers, Henry and Tom, who'd married the Crosby daughters. Henry owned a funeral home in Trenton, New Jersey, while Tom was board chairman of Capital Cities Communications, a successful broadcasting business founded by explorer Lowell Thomas. The explorer too was an early shareholder in Mary Carter Paint, as was Republican Thomas Dewey." (Spooks, Jim Hougan, pg. 381)Acclaimed researchers Sally Denton and Roger Morris note: "... the Mary Carter Paint Company, which was widely considered to be a CIA front that laundered payments to the Cuban exile army in the early sixties..." (The Money and the Power, pg. 284).This is certainly quite plausible considering Mary Carter was then based out of Tampa, a hub for joint CIA-Syndicate efforts to assassinate Castro. As was noted before here, Tampa don Santo Trafficante, Jr. was one of the gangsters initially tapped by the CIA's notorious Office of Security to arrange for Castro's untimely demise. Trafficante, a close associate of Meyer Lansky (whom we shall return to again), had been deeply involved in Cuba's gambling operations prior to the revolution and would later become even more deeply immersed in the world heroin trade. As was noted before here, he was very close to the emerging Cuban Mafia, which provided ample recruits to the CIA during the early 1960s despite much suspicion that Trafficante was a double agent for Castro.Certainly the Mary Carter Paint Company would have been well positioned to assist Trafficante in these endeavors in Tampa. And such a connection would also explain why the corporation, in the mid-1960s (as CIA Cuban operations were winding down), abruptly sold off its paint business and boldly delved into gambling. By the end of the decade it was managing one of the most profitable casinos in the world on the Bahama's Paradise Island.What it amounts to is that by the late period James Crosby emerged as not only the CEO of Mary CarteResorts International, but as an extremely well connected figure within the GOP and beyond."... Crosby was himself uniquely situated in Republican circles: a sometime guest at the White House, he'd donated $100,000 to Nixon's 1968 campaign. He was also a friend of, and frequent host two, Bebe Rebozo (with whom he banked). Moreover, Crosby's private intelligence agency, Intertel, was even then working with White House aides and ITT executives to discredit Jack Anderson's revelations anent ITT and Chile. At the same time, Intertel was the de factocustodian of the demented billionaire Howard Hughes (his own $100,000 donation would later result in two volumes of Senate testimony in the Watergate affair). Indeed, the ties between Paradise Island and Richard Nixon's administration were of the sort that bind: Allan Butler, owner of the failing bank that was his namesake, claims the Nixon was a silent partner of Crosby's in his Bahamian ventures, sharing a healthy chunk of Paradise Island bridge revenues with yet another secret partner, Bebe Rebozo. And by by no means finally, James O. Golden, Resorts' vice-president and one of Intertel's founding spooks, had formerly served as Nixon's Secret Service shield, later taking charge of security for the Nixon forces at the GOP's 1968 convention in Miami Beach. That Paradise Island is a special place, and had a special place in the heart (or what passed for a heart) of the Nixon regime, is abundantly clear... (Spooks, Jim Hougan, pg. 180) ...And that brings us to possibly the most curious aspects of Resorts, namely its ownership of its own vast private intelligence network.It was known as Intertel, short for International Intelligence, Inc. Intertel was incorporated in 1970 as an almost wholly-owned subsidiary of Resorts International and hit the ground running. During its heyday, Intertel had an impressive roster and an international reach. It would turn up in host of intrigues throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Curiously, it had its origins with Robert Kennedy's "Get Hoffa" squad."... Intertel, known especially and remarkably for its composition of former organized crime strike force attorneys from Robert Kennedy's Justice Department... The IRS considered Intertel... 'an organized crime enterprise of some type aimed at the Bahamas,' as one account summed up the agency's view. Roberts Peloquin and William Hundley, Kennedy's top crime fighters, had joined the firm and recruited operatives from the CIA, FBI, IRS, Secret Service, and other intelligence agencies. Staffed exclusively by what one author called 'Get Hoffa agents,' it was likened into a corporate CIA.' (The Money and the Power, Sally Denton & Roger Morris, pg. 284)...Intertel's other ventures include spying of muckraker Jack Anderson) for ITT, investigating the Chicago Tylenol murders and the Bhopal disaster. Even more ominous, however, were its dealings with a shady Belgium-based private detective agency known as Agence de Recherche et d'Information (ARI). As was noted before here, ARI was linked to members of the neo-fascist terror organization known as the Westland New Post, a few of whom had also been implicated in drug trafficking and pedophile rings. Intertel reportedly hired ARI to do some work for them during the 1980s....What is of great interest to us here is Trump's third Atlantic City casino: the Taj Mahal. While now widely associated with Trump, thanks in no small part to it leading to his first bankruptcy, it was not in fact Trump who started the casino. That dubious distinction lies with Resorts International.The company had begun construction on the Taj Mahal in 1983, but had run into persistent difficulties in finishing construction in the following years. Then, in April 1986, James Crosby died suddenly. This left Resorts in turmoil (allegedly) and Trump stepped in. Trump bought a controlling stake in the company in 1987 and was promptly named its chairman of the board.Let that sink in for a moment: Donald J. Trump, the current President of the United States, was briefly the chairman of a corporation long suspected of being a CIA front, that had decades-spanning involvement with the Syndicate, numerous "rogue" financiers, various drug and arms traffickers and which owned a vast private intelligence network...."
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Developer Donald Trump took control of Resorts International Inc. yesterday in a $79 million deal that gives him his third Atlantic City casino, including what will be the largest gaming hall in the city.Trump sealed the deal in New York with those connected to the estate of the late founder of Resorts International, James M. Crosby.Trump paid a cash price of $135 a share for 585,068 shares of Class B stock, which has 100 times the voting power of Class A stock.He is expected to make a formal tender offer for the remaining 167,230 shares of Class B stock within the next several weeks at the same $135-a-share price. Owning all the Class B stock would give him 93 percent of the company's voting power.At a board meeting immediately after the transaction with the Crosby estate, Trump was elected chairman of the board of Resorts International, replacing Henry B. Murphy, Crosby's brother-in-law, who resigned.
And his relationship with Ivana was falling apart:
(1989) Ex-Wife: Donald Trump Made Me Feel ‘Violated’ During Sex
After a painful scalp reduction surgery to remove a bald spot, Donald Trump confronted his then-wife, who had previously used the same plastic surgeon.“Your fucking doctor has ruined me!” Trump cried.What followed was a “violent assault,” according to Lost Tycoon. Donald held back Ivana’s arms and began to pull out fistfuls of hair from her scalp, as if to mirror the pain he felt from his own operation. He tore off her clothes and unzipped his pants.“Then he jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than sixteen months. Ivana is terrified… It is a violent assault,” Hurt writes. “According to versions she repeats to some of her closest confidantes, ‘he raped me.’”Following the incident, Ivana ran upstairs, hid behind a locked door, and remained there “crying for the rest of night.” When she returned to the master bedroom in the morning, he was there.“As she looks in horror at the ripped-out hair scattered all over the bed, he glares at her and asks with menacing casualness: ‘Does it hurt?’” Hurt writes.
In 1992, Trump would divorce Ivana. It's this same year that we find him arranging a party of 30 for himself, Jeffrey Epstein, and 28 young aspiring calendar girls:
(1992) Trump Was Alone at a 1992 Party with 28 Girls and Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
Part of a “calendar girl” competition organized at Trump’s request, the party was put together by a businessman named George Houraney, who spoke with the New York Times for a story published Tuesday.Houraney was also one of many to accuse Trump of sexual harassment, this time toward his former girlfriend and business partner, Jill Harth, who described an incident in 1997 as an attempted rape by Trump.“I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” Houraney told the Times. “At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’ It was him and Epstein.”...Before the “calendar girl” event, Houraney warned Trump about Epstein once again.“Look, Donald, I know Jeff really well, I can’t have him going after younger girls,” Houraney recalled telling Trump in the Times interview. “He said: ‘Look I’m putting my name on this. I wouldn’t put my name on it and have a scandal.’”
[EDIT: MSNBC reports on 07/17/2019 on newly discovered footage of Trump and Epstein discussing women at a party in November of 1992.]
The Boston Globe reported:
(1992) The pageant of Donald Trump’s dreams
It was a snowy night in Manhattan, December 1992, and the festive group was embarking on a circuit of exclusive clubs after a sumptuous dinner at the Plaza Hotel’s Oak Room.As the limo wove through the city, Trump discussed his views on dating, according to one of the women riding along. The billionaire casino mogul declared that “all women are bimbos” and said most were “gold diggers” who would be smart to go after men with money. Like him.Rhonda Noggle, the model who relayed the story to the Globe in an interview, said that, at that point, she had had enough. Speaking sharply to Trump, she said, she asked him to stop the limo. The car grew silent.
(1989-1995) The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1):
1989-1995 just so happens to be the same time period in which Donald Trumps world and empire was falling apart at the seams. In the beginning of the decade he was facing the end of his first marriage and a looming court battle. Despite his purportedly active dating life, by many accounts Trump was being rejected by many, if not most, of the women he pursued-including Carla Bruni and Jill Hearth. Marla Maples, after years of being the secret mistress and repeated rounds of being dumped and publicly humiliated by Trump, was starting to lose her patience. And the big gamble he took in Atlantic City was, by all accounts, failing miserably-a direct result of his jaw droppingly awful business practices and general incompetence. In 1991, his Taj Mahal Casino filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. In 1992, he again filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy again, this time on his Trump Plaza Hotel (also in Atlantic City), at the time owing $550 million dollars. Recall that he would report an almost 1 billion dollar loss on his 1995 tax returns, according to the copies obtained by the New York Times. Indeed, the early 90’s were not a very good era for Donald Trump. In light of this fact, it’s worth noting that the sexual assault allegations against him are all clustered within this very time frame. [Note: This article was written in 2016, prior to more allegations]...By the time “New York Magazine” did a front page profile of him in 1988, Casablancas reputation for bedding young models was established and begrudgingly accepted (a price to pay in exchange for his “genius”) within the New York social scene, but the expose came as a shock to many outside the bubble. John Casablancas would soon find out that he was not as untouchable as he thought he was. In the article-which ran under the title “Girl Crazy”-Casablancas was portrayed as a champagne guzzling pervert, singularly dedicated to the “new look” department of Elite where he spent his days ogling the scantily clad, sometimes naked bodies of teenage girls. In light of Donald Trump’s more alarming comments and decisions around his daughter Ivanka, this quote stands out:"Casablancas talked about his seventeen year old daughter, Cecile. He said Cecile had been solicited by a photographer last summer on a beach in Ibiza. The photographer asked her to pose in a bikini, and Casablancas raced over to try to get a $2,000 fee for the shot. “She’s got a great little body” he told his models."Another quote that brings a chuckle and a nod of recognition in this story is Casablancas’s bizarre pride over never having changed a diaper. Donald Trump would make similar boasts in a Howard Stern interview a few years later. Compelling proof this is not, but I do believe it’s a hint at the kind of Don Juan persona that Don, far from a Juan, actually a dejected, balding husband with a crumbling empire....But the scandal did not end there, nor did it begin. Less than a month earlier 60 minutes aired a prime-time special on the abuses of underage girls in the modeling industry. Investigative reporter Craig Pyes portrayed the modeling industry as infested with agents who were notorious hustlers and playboys. His report revealed that both Claude Haddad- the head of European scouting for Ford- and Ford’s Paris-based agent Jean-Luc Brunel had been accused of horrific sexual misconduct by many models. [Note: Brunel's name appears multiple times on Epstein's flight manifests.] The special aired the interviews of dozens of women who accused both Brunel and Haddad of a litany of crimes, ranging from racist invective towards black models to violent rape. And in fact the hidden camera footage captured in filming the special caught it all- from Xavier lamenting about n**er models, to Haddad chuckling about drugging and raping 13 year old girls. According to Model At a retreat soon after the one-two punch delivered by the coverage, Haddad, Jean Luc Brunel and Casablancas were once again overheard (albeit not taped this time around) laughing about their crimes. Alternatively they were angry when confronted by interim scouting manager Trudi Tapscott - ”I’m a man and I have needs, I will not apologize for that!” Casablancas is said to have declared....Over time Donald Trump would emerge from the ruins of his empire with a new approach to business, and a new source of income-in 1996 he bought the rights to the Miss Universe franchise, and became the central figure in the running of these pageants. And in 1999 he started a modeling agency - T models, later changed to Trump Model Management. The correlation of interests is quite clear-for a man awkward around women but dependent on his public image saying otherwise, a stable of women under his employ was a way to boost his image-and even better, he was able to lock all of these women into non disclosure agreements, ensuring that his behavior with them had little chance of becoming public knowledge. It also appeared to have served as a useful tool regarding his business transactions-which, in the aftermath of his bankruptcy, were increasingly dependent on some less than savory characters. How he did this, and the breadth of this activity, will be explored in the next installment. But for the time being, there is one final aspect of this story that is breathtaking, and speaks more to the character of Donald Trump than anything else.
More in Part 3.
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2019.07.11 18:06 SureWtever Programming language suggestion for NASA high school internship?

My 14yo daughter (soon to be HS Freshman) spent a week at Goddard Space Center (chosen for a Girl Scout leadership/astronomy grant) and a week at space camp in Alabama this summer. She now has her heart set on applying for a NASA internship in 2 years. She was told the acceptance rate is around 5% for these positions.
Additionally, she is thinking of applying for an internship with Fermilab next summer (and NASA the summer after). Fermi stresses the importance of a programming background.
Academically, she is very strong, but one area she is lacking in is that she doesn’t have a strong programming background. She only has some limited experience with Python.
Which programming languages do to see as most valuable/applicable for a high schooler who wants to work in space sciences and for applying for internships?
How do you suggest learning these languages if they are not offered at the high school? (Note: I have an out-dated programming background and am happy to help guide her if the work is done at home).
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Ghislaine Maxwell, his pimp/recruiter, is the daughter of Mossad agent Robert Maxwell. This would be unremarkable if Mossad hadn’t been repeatedly caught setting up underage sex trafficking rings. ...
Comment (1pts) in news, "Pussy Riot performing in Alabama to protest 'ridiculous'...", (08 Jul 19):
New York is infested with rats and the sidewalks of San Francisco are covered in shit, yet they are the most smug people in the country with complete elitist mindsets about other states and cities.
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It was 100% intentional to make sure an american was the champion. Kobayashi was a problem and they made new rules to stop him from winning.
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Kinda seems like tech giants are trying to stop a competitor from entering the market
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Less than 1% of the world gets 90% of the headlines
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Idk how I feel about islamic countries punishments but public caning to people who hurt children would be pretty rad. I’m getting tired of seeing criminals escape punishment on technicalities, an exam...
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I don’t sympathize with her at all but one month in jail would teach her an excellent lesson
Comment (1pts) in news, "Woman tampering with ice cream in Texas facing up to 20...", (05 Jul 19):
There is nothing like seeing clout chasers face legal repercussions for acting like assholes
Comment (1pts) in news, "Manslaughter Charge Dropped Against Alabama Woman Who Was...", (04 Jul 19):
Headline implies nothing like that happened lol, makes it kinda obvious there is an agenda here.
Comment (1pts) in news, "Manslaughter Charge Dropped Against Alabama Woman Who Was...", (04 Jul 19):
The headlines have been misleading, I agree that she shouldn't be charged for that, but if you are committing a felony and someone dies because of your actions in Alabama, you can be charged for that.
Comment (1pts) in news, "2nd Circuit Orders Jeffrey Epstein Records Unsealed,...", (04 Jul 19):
I'm not a full on pizzagate guy but this dude knows a lot of people in our government and it's pretty obvious he ran an island strictly for sex trafficking and for some reason they're kvetching about ...
Comment (1pts) in news, "Migrants told to drink from toilets at El Paso border...", (02 Jul 19):
“do you have any evidence that’s the type of toilet they’re referring to?”
How about we start with evidence that any of this shit happened?
Edit: *let’s assume the original and outlandish stor...
Comment (1pts) in conspiracy, "Vehicle-dismantling hobbyist beware", (26 Jun 19):
From the launch area, in PA and Maryland in my experience they’ll let you launch somewhere else for free.
Comment (1pts) in news, "Captured IS thousands 'must be tried or freed'", (25 Jun 19):
Yeah when you join a death cult I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be completely wiped off the face of the earth upon capture.
Comment (1pts) in news, "Jussie Smollett case: Special prosecutor to investigate...", (22 Jun 19):
Michelle Obamas Chief of Staff is on record reaching out to Kim Foxx and telling her to shut it down
Comment (1pts) in weekendgunnit, "SOUND THE ALARM BOYS, HICUCK DENOUNCES THE NRA", (22 Jun 19):
This shit is fucking awesome
Comment (1pts) in weekendgunnit, "boogaloo on a budget (oc)", (19 Jun 19):
Also about that earpiece, if he acted alone why does he have a walkie talkie earpiece
Comment (1pts) in news, "A Confederate monument in Nashville was vandalized with the...", (18 Jun 19):
It's cool that is so easy for you to generalize and dehumanize a giant group of people. Good to know that their hate for your type is completely justified.
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  1. 148280 points, 46 submissions: Jo_Jo_In_Tampa
    1. Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox: 'They killed my son over nothing,' mom cries (64814 points, 9343 comments)
    2. Mom uses GPS to locate daughter, 17, trapped under car 25 feet down mountainside (23563 points, 1144 comments)
    3. San Francisco police union calls on chief to resign after raid on reporter's home (19031 points, 748 comments)
    4. Nike to change pregnancy policy for athletes in contracts after backlash over freezing pay (6521 points, 845 comments)
    5. Alabama woman says judge ordered her to allow her alleged rapist to visit their sons: report (5708 points, 909 comments)
    6. Homelessness jumps 12% across Los Angeles County (4892 points, 1527 comments)
    7. 'Heroes' lead police to Texas girl who was abducted while walking with her mother, police say (3061 points, 207 comments)
    8. Feds: 81-year-old bank robbery suspect wanted to return to prison because of small Social Security payments (2685 points, 348 comments)
    9. 41 shot, 7 fatally, in Chicago Memorial Day weekend gun violence (2321 points, 1316 comments)
    10. Woman jumps from window to escape brutal 6-hour rape in Queens, suspect on the loose (2070 points, 266 comments)
  2. 132061 points, 12 submissions: Creasy007
    1. Woman Who Called Michelle Obama An 'Ape' Sentenced To Jail For Defrauding FEMA of $18K (67771 points, 1327 comments)
    2. Ford Will Lay Off 7,000 White-Collar Workers (36202 points, 5194 comments)
    3. Colorado Governor Signs Gay Conversion Therapy Ban (21908 points, 766 comments)
    4. Leaked Chicago Police Video Shows Fatal Shooting of Mother Holding Her Baby (3473 points, 819 comments)
    5. Ohio Doctor Charged With 25 Counts of Murder, Accused of Prescribing Excessive Doses of Painkillers (878 points, 121 comments)
    6. 'Rocketman': Russian Distributor Cuts Film for Homosexual Propaganda Law (491 points, 55 comments)
    7. Quest Diagnostics Breach May Have Exposed Personal Data For Nearly 12 Million Patients (444 points, 71 comments)
    8. Florida Charter Boat Captain Accused of Drinking, Doing Drugs, Firing Gun, Threatening Passengers (264 points, 65 comments)
    9. Mother of 2 Dies After Falling From Lake Tahoe Waterfall (241 points, 126 comments)
    10. Ohio Middle School Where Radioactive Contamination Was Detected to Remain Closed Through 2020 (140 points, 11 comments)
  3. 92506 points, 6 submissions: Horror_Mango
    1. 9 People Showed Up for a KKK Rally in Dayton, Ohio. They Were Drowned Out by 600 Protestors (62854 points, 4799 comments)
    2. Police: Former councilman, 90, arrested after driving through crowd at Dover pride parade (20605 points, 2158 comments)
    3. Dad bought erotic massage with $700 daughter made from Girl Scout cookies, cops say (4784 points, 777 comments)
    4. Opioid Maker Agrees to Pay Oklahoma $85 Million Over Claims Company Helped Create Addiction Crisis (3686 points, 342 comments)
    5. Tar oozes on to sidewalk, street near La Brea Tar Pits (343 points, 99 comments)
    6. Police rescue woman chained in basement of Niagara Falls home (234 points, 22 comments)
  4. 92268 points, 3 submissions: brahbocop
    1. Police chief gives $575 ticket for tossing cigarette butt out window (48710 points, 5451 comments)
    2. Tennessee sheriff’s deputy, pastor calls for LGBTQ executions in sermon (42720 points, 5929 comments)
    3. WarnerMedia Joins Disney And Netflix In Considering Georgia Retreat Over Abortion Law (838 points, 294 comments)
  5. 87411 points, 2 submissions: Fanrific
    1. Sugar Daddy website founder to pay for abortions of women who need to travel out of restrictive states (44886 points, 2922 comments)
    2. US immigration detention centres caught serving spoiled food as investigation reveals nooses in cells (42525 points, 4299 comments)
  6. 84326 points, 14 submissions: JLBesq1981
    1. Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue (51105 points, 2777 comments)
    2. 46 ice cream trucks are being seized in a New York City crackdown (18491 points, 1927 comments)
    3. Mallinckrodt paid 'kickbacks' to keep drug price high, and stuck taxpayers with bill, DOJ lawsuit says (3666 points, 221 comments)
    4. The Latest: Oakland 2nd US city to legalize magic mushrooms (3273 points, 377 comments)
    5. Judge refuses to dismiss Secret Service agent's suit alleging he was detained because he is black (2424 points, 483 comments)
    6. Hundreds protest Alabama's abortion ban at state capitol (1479 points, 819 comments)
    7. Five inmates at a New Jersey jail came down with the mumps. Now the entire facility is under quarantine (1443 points, 95 comments)
    8. 9-year-old pays off lunch debt for his entire third grade class (1157 points, 377 comments)
    9. Manhunt for alleged shooter of several police officers in Alabama trailer park (329 points, 86 comments)
    10. 40,000-year-old severed wolf's head discovered in Siberia (282 points, 81 comments)
  7. 83057 points, 1 submission: Batman264
    1. YouTube Bans Minors From Streaming Unless Accompanied by Adult (83057 points, 2884 comments)
  8. 69290 points, 1 submission: masstrip
    1. Radiohead Donates Money to Climate Change Group Instead of Paying Ransom to Hackers. The band released hours of hacked recordings rather than pay ransom money to the hacker who stole them. (69290 points, 1625 comments)
  9. 65991 points, 1 submission: MindyS1719
    1. R. Kelly charged with 11 new counts of sexual abuse (65991 points, 2563 comments)
  10. 64010 points, 7 submissions: The_Necromancer10
    1. Arthur: Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode (58157 points, 5846 comments)
    2. St. Louis and Philadelphia police are investigating reports of racist, anti-Muslim Facebook posts by some city officers (2763 points, 525 comments)
    3. Scientists discover previously unidentified mass beneath surface of the moon (1475 points, 525 comments)
    4. Southern California city's beaches closed due to sewage-laden runoff from Mexico (1021 points, 140 comments)
    5. Former executive sues Goldman Sachs after allegedly being fired for being 'too gay' (259 points, 89 comments)
    6. Greenpeace activists board BP oil rig as it is towed out to sea (258 points, 104 comments)
    7. U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian warplanes off the coast of Alaska (77 points, 60 comments)

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  4. netabareking (22017 points, 110 comments)
  5. JLBesq1981 (20680 points, 179 comments)
  6. whats-your-plan-man (18669 points, 9 comments)
  7. limeyhoney (18404 points, 1 comment)
  8. TwilitSky (18077 points, 42 comments)
  9. entropys_child (17975 points, 1 comment)
  10. rbfrbfrbf (17491 points, 10 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. YouTube Bans Minors From Streaming Unless Accompanied by Adult by Batman264 (83057 points, 2884 comments)
  2. Radiohead Donates Money to Climate Change Group Instead of Paying Ransom to Hackers. The band released hours of hacked recordings rather than pay ransom money to the hacker who stole them. by masstrip (69290 points, 1625 comments)
  3. Woman Who Called Michelle Obama An 'Ape' Sentenced To Jail For Defrauding FEMA of $18K by Creasy007 (67771 points, 1327 comments)
  4. R. Kelly charged with 11 new counts of sexual abuse by MindyS1719 (65991 points, 2563 comments)
  5. Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox: 'They killed my son over nothing,' mom cries by Jo_Jo_In_Tampa (64814 points, 9343 comments)
  6. 9 People Showed Up for a KKK Rally in Dayton, Ohio. They Were Drowned Out by 600 Protestors by Horror_Mango (62854 points, 4799 comments)
  7. Arthur: Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode by The_Necromancer10 (58157 points, 5846 comments)
  8. Chinese Military Insider Who Witnessed Tiananmen Square Massacre Breaks a 30-Year Silence by mynameis_neo (57412 points, 3676 comments)
  9. Washington becomes first U.S. state to legalize human composting as alternative to burial/cremation by infiltratedthoughts (56865 points, 2096 comments)
  10. Colorado becomes First State in the Nation to put a Cap on the Price of Insulin by fishin_missin69 (56556 points, 2470 comments)

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  1. 22353 points: yAz_94's comment in Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox: 'They killed my son over nothing,' mom cries
  2. 19672 points: netabareking's comment in Arthur: Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode
  3. 18404 points: limeyhoney's comment in 11 people have died in the past 10 days on Mt. Everest due to overcrowding. People at the top cannot move around those climbing up, making them stuck in a "death zone".
  4. 17975 points: entropys_child's comment in YouTube Bans Minors From Streaming Unless Accompanied by Adult
  5. 17359 points: rbfrbfrbf's comment in Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox: 'They killed my son over nothing,' mom cries
  6. 15429 points: whats-your-plan-man's comment in Tennessee sheriff’s deputy, pastor calls for LGBTQ executions in sermon
  7. 14334 points: ThePerfectSnare's comment in 9 People Showed Up for a KKK Rally in Dayton, Ohio. They Were Drowned Out by 600 Protestors
  8. 13397 points: thefanciestcat's comment in Woman Who Called Michelle Obama An 'Ape' Sentenced To Jail For Defrauding FEMA of $18K
  9. 13345 points: indoninja's comment in Arthur: Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode
  10. 12674 points: DicedPeppers's comment in Another American dies while staying at Dominican Republic resort
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