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2020.12.03 07:12 PatrickH5A Other Communities to keep an eye on

Hey there Islanders! keep your eyes open for these Communities! maybe you know someone that might want to join us. We might be changing again some of the Formula so be on the lookout. but here are some Communities to keep an eye on and see if we can
get some love from them. gonewild transgonewild cosplaybabes CosplayNation HumanizeMe
Dirtygaming recovery addictionrecovery addiction amihot ForeverAloneDating forever
WeAreHere DID FunBodybuilding gaming Games gamers lgbt LGBTQ LGBTQwrites
lgbtsex LGTBQA LGBTQMentalHealth these are a short list to say! more can be added! if you have suggestions speak up! and we are going to add space here for all the Misfits from these Communities to add your own unique spin to ours! come grow with uis lets get going! Misfits Unite!
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2020.12.03 06:31 East-Height I've (20F) been with him (21M) for 4 years, but I feel like this isn't just another rough patch

Sorry for spelling and formatting mistakes.
If he's feeling down out try to cheer him up. He gets annoyed and then I get angry because he's being mean. So I leave him alone and he comes out. He's not happy with me because he feels bad that I left the room. Now I'm angry all over again because its not fair I get chastised for trying to cheer him up and then for just leaving him alone when he made it clear I was annoying him.
He's working a factory job he hates after being unemployed for 2-3 months were I supported him financially. He could have had a job sooner, but he didn't want to look for a job until after we got back from a trip so he dragged his feet. And this also means I had to pay for the vacation. He owes me $1000. Really he owes me more than that for food, but I can afford it so I just left it at 1000 for rent and plane tickets.
He has 3 years put into college that was paid for with a scholarship. He kept switching majors and basically failed a bunch of classes in the end because he hated school. I'm fine with him not knowing what he wants to do. He's only 21. I'm annoyed that he just refuses to do anything productive towards that goal. At the very least he could not bitch about having to work factory jobs while I have a nice IT support position. I am aware I'm lucky because my dad had connections in the industry, but I also have been working with IT stuff since middle school. Its not like I did nothing in my life to deserve the job I have. And its not like my job is left stressful, just because there's not manual labor involved.
I built him a pc two years ago when he began getting really into video editing and he had barely every used the pc for the purpose I've built it. I wanted to help him gain tools to pursue something he was passionate about because his own parents were financially incapable.
We hardly ever have a nice conversation where we don't argue. He hates all the little regular things like going shopping together, celebrating holiday, or even just talking. I find myself more and more being unable to be interested in his hobbies. Its hard to care about anything he does anymore.
Recently, as of the election, we found he had very different political views. I always thought he was apolitical, because any time I talked about politics in the past he just said he wasn't interested or didn't care. Turns out he is just one of those people that just accepts his families views and never looks at stuff on his own. He will accept unsubstantiated word of mouth information from his dad, rather than look at my sources and listen to my researched opinions. And we both agree his dad shares false Facebook information and buys into conspiracies way to easily. It just feels like he doesn't trust my judgment. And its unfair especially considering how out own individual lives are headed.
We've talk about a lot of this and made deals and compromises, but I just don't know that its going to be enough. Even back in HS when we first started dating he would get annoyed about me having club meetings and being involved in stuff he thought was lame. I feel like I'm an idiot because I've just been waiting for him to grow up, but I don't think if I stay with him that he'll ever really change.
He's helped me though aniexty and mental heath sstruggles and that is something I still actively struggle with. He is most likely depressed, but also doesn't seem to want to do a lot to work through it. He's overweight and has always struggled with weight and in the past had blamed me for not dieting with him or pushing him hard. I just feel like I would be abandoning him if I left, but I've tried so hard for 4 years to help him.
I don't think he really ever got over his last girlfriend. He went from being very depressed over the break up to dating me. He never took time to really be happy with himself. And although I struggle with mental heath I've always liked who I am for the most part. I think he's been bad for my self esteem over all if I'm honest.
I don't usually wear makeup or try to be fashionable, but when I do he's not very supportive. And he's not very supportive of many things I enjoy that don't directly instrest him. The only things I can remember him every getting excited at the prospect of me doing was cosplay and that because he thinks its sexy.
We don't even have sex anymore either. And its mostly me. I just don't really want to have sex with him anymore. And lately I've found that I'm started in fantasize about relationships with fiction characters. Which I haven't done since we started dating. I know he still loves me. But I'm not sure if he really loves me or he just doesn't know how to be alone.
I feel guilty for having wasted this much time and keep thinking if I just wait it out things will get better. I also don't have any friends because I work from home and lost touch with people from HS. I'm worried I'll break up with him and it'll be the biggest mistake I've ever made. That no one will ever find me attractive again or that I'll just have no friends. I almost broke up with him like a week and a half ago. And I told him I still love him, but I'm not sure thats true.
Even though he is starting to do better with chores and he has a job now, I just don't know that I can get over the past. Or that I want to wait for him to be the person I want him to be.
There so much history and so many things have happened in fours years, but I'm struggling to see out relationship as overall positive. Its definitely been positive for him because how much I've done for him. What do you all think. I know its overwhelmingly going to be break up with him, but please I need advice on more than that. I can't help but break down every time I think about this and I feel heartbroken and scared.
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2020.12.03 01:36 KennyOmegaXMan I'm a [31M] who's never had any romantic relationship in my entire life. What can I do to change that?

I happen to be a 31-year-old man who's never had any romantic relationship in my entire life I recently turned 31 this September. At times I feel hopeless that I will ever have a relationship with a woman, and fantasize about how it would be. And getting older doesn't help as I fear that I would be more ostracized the older I get without any history of a relationship.
Here's some back story about my personal self: I'm from Massachusetts and lived here all my life near the Rhode Island border. I guess I'm labeled a nerd because that what I've been called since I grew up with video games and nerd culture. I do go to conventions like PAX East and Comic-Con here. I went alone for the first time ever in recent years and cosplayed fully as a video game character Snake from Metal Gear. And it was a different experience. So I'm not afraid of trying things as I have aged as I would have never gone alone up to Boston to an event like that prior with anxieties I have faced. I don't talk with people openly about this and keep it to myself so I have to get it out. So this may be a lot to read and I understand that.
I'm also a smaller person in stature with being skinny growing up so I was teased by family about that. So I did join the gym in 2018 at my school but was never so serious about it. And didn't have much help to learn things and need that reassurance I'm doing it right. And recently I signed up for an actual gym and will be using a trainer.
Back in my childhood, I was always the "quiet" one. Not by choice. I was always assigned that title so I kept quiet. I still get called that and not sure why as this is the way I am. I'm not sure if it could have been to the way I was raised as I didn't go out really and my parents weren't so good and abusive. My dad was physically abusive to my mom and brother, as his dad was brutal to him in Portugal. So I was always nervous and still am to an extent. My mom has an addiction issue with gambling and really messed up my path as she would steal the money I worked for to fund her habits for many years. So I am set back compared to others my age but finally reaching my success with my career only starting last year in the IT field. But either way, my parents made me insecure about my feelings and I always kept to myself with fears of being judged and they were in control of my life up until my 20s. I don't talk with them really at this point as it's hard to put past what they have caused me to be stuck.
I didn't get help for any of this until 2016 as I did a post on Reddit for help and therapy was recommended. I've come so far with going back to school, driving on highways, and so many smaller things that affected me not being able to do. I've even brought in my own mother to therapy but she still never fully apologized and even denied any wrongdoing she did. But I'm fine that I just want my personal life to flourish. I've been with female therapists since then for a total of two different ones. I had to leave my first for insurance issues after going for a year. The other I decided to switch as I was going to her since 2017 up until early this year and felt no progress was made with my issue with never having a relationship. And it is more of a male issue that I am a man looking for a woman. So a different experience and mostly better to have a male therapist's point of view for this.
I know very few people personally as I only hang out with close cousins. Most of the others I only talk online with but never had friends I went out with regularly since they don't seem to do anything. So I never went out much and I don't drink alcohol or smoke weed. So it's tough knowing where to find anyone in these current times but it won't even matter if there was no virus. I'd still be stuck here in this spot even without the virus.
Onto my dating life, I've only dated one woman very shortly, about a month just last year. She was the first and only person I dated and it happened in September right when I turned 30. We met off Hinge, the dating app. She happened to message me first with a Hi and my name! She was really into me with the conversation and I was super surprised as I don't have that experience with my time with dating apps. She wasn't exactly a nerdy type also. Anyway, we agreed to meet for a coffee date after about 2 weeks of talking in Providence. I was very nervous as this was going to be my first date ever at 30. I dressed as fancy as I could and she did compliment that. I was pacing for some time as I was so nervous as I awaited her to arrive. And she finally arrived and gave each other a quick hug which made the nervousness tone down. Things went great and we talked for hours despite this being foreign to me. She was awkward at times so I didn't think much of it. Then we said our goodbyes and hugged each other. I was so happy I finally had my first date ever, it was unreal and I remember it so much. I did text her right when I got home as a follow-up and she agreed and liked that it was good. I was even more surprised as I thought I was bad since I had no reference for dating till then.
We agreed to meet again after seeing the pumpkin carvings at the local zoo during October and an impromptu dinner as she texted me if I wanted to get food right about leaving. That’s how inexperienced I am not asking for dinner after that date. It was all amazing to me that these kinds of things were happening, going out with someone, and having dinner. It was something that was so unreal to me. I offered to pay also and she was greatly appreciative of the night as she wanted to cover herself.
So this is where things started to change and finding out more about her. We were planning to meet once again during the week after work. We were texting about it in the AM and she stopped replying. But when it was the end of my workday she finally got back to me saying she passed out at an appointment and got a concussion. So I didn't assume I was going to meet up that night at all so I went home. We texted more later and she became erratic because I didn't come to see her like at almost midnight during a workweek. She became more and more upset. She was giving me an ultimatum to either visit her or whatever was happening between us would end. She became more and more upset. Then she was calling me as we never talked over the phone and she was absolutely terrible to me, swearing at me, telling me I was stupid, and so on, and she told me where to go for nothing I did wrong.
She wasn't the same person I met on the dates we had. It made me so upset I was taking this all in from her call and I never said anything bad to her. She was absolutely a wreck and I tried telling her I'm not sure why she was acting that way. So she hung up after screaming at me. Then again she was texting me to come to her address which she gave thought text or it was over. So at this point, it would have been foolish since it's already midnight and she lashed out at me and still wants me to come to visit her after her concussion. So she called one again and it made me so sad that the only woman so far to give me a chance was treating me like shit. I then told her what would my therapist think of you as I mentioned her to my therapist since dating is something that is focused on during sessions. I opened up about me never having a partner and she was my first date ever and I don't know why she's acting this way and it hurt me.
I guess I calmed her down enough and she wasn't so bad to me. She opened up about herself and she said the concussion caused her to act that way. My therapist later didn't agree and said she saw many red flags with her. Well, we talked into the AM over the phone that night as she told me that she suffers from a rare illness called EDS, and from that illness she has 30 other diseases. I couldn't believe it since you can't see it by looking at her. She told me she is always sick going to appointments and needs major surgery often and she soon was going soon a few weeks later to major neck fusion. I felt for her but still, I didn't think how she treated me was right over the phone that night. So the following day I stopped replying to her.
The following day she was texting me and was worried about me and was thinking I ghosted her but that's something I don't do. I had a therapy session that day I talked to my therapist about it. She did say again that there were many red flags and it was sad that she’s a very ill person and it was my personal choice if I continued talking with her after that. She actually called me during my session and left an apology voicemail for her behavior. And said she regrets acting that way and adored me so far and wanted to continue dating. And text replies mentioning that. So I did reply talking about how my therapist said to set boundaries as that behavior was no healthy and unwanted. She was still kind of upset I brought her up during therapy and texted me her medical papers that yes she wasn't lying about her illness.
Later that week we did agree to meet for dinner and a movie at the mall in Providence. I came early and there was a miscommunication and she was waiting elsewhere in the mall for me and once again her attitude started changing in the texts. I found her and she wasn't seeming to me that she wasn't happy at all based on her face. And she did have that concussion earlier in the week. We sat down for dinner and I wasn't sure how to approach her being as I was afraid she was going to lash out in public and I'm nervous when someone starts shouting at me and it shuts me down. So I barely was saying anything to her at all. Since I didn't know what she was going to do if I said the wrong thing. So after a while, she became upset and was saying this is awkward us not talking and saying I have communication issues. And I don't listen to her and her ex was the same was and they went to couple’s therapy and called me an INFJ over and over. And she got up off her chair and was thinking to just go home after that and I said you are welcome to. I wasn't putting any argument as I'm not the type of person to fight. So she didn't eat her food at all and ended up throwing it out as the mall was closing and the movie was almost starting. So she offered to just watch the movie and we'll talk about what happened another time. So we did watch a terrible movie name JEXI which I had no interest in. She offered to pay for the movie and popcorn as I did for her in the past. I still wasn't talking much with her during the movie as I was afraid if she will lash out. But watching a movie with her was another huge accomplishment as I never did that with a woman as a date.
So this is where more things got interesting. So after the movie, we were leaving and down the escalator, there was an old man that happened to fall down it and his leg was bleeding all over the floor. People were just gathering, and one called 911 for help. She then ran down the escalator to the scene to assist with him. She took her sweater off her back to make a tourniquet for him. She happened to have first aid classes. She didn't want to leave until he was gone by paramedics. She seemed super panicky and I didn't know what to do at that point. I offered her my coat as she only had a tank under her sweater and she declined. We finally walked away when the man was rolled away and there was a large pool of blood near him. So on the way she was super lost and saying she was about to have a panic attack so I gave her a hug to calm her down and she said: "thank you". I walked her to her car in the big parking garage and there was a car driving behind me and she pulled me in as she was afraid I was going to get hit. I was saying it was amazing to see what she did with the man as a hero like that and she told me that sweater had sentimental value and it went to better use to help him.
So on the way to her car, I asked from the help of online prior to what I should do at this point of dates, I said "may I kiss you?" She took off her glasses and she leaned her back against her car as she has balance issues with her spine surgeries. And we pulled each other in and we then made out. It was so super unreal. I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I was so into it and super passionate about it. We would kiss and she would bite my lower lip and pull away and look into each other's eyes and do it again. It was something out of a movie. I was caressing her body, her hair, and from her illness, I believe it was her vertebrae was dislocating as her neck in the upwards position. She was in a bit of pain and I was apologizing if I was causing it as I was so into our kiss, my first kiss. She didn't mind and were giving each other neck kisses after and I was saying things into her ear that got her really turned on. She then started digging her nails into my back and pushing her lower body into mines. This all happened while cars were passing but I didn't care we were making out in public at this point in my life. After the kiss we held each other saying nothing, it was so peaceful, she then opened up how she has an aneurism in her heart and it can burst anytime and that's how her mother passed. I felt so bad for her and kept on consoling her with caressing her. I then went home a new man after the kiss as I didn't think it finally actually happened at 30. We texted after and talked about the night and how I enjoyed the kiss and she did for someone with no experience like myself in that. Even the next day I couldn't believe it happened.
Over time we texted and at times she was flipping a switch with her personality. I wasn't sure what to do as she a very ill person and at times didn’t want to talk and still wanted to and said I have communication issues. She was going into surgery the final week I met her for ice cream. She was very scared of going into a life-threatening surgery and I could see it that night. She wasn't mean to me in person that night and we talked for a few hours into the night in the parking lot. I didn't know much what to say to her since she wanted to say goodbye the next day before she left for NY for surgery. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye as we didn't meet the following day. I didn't get to kiss her again that night either as she said she doesn't like PDA when there are people around as there was to people in their car right near us. So we hugged goodbye.
The reason I didn't meet to say a final goodbye before surgery was that she was busy preparing to go and I didn't text her till later in that day and again she was super upset and saying she wasn't going to talk with me and yet she still did. I wished her the best of luck and sent good thoughts as she left. In between then and her coming back I never seen her since last October. Her surgery didn't succeed sadly and she's pretty much disabled now and needs to revise it if possible. I still text with her till this day more of a pen pal. I never asked her if it ended but I was ready to move on as I shouldn't have to have one choice of a person to date and the way things played out. I needed more experiences dating and that's where I am now. But I am grateful she gave me my first dates ever and my first and only kiss, it was more than a peck being a makeout.
All I know are dating apps and I even got photos done for them by a photographer who dating photography. It's the same pics I used when that only woman I dated messaged me. But since then I have not had any success or interest from anyone else. I barely get matches if I am lucky. And I'm on all apps and have subscriptions to Match, Tinder and OkCupid. I try to reach out on the apps that allow to message first and even then I barely get a match after so many sent out. I waste more time and get little to no results. Only one woman back in February agreed to meet for coffee and she wasn't interested after the date. It was a short date too and I'm assuming she wasn't as interested in person versus how she seemed on the app of Facebook dating. So since then, it's been pretty frustrating with the no results.
I've gotten putting so much time and money into it. Only to get nothing much of it. I have a snapshot of my photos I use and bio now off Tinder and I just use the same for all the other apps. Some on here have trashed me for getting a photographer and saying the photos aren't genuine. But I put my trust in the photographer as he is a professional. Others have criticized my appearance and nerdy type. So I'm not sure what else to do as it's mixed responses on my profile as some also say all is good yet I don't have results.
So know I don't know what to do next as with the virus we can't exactly meet people and that was something I wanted to work on this year to go to events to meet people that way. I've done geek speed dating way back in 2018 only to get a blank piece of paper. I tried going to a cosplay meet up at a bar and arcade here and nothing much occurred from them last year. Anything like that isn't happening anytime soon so I only have dating apps or maybe there are ways I still can get something rolling in person? So I am asking for advice or any help to get something that I truly desire a relationship. It hurts at times as so many people have had many at my age and I'm only looking for one to get those experiences in life. My brother and a cousin as examples are just generally terrible and have been abusive to their partners and are wreckless in general and have had many partners. And I don't know how to even be that way and I feel hopeless that I will never experience love as I age older. I was always the outsider growing up and still am. Do I get photos redone by another photographer? Do I try to hire a relationship or dating coach to help? I don't want to give up but it's very depressing that I can't seem to figure out what's wrong and why I can't achieve this. I greatly appreciate any help and thank you very much if you read all this. Thank you.
tl;dr: I'm a 31-year-old man who's never had any relationship in my entire life and I recently turned 31 this September. I only dated one woman shortly off a dating app last year and had my first and only kiss. I am grateful for that experience but really want a relationship with me getting older. And it hurts at times knowing this and unless you were in my position you would know how it feels. I don't know what to do now I am still stuck and can't seem to get any interest off dating apps despite taking photos by a dating photographer. Message me if you want a snapshot of my profile.
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2020.12.02 18:18 eveningsunset32 32 [M4F] California/Anywhere - My future self time-travelled back to tell me to make this post at this precise time, apparently my future depends on it.

I’m still reeling a bit from learning about some of the stuff my future self cared to disclose with me. I questioned him about why making a personal ad is worth using his time travel gas, but he wouldn’t tell me. He just said “you’ll put it in the post and affect the outcome”. He was a bit snarky about it, but I trust myself so here I am.
Okay, now that the hit-or-miss joke sequence is out of the way, let’s get started!
First of all, I’m a hopeless romantic and always have been. I’ve had relationships but still haven’t found the person I’m going to spend my life with. Trying to find someone online isn’t ideal for me anymore when everything is trending towards swiping and instant gratification, but I decided to play the love lottery so to speak while there’s a pandemic going on. “Perhaps reddit is better than online dating”, he said hopeful.
Some random facts about myself:
-Y’know those games at arcades where you stop a light or something while it moves quickly around in a loop or horizontally? I can usually hit the jackpot on the first or second try.
-If there was a trivia contest for King of the Hill, I’d finish first or a strong second since I’ve watched it so much I’ve memorized most episodes.
-I used to be a tennis player, until I took a tennis ball to the knee. Really though, I was pretty decent, might of gone pro if I was a more committed teenager.
-I’ve done photography contests and won some rewards; my favorite picture I’ve ever taken is still from when I was like 13. It’s of bees, but the best bee picture you’ll see, beelieve me.
-I once did a series of very large charcoal drawings based on Christmas nutcrackers, they turned out pretty nutty.
-When I was a kid, I once crashed my bike into a parked car.
-I’ve seen a few hundred anime and cosplayed at a convention one time when I was like 24.
-I’m quite competitive, enjoy almost any game (board, video, etc.), especially TCGs like Gwent or Hearthstone. I like co-op just as much and have an active FF14 subscription.
-I’m a decent blackjack player (and was lucky), I have won a bunch of money before. Haven’t gambled in years though...
-Animals are one of the most important things in my life, I even worked at a pet store when I was younger. My cats mean the world to me.
-I’m a big fan of baseball, I usually keep up with the players and games. My team is from CA, so you have a one in five chance of guessing it!
-My favorite music is classic rock from the 70s/80s and I listen to a lot of it.
-Holidays like Halloween and Christmas are a big deal to me and if I ever have kids I want them to enjoy mentioned holidays to the fullest extent.
-My favorite place in the world (thus far) is Hawaii, I miss it everyday and need to go back ASAP.
Alright, some of those are better than others but you get the picture. Speaking of which, here’s some of me and my cat Sophie:
You can probably gather my general personality is artistic, nerdy, (somewhat) athletic, and I enjoy a pun here and there. So what am I looking for with this post? I’m big on consistent communication, loyalty, and just general pleasantness. I’m looking for a long term relationship with the kind of person who accepts life’s ebbs and flows, as well as their partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, someone who will enjoy Disneyland with me on hopefully a semi-regular basis. If you’re interested, send me a picture of yourself and write me an interesting fact about yourself. I’m open to text, video, or voice chat if we connect! Perhaps you’ll be the reason my future self made the journey. 😉 Looking forward to hearing from you.
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2020.12.02 12:00 IBiggumsI [Rewatch 2020] Season 2 Episode 08 - "I Can't Create a Summer Memory with My Underclassman"

═════════════════════════╣Rewatch 2020╠════════════════════════
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"I Can't Become A Couple With My Underclassman" "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute!"
Season 2 Episode 08 - "I Can't Create a Summer Memory with My Underclassman"
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  • While being treated by Kirino after getting his face wounded by some reason, Kyosuke reveals to her that he and Ruri decided to start dating, and much to his surprise, she does not complain about it. In their first date, Ruri wears a special cosplay she designed specially for the occasion, much to Kyosuke's astonishment. As the day pass, Ruri shows more about her tastes and preferences to Kyosuke and she reveals that it was written in a special guidebook made by her in order to attain her wish, which according to her is to have him and Kirino get on terms with each other. Despite not understanding the meaning behind her plans, he agrees to help her with it. The two then spend the following days hanging out together at their houses, with Kyosuke being introduced to her younger sisters in the occasion, and by the end of summer break, they go to a festival together. Knowing that school is to resume in a few days, Kyosuke claims to Ruri that he will always treasure the moments they passed together during the summer, while she is about to take the next step of her guidebook, which is to break up with him. Source
Ending theme:
  • Don't start any fights, everyone has their own opinion and this is what makes a rewatch fun.
  • Leave memes etc. out of the discussion.
  • No foreshadowing/hinting. Discussions are limited to everything that happened up until the most recent episode. If you really need to point something out, please make use of the spoiler tag, but avoid walls of text: Example: >!Secret stuff!< = Secret stuff
  • We encourage to post screenshots of your favourite scenes but avoid any ambiguous and questionable images.
  • Don't post links to third party streaming sites.  
If you prefer a real time conversation, you can join our rewatch channel on Discord.


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2020.12.02 11:16 BlackBall12 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4
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2020.12.02 09:45 Thebunkerparodie how would you make harley OG suit work in live action?

Personnaly ,I'd use either CGI or do what cosplay do. To me the practicality of the suit will depend of the material they use for it (it doesn't have to spandex)+I'd say that what harley wore in suicide squad wasn't that practical either in the first suicide squad movie and regarding the dark tone ,ything can look colorful in a dark environnement, batman TAS per example was rather colorful and it was still verry dark so I don't see how harley OG suit isn't dark enough and whe nit to the "this suit is dated" stuff, I don't think so, saying stuff like that is verry subjective ,particulary when people don't say the same for joker(or other villain) classic suit
submitted by Thebunkerparodie to HarleyQuinnTV [link] [comments]

2020.12.01 23:00 littleman1988 [Rewatch] The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Episode 2

Episode Title: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya II
MyAnimeList: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Legal Stream: Funimation Microsoft ($9 for both seasons) AnimeLab (Aus/NZ)
PSA: make sure to mark any spoilers using the subreddit markup. We dont need any random spoilers to ruin the show for first time watchers.
No spoilers
Today's Episode Intro: Short recap of yesterday's episode starting with Kyon riding a bike
Tomorrow's Episode Intro
Index/Sehedule Watch Order Reference
Date Episode
11/30 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I (S1-E2)
12/1 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya II (S1-E3)
12/2 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya III (S1-E5)
12/3 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya IV (S1-E10)
12/4 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya V (S1-E13)
12/5 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya VI (S1-E14)
12/6 The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya (S1-E4)
12/7 Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody (S2-E1)
12/8 Mysterique Sign (S1-E7)
12/9 Remote Island Syndrome I (S1-E6)
12/10 Remote Island Syndrome II (S1-E8)
12/11 Endless Eight I, II, III and IV (S2-E2, E3, E4 and E5)
12/12 Endless Eight V, VI, VII and VIII (S2-E6, E7, E8 and E9)
12/13 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya I (S2-E10)
12/14 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya II (S2-E11)
12/15 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya III (S2-E12)
12/16 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya IV (S2-E13)
12/17 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya V (S2-E14)
12/18 Mikuru Asahinas's Adventures Episode 00 (S1-E01)
12/19 Live Alive (S1-E12)
12/20 The Day of Sagittarius (S1-E11)
12/21 Someday in the Rain (S1-E09)
12/22 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Series General Discussion
12/23 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Putting this down here too, Microsoft has all 28 episodes of Melancholy on sale for $9. If you're looking for a legal alternative to Funimation, this is it. Act fast though, the sale ends in 2 days.
Question of the Day
What's your favorite costume/cosplay?
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2020.12.01 22:02 daecrist Vampire Vixens From Planet X! Chapter 2: Distractions

< Chapter 3>>
“Holy shit,” Michael breathed.
He grunted, and Liam figured that meant he’d just got an elbow in his side, courtesy of Anna, for daring to comment on the group of hotties.
To say they were hot would be one hell of an understatement. It was like a group of sorority beauties and cheerleaders and prom queens and whatever other stereotype a person could think of that would involve the prettiest and most popular girls making their way through life had stepped through the hotel doors.
And from the looks they were getting it was clear they weren’t entirely welcome. Liam was surprised at the number of people pulling a Rick and glaring at the girls like they didn’t belong.
Liam had always figured the geek movement was supposed to be inviting and inclusive. The exact opposite of the kind of people who’d presumably been mean to the outcasts and given them wedgies and swirlies back in high school, though he hadn’t actually seen any of that when he was in school.
He’d always wondered how much of that was society getting nicer over the decades, and how much of it was that the kind of person who got that kind of treatment was also the kind of person who’d move out to LA where they could grind that particular axe in the stuff they wrote for movies and TV.
Unfortunately he’d noticed the whole inclusiveness thing had gone to shit over the past decade or so as certain elements of geek culture got all misogynistic while doing their keyboard warrior shtick, and some of that hostility was clearly on display from the looks the Sparklefang fans were getting now.
“Damn,” Liam whispered again.
They were all dressed in skimpy clothing from the Sparklefang lore, and they’d all doused themselves in so much glitter that taking a shower would be enough to introduce dangerous levels of microplastics into the local water supply.
He still wouldn’t mind taking that shower with one of them and helping them rinse some of that glitter off. Even if it did seem a touch excessive.
“Eat your heart out Rick,” Liam said. “Because you’re not ever getting with any of those girls. Especially if you keep that chip on your shoulder acting like they don’t belong here.”
Rick scoffed. “As though I’d want to be with anyone who was here because they were interested in that stupid insipid movie.”
“I see the way you’re looking at those girls,” Anna said. “That’s the look of a man who’s thinking about airbrushing some abs onto his beer gut, raiding the glitter section down at the local craft store, and seeing how far it can get him.”
“Like that would work,” Rick said, though he sounded like he was considering it.
“You’d need to at least get a set of plastic fangs from a Halloween store,” Liam said. “I’m pretty sure that’d be enough to pull a lady who was into the whole vampire role-playing thing.”
“Oh it would totally work,” Michael said. “I saw a video on a certain website that might or might not start with the letter X with this guy who took an amateur video at a con of…”
He trailed off as he realized, just a touch too late, that he was admitting to Internet browsing habits that weren’t appropriate to discuss when his girlfriend was right there giving him the stink eye.
“What I meant to say is I was looking at a site that talked about amateur costuming and…”
“Can it,” Anna said. “You always forget to delete your Internet history anyway. Where do you think I keep getting all those ideas you like so much?”
“That’s where you’re figuring that out?” he asked, his eyes going wide.
“Of course, you big idiot!” she said.
“Wait,” he said. “So you’re willing to creep on my browsing history to figure out new things to try in the bedroom, but you’re not willing to go so far as getting a costume from…”
“Okay,” Liam said, holding a hand up to stop Michael. “I think that’s more than any of us want to know about your personal life.”
“Sorry,” Michael said.
“Not as sorry as I am,” Liam said. “I’m going to have to spend a few hours at the hotel bar to get that mental image out of my head!”
“I don’t know,” Rick said, staring at Anna with a look that said the torch he’d been carrying for her for years was still burning bright. For all that it should’ve guttered and died long ago. Especially when she started dating one of his friends. “I wouldn’t mind…”
“We all know what you wouldn’t mind imagining when it comes to my girlfriend,” Michael said, sounding good-natured but with the faintest hint of annoyance. “And none of us need to hear it. You don’t want to be exiled again, right?”
“I don’t,” Rick sniffed. “Come on. Let’s check in and get out of this lobby.”
There was a moment where Liam worried hostilities were about to break out regardless of Michael trying to smooth things over. Anna glared at Rick, and she didn’t look happy that he’d been creeping on her again. Usually he didn’t slip up like that, but perhaps the frustration of seeing a bunch of beautiful women he had no chance with had pushed him past the breaking point.
Rick moved to get into a line that was already pretty long. Liam also noted that Rick stepped in line behind the group of pretty girls, and he seemed to have no problem sneaking glances at them despite being so offended that they were at the convention.
Several others got in line behind Rick as they stayed back to do some grousing now that he wasn’t there to overhear them.
“I swear I’m going to kick him in the nuts if he keeps acting like this,” Michael said. “If he pulls this again I’m going to make him regret the day he ever…”
“I know he can be a pain in the ass,” Anna said, rolling her eyes as they moved into the line. “But we should be nice. It’s not like he has many friends.”
“With good reason,” Liam muttered, earning him a sharp look from Anna.
Eventually Rick reached the front desk where he launched into an animated conversation with the pretty woman behind the desk. Liam could read the beats of the conversation as it happened even if he couldn’t overhear.
Rick leaned in and said something that was probably meant to be charming. The woman, a dark-haired beauty who looked to be just out of college, smiled a polite customer service smile that said she had to act interested even though she was dying a little inside every time someone hit on her at work.
He imagined she was probably dying a lot with a convention crowd who by and large didn’t know how to deal with a pretty lady who had to pretend to be nice to them.
Rick hit her with a smile and a few more remarks that were probably meant to sound charming, and she replied with something that clearly soured his mood. The exchange went frosty from there, until eventually he looked over his shoulder.
Rick motioned for them to come and join him, but Liam shook his head. The last thing he wanted was to violate one of the oldest laws of the convention and cut in line. Especially when the people in line were getting more and more annoyed with every moment the line was held up with Rick’s antics.
It wasn’t the only line checking people in, but it’s not like there were a lot and every little delay created a large backlog of humanity waiting to get to their rooms and decompress after the drive to the convention.
Finally Rick sighed and shouted. “The room is in your name so she needs to talk to you, Liam. Get up here!”
Liam exchanged knowing frustrated glances with Anna and Michael.
“I know,” Anna said with a sigh. “This is all my fault for inviting him.”
“It really is,” Liam said. “But dealing with Rick for the weekend is already punishment enough.”
They had to endure glares as they moved up to join Rick, but Liam knew there wasn’t a chance Rick was giving up his place.
“How can I help you?” the woman, a glance at her name tag told him her name was Olivia, asked as they approached.
He also noticed she had a little pin in the shape of a Star Trek badge beside her name tag.
She was pretty, with short brown hair that was pulled up in a ponytail and just a little out of place. Like she’d been working at the desk for a while and either hadn’t noticed or hadn’t bothered to fix the stray hair. She also looked pretty nice in that suit. She was the kind of woman Liam wouldn’t mind getting to know better.
But he figured he’d keep it professional. She probably had enough guys hitting on her this weekend as it was. He didn’t need her to finish dealing with Rick trying to hit on her in his clumsy way only to have him moving in and making things more awkward.
“We’re here to check in, I guess,” Liam said, shooting an annoyed look at Rick who completely missed it.
“And you’re the one with the reservation?” she asked.
Liam thought about making a joke about how he wouldn’t be up here without reservations, but one look at Olivia, who seemed to be barely holding it together, was enough to tell him joking wasn’t a good idea right now. So he decided to go with simple and direct.
“That’s right,” he said, hitting her with an apologetic smile. “And I’m sorry for any trouble we might’ve caused.”
She grinned right back at him, and he thought he detected a slight blush as she looked him up and down. It was a quick look, but he totally caught it.
“You’re not as much trouble as some, believe it or not,” she said. “We’ve had a bunch of people who are new to the whole convention thing coming through the line without reservations.”
“No need to worry about any of that with us,” Liam said, pulling out a printed sheet that had all his information on it. “I made my reservations as soon as they opened when I heard about the Sparklefang stuff. I figured that would make this convention a hot ticket.”
“You figured right,” Olivia said, hitting him with another smile.
She took his paper reservation and inspected it. He always brought a paper copy to these conventions. He didn’t trust his cell phone to pull up that information considering how dodgy the cell service got when thousands of geeks tried to access the Internet via a few towers that couldn’t handle the traffic.
“Oh thank God,” she said, her customer service smile turning into a look that seemed a touch more inviting than professional courtesy called for.
“Has it been pretty bad today?” he asked, glancing at Rick.
“This again?” Rick muttered under his breath.
“Watch the master and see how it’s done,” Michael muttered, low enough for Rick to overhear but not loud enough for Olivia to overhear.
“You have no idea,” she said, sighing. “There are a lot more people at the convention than usual, and a lot of them are newbies who don’t have any idea how far in advance they needed to book their reservation to stay at this hotel rather than one of the places down the street. Not all of them are being polite about it.”
“I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that,” Liam said. He felt for her. He’d done his time in the customer service trenches.
He still was in a sense, even though the people who paid to watch him do his VR streaming gig weren’t exactly customers, and he could always block someone if they got too salty.
“Thanks for that,” she said with a frazzled sigh.
“Believe me, I have some idea of what it’s like dealing with someone like that,” Liam said.
He glanced over to Rick, and Olivia’s gaze followed. She took Rick in from head to toe with an appraising look. It wasn’t a good appraising look, either. Rick was the kind of guy who thought a dark T-shirt with his favorite Japanese animation on the front was the height of fashion, and he was completely oblivious to the looks he was getting.
It didn’t help that his favorite Japanese animation tended towards the kind of stuff that was usually given its own category on that website Michael had been talking about that started with a big old X.
Rick was the kind of dude who went through life convinced the reason people weren’t all that nice to him was because of his niche interests that were pretty fucking mainstream these days. He never stopped to think that maybe the reason nobody wanted anything to do with him was because he was an insufferable asshole most of the time, and not because of the pop culture he consumed.
“It’s okay, I’ll deal,” she said.
“I hope so,” he said. “At least at my job I can tell people to stuff it when they get out of hand.”
“What do you do?” she asked.
“Would you believe VR streamer?” he asked.
“I wouldn’t,” she said.
“Well that’s what I do,” he said. “People pay good money to watch me frag people in games with my trusty VR headset.”
“Wait, you’re serious? Like people actually pay for that?”
He puffed up a little. He was proud of what he’d built. “Sure do.”
“You’re not what I’d expect from a popular streamer,” she said, looking him up and down.
“It turns out doing the VR thing on a treadmill helps keep me in shape, and working for myself leaves plenty of time for the gym,” Liam said.
“Oh my God! That’s so amazing. I’ll have to watch sometime!”
“I’d love to have you watching!” he said, sketching a quick salute.
“That must be such an awesome job,” she said.
“It has its moments,” he said. “Though it’s not all gaming all the time like a lot of people think.”
“Of course not,” she said. “I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than that if you’ve made a business out of it. Are the people in your stream dicks at all?”
“Most people are nice,” he said. “But you occasionally get some entitled people who seem to think a donation means they run the place.”
“It’s pretty much the same thing here,” she said. “Though honestly, as far as conventions go this isn’t the worst I’ve had to deal with by far.”
Liam’s eyebrows shot up so fast that it was a wonder they didn’t escape the pull of Earth’s gravity and go into orbit. “What possibly be worse?”
“We had a furry convention come through once,” she said, leaning in closer so no one behind them could overhear. Which was probably a good idea considering there was definitely going to be a furry contingent at the convention this weekend. “I’m a live and let live kind of person, but we caught a few of them doing their thing in special suits with flaps in all the right places, if you catch my drift. I’m taking a vacation the next time they come through.”
Liam snorted. Sure the thought of a bunch of people fucking in public was disgusting, but it was also kind of funny considering they were doing that while dressed in the kind of expensive plush outfits that were usually reserved for theme parks.
“I certainly hope you don’t run into anything like that this weekend,” Liam said, glancing around the hotel lobby. “Though something tells me the usual attendees at this con aren’t going to have much of a chance with the Sparklefang crowd.”
“Oh I’m going to be with the rest of the crowd as soon as I get off today,” she said, blushing. “I was a big fan of Sparklefang back in the day.”
“Curiouser and curiouser,” Liam said, grinning.
“This is nice that you’re having this chit chat and everything, but could you possibly hurry it up?” Rick asked, his voice dripping with annoyance. “I didn’t invite you to cut the line so you could hit on the pretty lady behind the counter.”
“I thought you invited me to cut the line because I was the one with the reservation,” Liam said, letting some of his annoyance show. He figured Rick was only pissed off because he was having better luck with the pretty girl behind the counter.
“Yeah!” another dude shouted from the line. “There are other people waiting behind you, asshole.”
Liam looked over his shoulder, back to Olivia, and rolled his eyes. She giggled as she handed over their cards.
“There you are,” she said. “Maybe I’ll see you around this weekend?”
“I certainly hope so,” Liam said, hitting her with a wink. He figured that was safe enough. She’d seemed pretty interested, after all, but he wasn’t going to be a dick and hit on her at work. Especially at a job where she had to pretend to be friendly with everyone.
“Hold on,” she said, glaring at the guy behind him who’d yelled. She pulled out a card and scribbled something on the back.
“I pride myself on providing excellent customer service,” she said, glancing down to the card, back to Liam, and blushing. “So let me know if you need anything this weekend.”
She handed the card over, blushing an even deeper red which was damn cute on her, and turned her attention to the next person in line.
“What was that all about?” Rick asked.
Liam looked at the card. She’d written her phone number on the back. He grinned as he slipped it into his pocket.
“Nothing for you to worry about,” Liam said.
Rick opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but all thoughts of Rick and whatever stupid thing he was about to say left Liam’s mind as he saw her. The girl from before. His space pirate in the tight leather that showed off plenty of skin.
She was looking around with a hunted expression as a skinny dude in an Evil Dead T-shirt leaned in close and completely missed that she wasn’t into him.
The dude also didn’t look happy, for all that he was at a convention that was supposed to be a good time for all. Liam took a short detour to listen in on their conversation, because the lady looked like she could use some help.
“So of course I made it clear I don’t want any rooms near any of them, if you catch my meaning,” he said. “I’m sure a woman of taste who clearly appreciates Vampire Vixens can appreciate that, right?”
“I’m sorry. I thought there might’ve been something here, but clearly…”
“I mean who wants their kind here anyway?” he asked, still oblivious to how unwanted his advances were.
The guy did something odd as he said it. He pointedly looked at some of the Sparklefang people.
“What are you talking about?” the woman asked.
“I don’t want to be near any of them,” he said, still looking at the Sparklefang fans.
“I’m new to this world and I’m afraid I don’t…”
She was obviously trying to get away from the dude, and Liam’s heart went out to her. Maybe it was that he was annoyed on her behalf. Maybe it was because he was annoyed at the kind of gatekeeping asshole who was clearly making the Sparklefang fans uncomfortable. Maybe it was simply that the girl was cute and he wanted to come to her rescue.
Whatever the reason, he found himself heading straight into their one-sided conversation despite Rick hitting him with an annoyed growl.
“What he’s trying to insinuate is he really likes looking at all the Sparklefang fans, but he doesn’t want to look like he’s interested in them to preserve some stupid idea of geek cred. He’s also telling you he wanted to stay in a part of the hotel where none of them are staying to try and impress you somehow. Which is impossible, of course.”
Liam grinned. He deliberately left it up in the air whether or not the impossible thing was staying in a part of the hotel where there were no Sparklefang fans or the guy’s chances of impressing the pretty cosplayer.
The girl turned to face him and blinked. Her cheeks colored, and he jumped as he felt an electric jolt pass between them. Like a literal jolt of electricity that seemed to bathe him in an odd warmth.
Well then. That was the most interesting reaction he’d ever had to meeting a pretty girl. And as that warmth bathed him she took in a deep breath and looked him up and down with a new appreciation that had other parts of his body stirring and taking notice of her taking notice.
“You,” she said.
“Me,” he replied, unsure of what else to say to that.
Meanwhile the guy he’d interrupted looked at Liam like he was a genetically enhanced superman from the late twentieth century and Liam had just announced his intention to maroon him and his best buddies on Ceti Alpha V.
“Who invited you to this conversation?” the guy asked.
“You did when you decided to ignore the nice lady who clearly doesn’t want to talk to you,” Liam said.
Meanwhile the lady was clearly looking at Liam with interest. Again he felt that warmth, and he wondered where it was coming from. It went way beyond anything he’d felt looking at a pretty girl before.
“Fascinating. Standing up for the helpless,” she said.
“What can I say? I aim to please,” he said with a shrug and a grin.
The guy glared at Liam, but it quickly became clear he was the kind of guy who was more used to picking fights via his keyboard than he was in getting into any sort of confrontation in the real world.
Then something really weird happened. As he looked at the guy he suddenly saw a bunch of statistics bloom all around him. Like he was a character in a videogame Liam could fight. It was the sort of thing he saw daily at work, but not the kind of thing he was used to seeing IRL.
He saw a strength rating, a challenge rating, and a list of weak points he could hit to take the guy out quickly.
Liam shook his head, and the moment was gone. Leaving him wondering if he was losing it. That wasn’t the kind of thing that was supposed to show up outside of his heads up display in his VR headset, and he wondered why it was suddenly appearing now. Maybe it was his mind’s way of coping with the possibility of getting into a fight.
The guy glared at Liam for a long moment, then finally turned and stormed off.
“Thank you,” the woman said, giving Liam an up and down that sent a thrill running up and down his spine.
“Don’t mention it,” he said, trying to ignore the break his mind had taken from reality just then. “You looked like you could use the help.”
“He didn’t give up,” she said. “And while normally being relentless like that is a quality I might seek, with him it was…”
“Slightly creepy?” Liam asked.
“Creepy,” she said, frowning. “I’m not familiar with this word.”
“It means…” Liam paused. If this girl wanted to play the alien come to earth who didn’t understand strange earth customs then he was more than happy to play the part of Jimkirk teaching her things like “what is love?” and “what is kiss?” “Well it means he doesn’t understand when you aren’t interested and keeps trying long after he should’ve realized you weren’t interested.”
“Interesting,” she said, tapping a finger against full lips he could imagine kissing, or maybe seeing wrapped around… Well, suffice it to say he could think of a few things he wouldn’t mind seeing those lips doing. “And how would someone in your world go about showing they are interested?”
Again with the up and down accompanied by a considering look. Again with the stirring down below that was about to make things awkward.
“Well we could start with you giving me your number and seeing if we can’t meet up this weekend,” he said.
She opened her mouth and looked like she was about to do just that, but was interrupted by a loud noise at the other end of the lobby. He turned to see yet another demonstration starting up, only this one looked to be Sparklefang themed if the glittery performers were anything to go on.
From the lights and music, not to mention that the people acting in this show looked a touch more attractive and in better shape than the Vampire Vixens people, it would seem the convention had put more money into this show than the other one.
“Anyway, like I was saying,” Liam said, turning back to the girl.
Only once more she wasn’t there. He blinked and looked around at the crowd, trying to see if she was anywhere in the press of bodies moving towards the new demonstration, but he came up with a whole lot of nothing.
“Son of a bitch,” he growled.
Though he figured he’d already run into her twice. That was a good sign he’d see her again before the convention was over.
When he got back to Rick, Michael, and Anna they were stared at him with varying looks. Michael shook his head ruefully, like he was thinking of his single days when he could do something like that. Rick looked outright hostile as always when there was a pretty girl around who’d rather talk to Liam than him. Anna merely rolled her eyes.
“Does that happen everywhere you go?” Anna asked.
“Did any of you see where she disappeared to?” he asked.
Surely one of them had been looking, even if he’d been distracted.
“I was distracted by the loud noise,” Michael said.
“Same,” Anna said.
“I was… Looking somewhere else,” Rick said, glancing to yet another group of Sparklefang hotties moving through the hotel lobby.
“Damn,” Liam muttered.
“She was clearly interested in that guy she was talking with before you so rudely interrupted,” Rick said.
That earned him flat stares from everyone.
“Hey, let’s not harsh the vibe I have going here,” Liam said. “I met a pretty lady who couldn’t stop blurring the lines between cosplay and reality, and maybe I’ll meet her again later and we’ll have some fun role-playing in her room.”
“You’re incorrigible,” Anna said.
“Guilty as charged,” Liam said, grinning from ear to ear and really looking forward to what the three day weekend was going to bring now that he’d been so successful so early.
Though he did wonder where the hell that gorgeous rogue kept disappearing too.
Another day, another chapter! Seems like we have a mystery brewing at the convention center this weekend. Be sure to check back in a couple of days for the next chapter, where we descend into the dark heart of the dealer hall and confront unscrupulous merchants trying to sell bootleg goods! Thanks for reading!
< Chapter 3>>
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2020.12.01 12:34 Shadowwolffire1 Time Traveling Adventure by Shadowwolffire1 and MIKEADORATOR

Warning: Terms that may not make sense, the C.C.'s name is Chris, Mrs. Afton's name is Clara

It all started that Saturday morning. Mike had gotten back from his shift at Circus Baby’s Pizza World and was enjoying some nice fresh coffee. Someone stepped in front of his gaze and his eyes flickered up and he did a double-take. He instantly recognized both “dog” and the “dog-walker”, if they could be called that.
“Why are you walking that demon-possessed dog animatronic dog on the street? In broad daylight, too!” Mike asked the dog-walker, Pittrap, as he let the dog, named Fetch sniff the grass eagerly.
“You think this is strange?” Pittrap scoffed. “I’ll show you my time machine that only goes until 1985 and I still don’t know how to set it up to go to another time.”
Mike stood up, but not before he swallowed the last bit of his coffee. “Let’s go! My undead life is already weird, so let’s make it weirder!”
“Did someone say weird?” Both Mike and Pittrap did a started as Fleshtrap, or Plushtrap’s voice joined in. The tiny version of Springtrap was staring at the two of them, eyes staring them down.
Mike smiled. “I did,” he explained. “Want to come to see a time-traveling ball pit with us?”
“Of course I want to. Where are we going? I mean...when?” Plushtrap sniggered at his own joke.
“Pittrap, lead the way!” Mike cheered.
They were staring at the ball pit while Pittrap did his thing with the pit. “Wait up. I just figured out how to access the settings of this thing… Where are we going, exactly?”
“You mean when?” Mike pointed out.
Pittrap ignored the joke and shoved a piece of paper into the corpse’s hands. “If anyone asks, you show him this fake document and tell him it’s your time traveler's license as we don’t have time to get one. It takes 4 years to get one.”
“Everyone ready to go?” Mike asked, looking at the small group.
Pittrap and Plushtrap nodded and Fetch barked, so the four of them leaped into the pit. As it went dark around them, Mike asked hesitantly, “Which day will we end up in? Maybe we’ll get to see my dad before he killed those kids.”
“That said,” Pittrap glanced at Mike. “We’ll fix the tragedies from the past, starting with your dad.” Then the four rose up from the pit to find themselves in a bright, cheerful place, two animatronics on stage. Several kids were gathered around a man in a Springbonnie suit.
“Follow me, little children, I am your friend,” the man crooned. Mike bit his lip. His dad with the missing children’s incident. “I have a great party with singing and dancing and above all else, cake!”
“Mike stop him!” Pittrap hissed.
“Hey, dude!” Mike called over to his past father. “Can you grab me my order from the kitchen? None of the other servers are available and I and my friends have been waiting for 45 minutes.”
William noticed how much the strange man called over to him looked like a mix of his son, Michael, and himself. Maybe he knows what I’m about to do with these brats! the man thought. “In a minute, sir!” He pointed the kids into the backroom. I have to do this quickly or the cops will find me! before fleeing into the backroom himself.
Pittrap pointed at the door. “He’s running away!”
Mike tossed him his phone. “Call 911! I’ll distract him for as long as possible.”
Pittrap rolled his eyes. “Dude. Use logic. We’re in 19XX, not 2020. That’ll just cause confusion. We’ll have to stop him ourselves.”
Mike grinned. “I’ve been in the future too long.” He grabbed a knife from an empty table nearby. “I’m going in. And it’s not like he can do much to me. I am a rotting/walking corpse after all.”
Pittrap nodded. “I have my large teeth and tongue.”
In the backroom, William was advancing on the children. “Children… It’s... Time… To... DIE!” and as he lunged forward, the knife drawn, when suddenly, he stabbed Mike through the stomach.
“Yes, for you,” Pittrap snarled while Fetch crouched protectively in front of the terrified kids.
“You are not laying a hand on these kids… dad,” Mike glared at his past father. William looked taken back.
“Mike, say an epic phrase, and let’s get this over with quickly, that suit is making me uncomfortable,” Pittrap warned.
“I don’t have a phrase, but what I do have in mind is this!” Mike stepped forward, decaying his skin, picked his father up by the neck, and threw him against the wall. “Kids, go find your parents! We’ll take care of this!”
The kids did not need to be told twice. They burst into tears and darted out the door. Mike could hear them sobbing to their parents that they wanted to leave immediately. Pittrap used his tongue to activate the spring locks and they cringed as they heard William scream out in pain as the metal parts jabbed into his flesh. As William lay on the floor lifeless, Mike turned to Pittrap. “Who’s next?”
The next place they arrived, Mike recognized Fredbear's Family Diner, also the place where his past self and past friends had killed his little brother, Chris, in what was known as the bite of 1983 or the bite of ‘83. Across the room, Mike could see himself and his friends creeping up on Chris. Ennard had crawled out in his human form during the transition.
“I don’t want to offend you, but you were an idiot for thinking that putting him in Fredbear’s mouth was a good idea,” Plushtrap said.
Mike shook his head. “I was an asshole to him his entire life. Welp, let’s go do the one thing I was supposed to do for Chris his entire life. Save him.”
As they got closer, they could hear past Mike sneer, “Hey, little man, wanna go see Fredbear up close?”
“I think he said yes!” the Bonnie bully laughed.
“Hey, boys! Leave the kid alone!” Mike snapped, striding up to them confidently.
“Stay out of this. It’s between him and us!” Past Mike barked.
“And who the hell are you?” The guy wearing the Freddy mask asked.
“I don’t have time for this,” Mike muttered to his group of time travelers but to the bullies, he said, “Your “prank” can wait a few minutes. Come with me, it won’t take long.”
“Pfff,” past Mike snorted. “Ok. You wait here, coward,” he added to Chris. Mike led both groups to the bathroom and locked the door after making sure they were the only people in the bathroom before whirling around and decaying his skin a second time. They looked at each other and then back at Mike, shocked.
“I told you once, I will not tell you again. Keep your hands off Chris. Don’t make me mad, I have a few “friends” who will enjoy tormenting you,” Mike growled, referring to the nightmares and Ennard.
Past Mike snorted with laughter. “Oh no! I’m so scared,” he said sarcastically. “If that’s true, describe your friends.”
The three other bullies roared with laughter. “Hahaha! Surely they’re ugliness and misery, or otherwise losers like Chris!”
Mike rolled his eyes. “Two of them are terrifying bears with sharp claws and teeth, and the other is robot spaghetti.”
“I am not robot spaghetti!” Ennard whined. Mike rolled his eyes again and pulled out a photo of the nightmares.
The bullies looked a little scared now. “You sure you haven’t inhaled anything illegal, man, because I think you’re delirious, so tell that cosplay guy, clown boy, to do something with his life or something.”
“Eggs, is this guy kidding me?” Ennard asked, switching into his animatronic form, and forcing the bullies to cower against the wall opposite them. “Did you just insult my Eggs?”
Outside of the bathroom, Chris was huddled close to the wall. “Hello? Someone? I feel lonely… Mike? The strange guy?” In his head, Fredbear smiled at him and said, Tomorrow is another day.
Mike gestured to Ennard to switch back and warning, “Remember what I said,” before unlocking the doors and opening them. “Have a happy birthday, kid,” was all he said as the animatronics followed him.
“Thank you, friendly and strange man. Have a great day yourself,” Chris called back. Be careful with your travels, Mike, Fredbear added in Mike’s head. The man stopped, stiffening.
Did the bear just talk to me?! Whatever. I mean, the nightmares are real, why can’t a plush bear talk to me? Mike thought. To Chris however, he added, “Things will get better between you and your brother. Not right away, but it will happen.” I hope, Mike added silently.
Pittrap, who had been in the ball pit with Fetch the entire time looked up and asked anxiously, “Did you stop it?”
“I think so. I mean, I changed into my corpse form, introduced Ennard in both forms, and had Chris' plushy talk to me in my head, if that’s what you mean by “stopping it”. As for the bite, I want to see if they do it or not. It’s embarrassing to see the relationship between Chris and me and the relationship we have now,” Mike explained.
“Let’s go save your sister,” Pittrap said.
“Umm… Chris? I want to say sorry for being mean all the time. I want to start over as being a better brother for you,” past Mike said quickly.
“They’ll be okay. Let’s worry about Elizabeth now, but she’s gonna be a lot harder. That girl has an iron will. Should we go to the present and bring present Eli back to help get the point across?” Mike asked.
“It’ll be best,” Pittrap advised. “Let’s go look for her.”
“System… Objective… Indefinite…” a feminine monitor beeped as Scrap Baby awoke in an alleyway. She leaned back as Pittrap jumped into her face.
“Hi, Liz! Let’s go!” Pittrap said enthusiastically.
“Who are you? I’m not going with anyone I don’t know,” Scrap Baby snarled, ready to fight.
“Mike, help me!” Pittrap called.
As Scrap Baby jumped forward, Mike cried out, “Liz! It’s me, your brother Mike!”
It worked. Scrap Baby froze, her surprise evident on her face. “Mike… You… Brother… System processing… I don’t believe you! Tell me something only Mike would know!” she insisted as her eyes flickered from green to red.
Aware that his breathing was speeding up, Mike replied with, “I was watching you make sure you didn’t go near Circus Baby because Dad told you “no” multiple times and because he had to deal with something in the office, but when you went up I was in the bathroom. You also persuaded Ennard to scoop Eggs Benedict.”
Baby’s eyes changed almost right away from red to green again. “Brother,” she whispered as she pulled her sibling into a tight hug, being careful not to use her claw arm. “I missed you, you’re here and I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, Liz. Wanna be able to permanently drop your animatronic form?” Mike asked her.
“I’ll keep it for emergencies, just in case. I know you, you like to get into problems,” Scrap Baby said as she shifted into her human form: a teenage girl with long reddish hair tied back into a ponytail with green eyes.
“Y-yeah. Pittrap and I are trying to fix the past to make sure no one dies yet,” Mike explained. “Wanna tag along with us?”
“Sure! Sometimes I regret not having listened to Dad,” Eli confessed.
“Pittrap, if you may…” Mike looked at his friend.
“Mike, I do sincerely hope you do understand that I will have to come with you on every travel because if I don’t, you’ll be arrested for manipulating a time machine illegally. Now with nothing more to say, let’s save your sister.”
“Is that even possible?” Mike whispered to himself. “Whatever. Let’s go prevent Liz’s death.” He leaned over to Pittrap and hissed into his ear, “Should we tell her that Dad died in the spring lock suit even though we saved the kids?”
Pittrap shook his head. “Maybe later. Let’s not hurt her feelings right away.”
“Your right. By the way, where’s everyone else we brought on the journey?” Mike glanced around.
“Here, with me,” Pittrap opened his chest, Fletch and Plushtrap smiled at him.
“Cute! I wanna pet them,” Liz said eagerly.
“If you wanna have two hands, I suggest you don’t,” Pittrap warned.
With past Liz and Will:
“Please, daddy? Please?” past Liz begged.
“For the last time, Elizabeth, no!” William snapped.
Pittrap pointed at the two from the pit. “There!” Mike looked down at himself.
“I should have changed clothes with past Mike,” he muttered. He climbed out of the pit quietly and quickly. “Hey, kid. Listen to your dad. Parents say no for good reasons.”
While past William was nodding and smiling appreciatively, past Liz threw her hands up in the air. “Why does everyone tell me no when I want to do something?”
“Liz, if I tell you no, it’s because I’m trying to protect you,” Will pointed out.
“I don’t need protection! I wanna see Circus Baby,” the girl declared as she darted up to the stage. Will’s horror is astonishing, Mike thought, as his dad froze, horror written all over his face.
“Mike! Do something!” Pittrap screamed from the ball pit. Mike lunged forward and wrapped his arms around his past sister.
“Liz, please listen to dad! This is a life or death situation!” Mike begged.
“Why the hell should I listen to you?” Liz snarled, trying to break free.
Pittrap whistled, climbing out of the pit himself. “That’s strong language, especially for a little girl. Where’d she learn that?”
“I don’t know!” Will yelled.
“From me and dad,” Mike explained.
“Hey. This isn’t what you want. Don’t live as I did,” present Liz begged softly. Her past self’s face fell slightly, and she nodded.
“Alright. You’re right. I can’t have everything.”`
“You ruined everything!” Baby snarled, lunging forward at Mike, her claw out. Present Liz didn’t hesitate and switched to Scrap Baby, stepping in front of her brother.
“Get away from Mike!” Pittrap screamed, and Circus Baby’s claw clenched onto him. “Don’t worry, guys. I’m pretty much immortal,” he announced.
ENNARD! Take control and imitate the Hand Unit! Mike thought, allowing Ennard to take control of his body. “Let’s encourage Baby to cheer up with a controlled shock!” Ennard said brightly. He grabbed past Will’s iPad and used it to shock past Baby, who screamed in pain and used a forced shutdown. Present Liz switched back.
Pittrap snarled as the shock hit him. “Man, can you please tell me before you do something like that?” He quickly regenerated his body like Wolverine. “Who should we save now?”
“Sorry, man. I gave Ennard control,” Mike apologized. “Mom died next, didn’t she? Let’s go save her.” He turned to his past sister. “Promise to keep listening to dad?”
“Ah… mommy Afton,” Pittrap sighed. “And yes, tell that robotic spaghetti mess that, if he is going to do something, say it out loud. I’m not Chris’ plush Fredbear who can read anyone’s mind.”
Mrs. Afton’s Death (Clara)
“Will, what are you doing?” Past Clara questioned. William didn’t respond, but picked up a sharp knife and smiled at it. Outside the door, Liz gasped:
“Let’s stop him before he hurts mom!” The group flew through the door.
“Mom! Get out of here! I’ll hold him off!” Mike shouted.
William whirled around to stare at the group, but mostly his future son. “Mike?! But...but you’re supposed to be at school! This is not what it looks like!”
“Well, for me, it’s what it looks like. Stop him,” Pittrap ordered.
“Why don’t you help then?” Mike asked.
“Because I like sitting out and only intervening when necessary,” Pittrap replied, closing his eyes lazily.
“Mom! Just go!” Mike focused himself on his past father. “He can’t hurt me. Go over to Henry’s. Ennard, Liz, go with her!” He allowed Ennard to leave his body and he heard his mother’s scream as the animatronic turned human.
“Mike. Let’s solve this like a gentleman or tell Fetch to make a mess,” Pittrap reasoned.
“Let’s see how far we can go in ‘solving this like 'gentlemen' before we involve Fetch,” the corpse challenged.
“What gentlemanly idea do you propose to solve this, with a fair deal? Maybe this will come out perfectly. If not, Fetch, you know what to do,” Pittrap added to the animatronic dog currently inside him.
Mike sighed. “Fine, past dad. What do you propose?”
William looked thoughtful.
“Well?” Mike asked, already annoyed.
“I’ll leave Clara alone if I get what some of you and your friends have. Something melted, making you capable of ‘standing up and talking to me.’ Don’t think I didn’t notice; I’m not an idiot. Do you agree with the terms?” William said.
“Maybe if you’re a bit of an idiot, but…” Pittrap trailed off. To Mike, however, he whispered, “I think he’s referring to the Remnants.”
“Maybe,” Mike whispered back. “Yes, but if you’re talking about the Remnants, I don’t have one,” Mike lied.
“Of course you have, or because you're “alive” being that I clearly see your body standing, despite seeing you as dead,” William explained.
Mike took a deep breath. “You're hard to lie too, ya know.”
“The only one who would get hurt is you,” Will hissed. “The others would be fine.”
“Fine,” Mike agreed, to which his past mother screamed: “Mike! No!”
Mike finally lost his temper. “For the last time, GO!”
“Let’s go, Clara,” Ennard said firmly, turning the distraught woman towards the door and pushed her out.
“What do we start with?” Mike asked, watching the man in front of him.
“I am going to bury this needle in your torso, as close to your heart as possible, then you will perish like any human,” the man explained, sanitizing the needle.
“Mike, let me deal with this! RWQ has unlimited Remnant, and he can give Will what he wants. Please, let him give the Remnant,” Pittrap begged.
“Who’s RWQ?” Mike asked, looking at the animatronic.
“That’s Shadow Bonnie,” Pittrap explained.
“Can’t he just transfer me some afterward?” Mike whispered. To William, however, he stated: “Just remember that I’m the reason, Clara, Liz and Chris are still alive.”
“Sure,” Pittrap muttered to the body in front of him.
“Go ahead, William,” Mike said, allowing the needle to be inserted into his bleeding hole where his organs used to be.
“Yes! The power is mine!” The madman laughed. Meanwhile, Pittrap managed to telepathically contact RWQ. I need you. I’m at XXXX on XXXXXXXX street, date is XX/XX/19XX.
With the Shadows:
“Do you have a 9?” RWQ asked.
“Nope. Sorry man,” Shadow Freddy answered.
“This card game sucks,” RWQ moaned, pausing as Pittrap’s message flew into his mind.
“What’s going on?” Shadow Freddy watched his friend stand up.
“I have to go, it’s an emergency,” RWQ replied, teleporting away. Shadow Freddy shook his head and sighed.
Back with Mike and the others:
“Mike, you’ll be okay. HE’s on his way,” Pittrap assured the boy, who’s lifeforce was getting weaker and weaker.
“Thanks for the update. This hurts more than the scooper,” Mike chuckled weakly.
“What’s happening? Oh hi, a bunny guy and purple man junior!” RWQ said brightly. Pittrap’s mouth formed an “Oh.”
“You came!” Mike cheered. “Now, can someone please HELP ME OUT HERE?!”
“Oh yeah,” RWQ said, snapping his fingers and Mike instantly felt his lifeforce return. He ripped the needle from his torso to William’s surprise, and punched him in the face, knocking him out.
“Alright. Let’s go get Liz and Ennard from Henry. Then we need to save me since we saved the kids, but Dad still died.”
“Dudes, we do realize that I’m some kind of interdimensional jumper, so I can turn your time machine into a time machine and interdimensional teleporter. used it to save Charlie,” RWQ said, as they got ready to leave.
“I’m okay with that. What about you guts?” Mike asked as Liz and Ennard were teleported back to them.
“We’re fine, Mikey,” Liz said gently to her brother.
“Okay. Let’s go. And dad? Don’t be an arsehole to the family,” Mike said bitterly.
William, who had been laughing like the crazy dude he was and saying, “I am the most powerful being in the universe!” stopped to say, “Yes, whatever, get out of here, Mike.”
“I’m happy as long as I don’t have to be near you,” Mike responded, rolling his eyes. Take me with you. Mike jumped until he realized that he knew that voice. Plush Fredbear.
Where are you? Mike questioned. I can grab you on my way out.
Anything is better than being here alone with William, Fredbear replied.
Can you teleport yourself to the front door? I think Will’s slowly losing it, Mike answered.
“Hey, Mike!” Everyone heard the Bonnie bully screaming outside the front door. “Come out and hang out with me!”
“Get out of my house!” William roared at them.
“Let’s go, dudes,” Pittrap said casually.
“Let’s go! Out!” Mike yelped, grabbing Fredbear and ducking to avoid a knife Wiliam had thrown at him and they teleported away.
“Hey, Mike!” The bully said as he heard the group teleport behind him. “Wanna go hang out with me?”
“Uh- sorry, can’t right now. Maybe later or tomorrow?” Mike suggested.
“Sure! Sounds good, man. Take care,” the guy jumped onto his bike and biked away.
“Did we save Charlie?” Pittrap asked.
“No. We just ran into a bully who we met when prevented Chris’ death,” Mike replied.
“Yeah, and? I saw Chris safe and sound a while ago.”
“We haven’t saved Charlie, which means that we still need to find her and stop her from dying.”
“You’re right,” the creepy looking rabbit mused.
“Excuse me? Do you know if Mr. William Afton is at home? I need to talk to him,” Henry Emily himself asked, pointing at the Afton’ household.
“What if we just take him? We can use his help in saving Charlie?” Pittrap muttered.
“Uhh… Yeah! I actually just finished talking to him about… an animatronic malfunctioning! Since he did help create them, the worker thought it was best that we talk to him!” Mike lied to Henry.
“Ahh... those animatronics, they always have some malfunction, so he and I have quite a lot to talk about,” the man chuckled.
“Mike, what the hell are you doing? If he goes into the house, he’ll see a madman laughing alone, claiming to be ‘all-powerful’ and whatnot,” Pittrap argued quietly. When Henry turned around, the group teleported to Charlie’s death scene.
With Past Charlie and Sammy:
“Sammy, look at this costume I found, don’t you think it’s funny?” Charlie giggled, looking at her younger brother and holding up said costume.
“Yeah! I really like it! You should wear it if Daddy will let you. I’m sure everyone will like it!” the small boy grinned up at his sister.
“And I found this for you because you’re the world’s best brother!” Charlie cheered, hugging her brother tightly. At that moment, they heard something heavy breathing nearby. “Sammy? What’s that noise? Get behind me.”
Sammy glued himself to his sister. “Charlie? I’m scared.” Out of the shadows stepped Springbonnie or William, who glanced between the two of them, trying to decide who to kill.
“Me too,” Charlie confessed.
Meanwhile, with the group, they were searching frantically for Charlie, Sammy, and William. “Where can they be? I’m sure they won’t make it, we’re going to be too late!” Liz panicked.
“We’ll find them, Liz, we have too,” Mike tried to reassure his sister.
At that moment, they heard Sammy scream: “Run Charlie!”
“There!” Mike cried and the group broke into a dead sprint towards the voice. “Go! Go! Go!” He encouraged.
As the group stopped, they saw Will laughing crazily. “I’ll take Charlie!” he decided.
Pittrap kicked a trashcan. “Stop right there, springidiot!” (a term I came up with)
“You will never lay a hand on these kids, or any kids!” Mike stepped protectively in front of the kids.
“T-Thank you, sir!” Sammy choked out, sobbing.
“No problem. Get inside. I and my friends will handle it,” Mike replied unconsciously and as the two kids darted inside the pizzeria, Mike attacked his father. “Your kids and wife are still alive. You should have only lost your sanity after Chris, Eli and Mom died! When this is over, you’re going to therapy.”
“Therapy is for crazy idiots! I'm fine,” Will teased.
“You are a crazy idiot. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be doing this!”
“My sanity is fine, I know what to do,” William said easily, before activating the spring locks.
“Really?” Mike mocked, looking around at everyone. “This is the second time this has happened. I’m amazed you went into engineering. You forgot about the spring locks.”
His father merely laughed. “Actually, Mike, I didn’t forget them. I used them in my favor instead.” He got to his feet. “I discovered that once you die, the remnant makes you stronger and stronger! Now I am… Undead Bonnie!”
“What if it gets too much though? Your body won’t be able to hold that much power. It’ll kill you permanently,” Mike argued.
“Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike. I think of things before I do them. I regulate to an intermediate level the things I use, the Remnants are no exception.” Undead Bonnie stepped forward and threw Mike into the wall behind him. Mike yelped from the pain.
Fredbear, I need you to connect me to everyone on our side, Mike thought. One Fredbear reported that the link had been established, he thought: Guys. He burned in a fire before, right? We need to burn him again!
“Okay, Mike. We’ll give him a fight, while you get what you need to burn him,” Liz agreed, switching into Scrap Baby and smirked. “I told you we’d need my form again in an emergency.”
“Thanks, guys,” Mike picked himself up from the wall, darted into the pizzeria and towards the kitchen.
“It’s your end, Afton,” Pittrap growled. Meanwhile, with Mike, he had run into the kitchen, grabbed a lighter from a surprised waitress, and raced back out again, yelling: “Sorry! I really need this!” He ran across the street to the gas station, where he swiftly bought a 3L can of gas and raced back to the alley, and threw the gas onto a surprised Undead Bonnie. “A little surprise, dad,” Mike spat the word out like it was poison. He then set Undead Bonnie on fire.
“Ahhhhhh!” Undead Bonnie began screaming.
With the originals inside on the stage:
“We are waiting every nig… What was that?” Freddy began.
“Don’t know, doesn’t matter,” Bonnie muttered to his leader, although his ears were twitching nervously.
“Okay, if you say so,” Freddy replied, turning his attention back to the show. “Newcomers to play with us…” At that moment, a back door flew open and a mixed group of humans and animatronics came in, fire at their backs.
“IF YOU WANNA LIVE, RUN!” Pittrap screamed, heading straight for the front door while running at top speed, the rest of the group following.
“Everyone out if you wanna see tomorrow!” Mike called. People began screaming and rushing for the door and the animatronics helped them get out quickly.
“Hey, I’m still here,” RWQ reminded the group. “Get in my body and we can jump out that window. Nothing will happen, except a little bump, but it’s either that or DIE.”
“Why didn’t you mention that earlier?” Mike challenged.
“Because I’m a supporting character in a story,” RWQ replied. Everyone shot him questioning looks, but he just shook his head, and everyone dove in. RWQ jumped out the window.
“Should we go to that other pizzeria and collect provisions, or move on?” RWQ asked.
“Move on. But this time, we’ll do something different. I’ll take the scooper and then friend past Ennard with past Mike,” Mike explained.
“Let’s do it, ‘purple purple’,” Pittrap said eagerly.
“I would prefer if you did not call me that, but I’m okay with Purple Guy #2. Everyone ready?” Mike asked as they all tensed up for the next teleportation.
Everyone nodded, and they teleported.
With past Mike and past Ennard, Sister Location Night 5
“The scooper only hurts for a moment,” past Ennard said, imitating Circus Baby’s voice perfectly.
“Okay, Mike. Do your magic. I’ll step in if I need to,” Pittrap said calmly.
The scooper activated and Mike stepped forward, pushing past Mike out of the way and letting it hit him. “Ahh!” Mike winced. “I forgot how much that hurt.” He looked back and saw everyone facepalming.
“At least the problem was solved. Now we have to convince these dudes to be our allies,” Pittrap nodded towards past Mike and pointed towards where past Ennard was.
“H-h-huh?” Past Mike stammered. He looked up towards his future. “A-aren’t you the guy who stopped me and my ex-friends from doing that prank?”
“That’s me. Past Ennard, get your butt in here!” Mike called through the glass.
“B-but that was Circus Baby’s voice!” Past Mike protested.
Mike shook his head. “His name is Ennard and he has the ability to imitate the Funtimes’ voices.”
“Purple Guy #2’s right. This silly spaghetti head only knows how to lie and deceive. Without offending Ennard of the present, however,” Pittrap agreed.
“Who are you?” Past Mike stared at the bunny in horror.
“That’s Pittrap, and also the reason everyone except your dad is alive,” Mike explained. “Through a time-traveling ball pit.”
“Th-that’s impossible! Time travel is impossible!” Past Mike gasped.
“I’m dead and standing right in front of you. It’s possible,” Mike replied.
“I’m a good guy and I haven’t eaten anyone’s head. It’s possible,” Pittrap agreed.
“With that, Past Ennard, get your butt over here or I will burn your exotic butters,” Mike added, with Pittrap volunteering, “And I’ll eat one of your eight eyes.”
“Jeez. I came here to kill one Eggs, but I killed the already dead Eggs?” Past Ennard walked through the door and Past Mike jumped slightly, staring up at Ennard, surprise on his face.
“Ok, now. Past Ennard, meet past me. Past me, meet the burnt spaghetti,” Mike introduced, to which both Ennards, with present Ennard pulling out of Mike’s stomach, yelled, “I am not burnt spaghetti!” which resulted in both their past selves to stare at their futures, in shock and horror.
“Oh, and past Ennard?” Mike asked.
“Yes, future Eggs?” Past Ennard answered.
“Just go into the elevator with me. You don’t need to scoop out my organs just to escape,” Mike said simply.
“Hey, Mike. What else do we need to do?” Pittrap asked.
“Other than what we do with dad, nothing,” Liz replied.
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2020.12.01 12:34 Amycher2 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1

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2020.12.01 12:00 currentaesthetic In the past year, I've been a lot more confident about my breasts.

[Firstly, a disclaimer that if some of the tips at the end don't work for you, that's totally okay! You're also welcome to share what's worked for you!]
I used to really dislike my chest size. I wanted large breasts and had even seriously considered getting surgery. But I realised that the issue wasn't that I genuinely wanted large breasts, it was that I hated the way people treated me for having a small chest (aka from innocuous things like always being infantilized/called 'cute' in anything I wear & every selfie of mine getting busty girls commenting humble-bragging 'complaints,' to guys on the internet being nasty about my bust size when I cosplay bigger chested ladies because I like their CHARACTERS not their bust, or just rude jokes).
In the past year and a half, I've gone from being unhappy about my chest size to confident. While I still have some moments of self-doubt, I've more or less gone from being mostly upset by my chest to mostly happy with it!
After being pretty much happy in my own skin, I then got nipple piercings as well which I've wanted for ages but wanted to be sure about getting, and my confidence has just continued growing! (Please don't think it's a magical cure-all by the way, do make your own decisions! The good thing is that I can't wear push up bras at all because I'm afraid of irritation, so I just ditched them altogether!)
In the past I didn't want to wear tiny sexy crop tops or bralettes (except for under clothes/layering) because I didn't think I'd look good or sexy in them. I bought maybe one or two but didn't have the confidence to wear them out. In the past few months, I've been buying more and wearing them out with no problem!
  1. I unsubbed "smallboobproblems" (the original one that was filled with trolls and modded by some creep with a breast envy fetish). It's not updating anymore and is restricted to post in, so you won't see it on your feed anymore I guess! But yeah that helped a lot because sometimes the posts there were actually mildly triggering back when I wasn't confident in myself (see sidebar if you want the new SBP2 sub access!)
  2. Realised that I wasn't upset about my chest size but the way people treated me for it (this I feel is actually pretty important to acknowledge!) I hated the way some(!!) guys acted like big breasts are the be-all and end-all, and even noticed sapphics/WLW were acting like this as well. This important for the next part lol.
  3. Fighting fire with fire (in your mind). Some people may not like this but repeating it to yourself when someone is rude to you about your breasts was helpful. It's hard to stomach compliments after years of nasty comments, especially when people all-boobs-matter any positive posts about small breasts. At the least, remember that anyone who has a problem with small breasts and vocalizes it must have some kind of EQ issue.
"What they say" vs what to think!
  1. Looking at women with small chests and unfollowing those with larger chests can also help if you've done that already! Same with artists. That's assuming you're following any, but please do make that detox, it'll save your sanity! I also enjoyed taking nudes lol but I won't post those. Don't ask either lmfaoooo. What you can do if you want is to take some and never post.
  2. Remembering that any big busted woman that comments weirdly humble-braggy stuff on your posts probably has their own mental health issues. It's also kind of sad, some of the people who have interacted with me in this way think that the only sexy thing about them are their breasts. Even if "one" thing is better than "nothing" wouldn't you feel bittecynical if people only talked to your chest?
  3. Realizing that I don't even like how I look like with big breasts - I've tried stuffing my shirt and wearing several push up bras at once and noticed that unless I edit my face in photos, I look terribly matronly lol.
  4. After getting nipple piercings, I feel even better about my breasts! (I know some people are planning underboobs tatts, nice! Though not for me, also an option!) I realised that have autonomy over my body makes me feel good. I've wanted piercings for years, as well as tattoos elsewhere. My mum has always been very controlling about my body and didn't want me to get either of those.
Also sorry for the brag moment but it blew my mind when [nsfw] I hooked up with guys who are objectively attractive and they were really enthusiastic with my breasts like... why tf would I care what some tragic online troll has to say about my titty size? They're not getting this pussy either way lolll. Dudes say a lot of dumbshit to neg women.
BTW please stop hooking up with/dating guys that are rude about your chest size. It's literally not worth it. You deserve better. And tbh I'd rather be single/ride a dildo than be with a guy who makes me feel bad about my chest size.
Edit: formatting
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2020.12.01 03:46 WhiskeyDevilvsWorld 27 [M4F] Phoenix, Arizona- Looking for mostly companionship/ STR

I'm a 27 year old male who has been in Phoenix a majority of my life. I have been poly for about 5 years and am currently partnered with a 28F. I do prefer to date separately although if the connection is there then so be it.
I prefer a partner who is extroverted and enjoys going out but also doesn't mind a day of video games or horror movies. I enjoy cosplaying, going to cons, anime, anti-heros and most horror related activities. While I do not have set in stone "requirements" I tend to enjoy women older than myself usually 30-42 range and mostly enjoy BBW. I like going into a conversation with no expectations as when you do I feel like you miss out on potential in other areas.
I am also an Emo Kid at heart and enjoy listening to all my favorite pop punk from the mid 2000s, so always happy to meet someone who has the same taste in music.
submitted by WhiskeyDevilvsWorld to polyamoryR4R [link] [comments]

2020.12.01 02:56 Lovetheangelshadow Splinterbark: Chaos of the Coyote Crew CH 11

Chapter 11: The Unknown Story

Reed could not concentrate. Perhaps it has because he had spent the last three weeks going thrice the normal amount of math homework. Maybe because he could not figure out just what the Coyote Crew were up to. Or possibly it was his argument with Shelly. He threw his head back and groaned tugging at his coifed bangs in defeat. Didn’t that stupid girl understand how dangerous those three were? If anything happened to Shelly… He had to stand up and get some air. The math equations were starting to dance to the rhumba on the page. Outside in the garden he inhaled deeply and tapped above his collarbone in nervous rhythm trying to clear his head.
First they attacked a smaller bank. According to Blackbird they were more known to strike larger banks and make one or two big hauls before disappearing for a few months. Then they struck the yacht. That was more their style. The flashier the venue the better. Then they were spotted at Valdus Academy. Blackbird’s sources said the file cabinets for C and D were forced open. Did schools even keep physical records anymore? They were looking for someone, the voice in his head uttered. But who? Who could three thieves dressed as the leads from a decade old television show be looking for? Maybe there was a clue in the show itself?
Reed only barely glanced at the wiki when he went back to his room. He knew most of the stuff such as plot, characters, etc. The plot itself was fairly simple. Three young girls; the brave and clever Captain Coyote, the kind and empathic Blaze, and the curious and optimistic Star, had hijacked a mysterious ship known as the Firefall and was trying to escape the clutches of the space demon Dark Ghost and his son Prince Specter. Each episode they met different races either enslaved, fighting against Dark Ghost, or neutral and there was some kind of moral lesson at the end. Reed tried looking up footage but most of his searches only gave him clips of low quality or heavily edited to avoid copyright. Reed grumbled but then a thought came to him. He and Marco used to watch the show together and Marco had a habit of recording shows to physical form just in case.
He went down the hallway to the far end of the house where his brother’s room was. The name Marco Ceil Altamiri was engraved in a plaque on the door. The door was locked. It made sense as Marco had his own safe he used for business papers. His mother was out again and he didn’t expect his brother and father home anytime soon. Reed returned to his own room and pulled out a key he kept taped to the underside of his desk. He had gotten a copy of the key to his brother’s room a long time ago and only occasionally used it if he felt a little malicious. He was surprised Marco had not changed the lock yet. He could not be that stupid. This was also how Reed had stolen the ring in the first place.
Marco’s room was notably more professional looking than Reed’s. Marco had a large roll top desk and a luxurious four poster bed. Several shelves lined the walls and what was not covered by shelf were posters of various racing cars-some even signed. The shelves were stuffed full of movies and TV show box collections. A sizeable portion were of mainstream and obscure anime ranging from DVD’s, VHS, and even Laserdisc. Others were cartoon box collections. Marco was also fastidious person when it came to organizing. He kept all of his recorded shows on one shelf and kept in longboxes. Reed traced his fingers along the boxes looking at the lettering for the F box. He just had his hands on the box when Marco whispered in his ear,
“What are you doing in my room?” Reed had gripped the edges of the box and dunked it hard at the surprise; causing all the discs to fly out and scatter all over the room. He sat there on the floor gripping his collarbone and the longbox resting haphazardly on his head. Marco picked up one of the discs and thumbed over the title.
“Firefall Arcade, huh? Feeling a little nostalgia with everything that is going on?” he tossed as he plucked the box of his brother’s head. Reed grumbled something akin to a maybe. He started gathering the DVDs from the floor trying to put them in some kind of order. Marco smirked a little as he helped clean up the mess.
“So what do you say you and me chill for a bit and watch some episodes eh? I’ll make the popcorn and we can chill on the smaller TV in the old game room…”
“No thanks, I’m sure you are real busy and…” Marco plucked the discs out of Reed’s arms and promptly dropped them into the box haphazardly. Reed tensed at the motion. As meticulous as his brother was known to be, the moment he stopped caring about organization, Reed know it wasn’t a good sign. Marco wagged his finger in front of Reed’s hatchet nose and smiled devilishly.
“Nuh uh, you play this my way or I’ll tell Dad you broke into my room.”
“Blackmail, huh? You would not dare.” Marco puffed out his chest as he breathed in a large intake of air.
“Hey Dad, Reed br-” he started shouting.
“Alright! Alight! You win!” Reed grumbled and hissed through clenched teeth.
“Ha ha, I knew you’d be a reasonable little angel. Now help me get the rest of these off the floor.”
One of the smaller rooms that had once entertained guests had been converted into the boys’ personal game room. Several consoles were on shelves and there were two televisions inside the room. One was a larger flat screen and the other a much old CRTV for older systems and the VHS. A small lump occurred in Reed’s throat as Marco had to set up the older screen for playback. He really couldn’t remember the last time both he and Marco were in this room together.
The show was actually better than he had remembered. For a space show in a television budget it was surprisingly well made for something from the 2010’s. The aliens were actual costumes or puppets though the CGI could be a bit laughable. Even the acting and writing was pretty solid for what it was. When Prince Spector finally came to the scene Reed thought he looked familiar. Maybe older but he could have sworn he had seen that face before. No wonder it had the following it did. For once Reed felt like he actually could relax and forget that right now there were three crazy cosplayers out there or that he was even the Silver Guardian that no one appreciated. They were about halfway through the 1st season when Morgan knocked hard on the doorframe and barked,
“So this was where you were, Marco.”
“Aw, let the boys have a little fun together, Morgan.” Lenora teased. She had been fully aware that the boys had been watching the show for the past two hours and neglected to tell her husband where they were. It had been nice to see her sons actually talk to each other without tension. She didn’t understand why Reed acted so hostile somedays to his brother these past several years. Morgan just grumbled saying something along the lines of them wasting their time before shuffling off to the dining room with his wife close behind.
Marco shrugged and clicked the DVD back in its case.
“I suppose we should please the all mighty father. Eh?” Reed paused a little before humming in agreement. As Reed followed down the pathway Marco mused aloud,
“A shame the show got cancelled before the third season fully aired. Heh heh I remember how upset you were too. You used to have the biggest crush on the Captain.”
“I don’t remember any such thing!” Reed barked. He cringed as he actually remembered trying to dye his hair once in the triple colors and his hands twitched slightly recalling the bullying that came from it.
“What about the show? It got cancelled mid showing?”
“Yeah you were too young to really be aware of it. But there was a huge scandal and the whole production got axed.”
“Any idea what happened?”
“Hmmm, it’s been over a decade but I believe the two actors who played Captain and Prince Spector or Jessie Rochet and Simon Crete were dating until they broke up. The break up I guess was bad enough that Jessie attempted to kill Simon on set during a shooting.”
“I don’t remember exactly what happened after that. It’s been a long time and I guess most people have just moved on. You know, most of this stuff can be found on the wiki.” Reed slapped his forehead accosting himself at not pursuing the site further and how could he had not done something so obvious. Marco wrapped his arm around his brother’s shoulder and squeezed a little.
“Because you actually wanted to spend time with your big bro.” Reed pouted and folded his arms tightly.
“I did not!” he shouted with a not entirely sincere tone.
Shelly had followed along the same lines as Reed only she looked at every page of the wiki. Or more correctly, Frix did the research. Shelly had to finish an essay so she, reluctantly, let Frix use her computer to read the pages to her. She had learned these past few months that being stuck inside a sphere for years made one curious and she caught him looking at things that would have made her father build a gallows for her in a fortnight. It look her a good chuck of the night to put restrictions and passwords in place.
“This story is not anything new to me. A girl scorned and she seeks to destroy all around her regardless of innocent or guilty”, he mused. What Reed hadn’t read or known from Marco was that the three Rochet sisters disappeared for a few months after the scandal occurred and before Simon’s parents could issue a lawsuit. After those months the studio that had made the show, Pangea, was burned to the ground by three unknowns dressed as the three main characters and the safe had been stripped clean. A fan page that followed these three had several articles of the various crimes that had committed through the years. Many speculated it was the three sisters, but there was no proof. As for the Cretes, they pretty much vanished. There were theories abound they were murdered by the Rochet sisters. Hopefuls thought they might have left the country. Shelly looked at the picture of Simon Crete without the purple prosthetics and false horns. She had seen that face before. She tried to think about it-but it wasn’t coming through. Her thoughts then went to Reed and she tensed up thinking how mad it made her. It was her brains that allowed them to beat Metilla. She figured out where Circus Freak had been hiding. She saved Star from the rabbit monster. She could have very well beaten Reed up outside of his Guardian form. The thoughts made her angry enough to slam her fist on the ground and right on the handle of her compass instrument. The razor thin handle sliced into the side of her hand and she yelped a bit louder than she meant to. Frix screeched as blood began to drip from his own wrist.
“Looks like we’re going to have to go downstairs for Nurse Holmes.” Nurse! That was it! Ignoring that there was an open cut on her hand Shelly pushed Frix aside and took over the keyboard. She pulled up the school’s website and opened the facility page. It took a bit of scrolling down until she pulled up medical staff. There were two members. One was an older prune faced woman and the other was a younger man in about his late thirties. She screenshotted the picture and dumped it into Paint before finally drawing horns and scribbled purple splotches on his face. Since she had been coming to school early, she had often noticed the man pulling into the driveway and waved hello.
“Coincidence”, Frix asked. Shelly didn’t want to think so, but it seemed at least a start where to go. She tried to call Blackbird on her thoughts but the line was busy for some reason. Fine the, she’ll just figure this out on her own. Also she should probably stop bleeding on the computer.
Jinn flew casually along the night sky on her staff not really in any direction-just to feel the autumn wind in her face. She had no real reason to be out. Hunter could easily take care of things on his own, but since last night she was worried. It would soon be two years since she first met Hunter while flying about on a night like this. And yet not once in that time had she seen Hunter act so violently to anyone. Sure he had drained people before and she managed to convince him to not to-but not once had she ever seen him with the intent to drain someone of their emotions completely. Hunter once told her he could only take negative emotions as positive ones seem to actually cause him real harm. He was also rather dodgy of why he had this ability just like the monsters that appeared at night. As much as Hunter liked to boast of his abilities and triumphs-he was never one to talk about himself as a person.
Jinn’s thoughts then turned to the White Rabbit. She knew they would need to find the creature and fast. Those girls had no idea what they had gotten their hands on. The witch shuddered remembering one time a ganglord nearly shot them down as they took a Cerberus like monster as a prize. It was almost sunrise before they managed to track the thing down and by the time they did, every single one of them had either their throats cut or their souls emptied and cackling in a euphoric insanity. Also it was a lot harder to take the beast down not that it helped the victims any. She turned down a date with Reggie to be out here tonight even when Hunter didn’t really need her. In Jinn’s staff there was a purple and black chunk of stone in a crude fastener. The stone had been made from the remains of one of their kills and acted like a compass towards other monsters of the same nature. It was not as acute as Hunter’s own natural senses and was a little like playing Hot & Cold especially in a city as massive and labyrinthine as Cadric City was. Jinn hoped it was the rabbit and where the rabbit was-she’d find Hunter.
It was not the White Rabbit. It was an emaciated creature scuttling along the bridges around the canals and was sniffing the air for prey. The beast bore the body of a lizard with long scaly ears and a horse snout. Jinn was thankful it was still in its shrunken state which meant it had yet to feed on anyone and likely just crawled out of whatever dark hole it spawned from. Hunter and Jinn once tried to find the source of the beasts only for it to end in an experience that sometimes still haunted Jinn in her nightmares. They had followed an engorged beast down deep into the Underground near caverns even they hadn’t explored yet. But then Hunter suddenly changed the deeper they got. He began to behave irrationally and attacked her. Jinn was lucky enough to outpace him where once they gotten halfway back to the surface he stopped. Hunter told her it was like some switch flipped in his mind and the only thought that dominated was “find and devour”. They both agreed to never do that again.
Jinn held back for a time. If a monster was here than Hunter would be along and he hated when someone else interrupted his hunt. The lizard horse was almost across the bridge now. On the other side was one of those late night trucker cafes and from the faint sounds of music-there was enough people inside for the beast to make its time. It was crossing the street. No Hunter. Its tail curled around the door and was opening inside. No Hunter. Jinn couldn’t wait any longer.
“Don’t even think about it!” she yelled at the thing. She tried to imitate that cocky taunt Hunter was known for but it came out more like a squeak toy. Horse Lizard was unimpressed and ignored her with a flick of its tail. In the same motion it struck its tail out and snagged one of the legs of a surprised patron. Even with the customer’s girth, the monster managed to heave him into the air and dangle him high above the floor. The horse’s jaw disconnected open wide enough to attempt to swallow the customer. The tail released the prey and let him drop into its mouth. Or it would have if it were not for the sudden bubble to engulf its head and the customer bounced off it. Now she seemed to have the monster’s attention. It leapt and scratched towards her with its slack jaws striking along the tile floor and causing sparks. Just as its jaws hovered just above her head, Jinn conjured another shield around her. The moment the beast had latched onto the magical barrier Jinn struck the staff into the ground and caused the bubble to explode. The concussive blast caused the monster to be projected high into the air and splash hard on the surface of the canal river. The creature screeched and snarled as its minuscule limbs trashed and swirled about as it clumsily kept itself just above the water. Jinn didn’t know if these monsters could drown-Hunter never let one be alive enough for them to know.
Jinn was not going to leave anything to chance. Strange that Hunter was not here right now. Maybe he was busy with another monster? It was not the first time they encountered more than one beast in a night. She flew close behind on her staff as the slow flowing river was dragging the beast down the street. She got too close. In its flailing, the Horse Lizard snatched it’s forepaws onto the rung and nearly dragged her down into the river with it. Jinn kicked the back rung of her staff and forced both of them up. She flew up higher and tried to make quick twists and turns and rolls as she attempted to get the monster off. The lizard almost managed to get its claws on her face. Jinn ducked backwards to avoid it and caused the staff to rise up backwards. The sudden shift in weight caused the two to spin erratically in the air and twisted crazily downwards towards the street. Her mind spinning from the lack of air control kept interfering her focus and every shield that came up with fizzled out. Jinn braced for the impact. Something big grabbed her and wrenched her off her staff. The monster and staff crashed hard with a cacophony of snarling grunts, tearing flesh, and hard metal screeching.
The witch finally managed to open her eyes. The Silver Guardian was holding her around her chest and was descending before where the horse lizard had landed. The beast’s flesh had been half mashed by the impact and a couple of its limbs had been dislocated. The mass suddenly quivered and the pieces dragged itself together back into a misshapen resembled of its original form. It also had Jinn’s staff. Chittering and snapping it mimicked the movements it had seen Jinn do but the staff did not respond. However, it was smart enough to know what Jinn was powerless without it and then it ran off with it.
Or rather it tried to when a baseball bat smacked it hard in the face and nearly snapped its neck in two. While it was busy putting its head back on, Splinterbark snagged Jinn’s staff. She tried to run away with it, and the beast’s tail caught her leg and made her fall. On her back the beast wanted to snap her neck in return. Splinterbark, without much thinking, used the points of Jinn’s staff to repeatedly stab it in the chest. The creature reacted with each wound but it was not enough to kill it. Jinn yelled a reminder that Hunter was the only one to be able to permanently end the monsters. Ignoring the flesh cut in her leg, Splinterbark tried to shove one of her wooden shards into its mouth. The thing snapped onto her arm and the padding just barely saved her. It was not going to let go and was about to thrash to tear her arm from her torso.
A light struck right between its eyes. The blast went straight through its brain and it staggered backwards with its mouth still on Splinterbark’s arm. Both of them fell onto the street floor as the beast began to melt and fizzle away. Silver and Jinn approached with Silver holding a smoking pistol in his right hand.
“Thanks for…humph, I could have handled that on my own”, Splinterbark pouted.
“Oh I am so sure you would have”, Silver sneered with no jest in his tone. Jinn picked up her staff and gazed puzzled at the two. Also that Silver was also about to kill the monsters.
“How…how were you able to…I thought Hunter was…” she stammered out. Frix rolled his eyes and tapped Jinn’s staff.
“Well of course he can. Guardians have always been able to kill Oozlings.” Splinterbark spoke up that was the third time he mentioned that name and just what was an Oozling.
“Never mind that. What are you doing out here, Splinterbark?”
“I am following a lead on the Coyote Crew. And you?” Silver was slow to respond and grumbled a ‘same’ like he was reluctant to agree with her. Jinn looked around her. Hunter was still not around and her growing dread gripped to her mind even stronger than before. This was not like him. Sure, him going solo was not anything new-but some shred of intuition told her something was wrong. She didn’t have much of a time to muse on it. A loud explosion could be heard from two blocks down and they saw a column of fire spew into the sky above the buildings before shattering into colors and fluttering to the ground.
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2020.11.30 23:45 Sresla List of Chromas on sale for BE; don't forget there's a filter now you can check (chromas/available for blue essence)

Here's the list of chromas available this round. This list is what is ACTUALLY in the store. The previously compiled list went based on skin release date, not chroma release date which is why some chromas from that list (like Galaxy Slayer Zed and Odyssey Kayn) are not available for purchase with blue essence; they are too new. Additionally, not all chromas are available in the Essence Emporium. If you don't see your favorite skin's chromas (Enduring Sword Talon, High Noon Thresh, Sugar Rush Evelynn, etc) it's likely that it will roll around in the Spring rotation, so start saving! Please note that Legacy skin chromas (such as Odyssey Ziggs) are generally not ever available in the Essence Emporium.
You cannot purchase chromas for skins/champions you do not own. Unlike event exclusive chromas which allow you to purchase them without owning the skin/champion, these require you own the skin/champion first.
Chromas will be available from November 30th, 1pm PST until December 14th, 1pm PST (adjust accordingly for your time zone. PST = Pacific Time, US).
REMEMBER: If you purchase all available blue essence chromas for a skin, you can then purchase the Ruby chroma by itself (assuming it has one) for RP by navigating to its bundle in the store.
League Partner Exclusive Chromas (10k BE)
Chromas (2k BE) Event Exclusive Chromas such as Peacekeeper (Mecha Kingdoms), Chrono (Astronaut/Pulsefire), etc, are not available for blue essence and cannot be purchased as part of their RP bundle in the shop. Ruby chromas are exclusively available for RP and also not included in the Essence Emporium
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2020.11.30 21:38 YellowPac 31 [TF4TF] US - Hopefully my awkwardness comes off as cute

Picture someone who grew up with a conservative family and though they did some peculiar things earlier in life like chose a female character over a male in multiple-choice video games, they started to experience gender dysphoria. So the struggle now was not only overcoming that, but educating said family on the subject.
Welcome to my life.
At an early age, I grew up with the game Super Metroid. I later moved onto games like Metroid Zero Mission on the Gameboy Advance, and through it, I developed a love of Metroid/Samus fanfiction. And let's be honest, I may see Samus as a darling woman, but if given the choice between dating her, and being her, I'd choose to be her.
I'd like to meet some people that are into exciting, robust conversation. I know I'm a bit older at 31, but I still think I can keep up. Let's talk about pixel art, memes, dresses, cosplay, video games, Youtube, and everything else.
Sell me a fantasy with roots in reality, and/or a fantasy to escape to with full knowledge it's fantasy, and I'm there. Get my mind off a global pandemic.
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2020.11.30 16:50 bugsmal Please help, I am beyond lost!

Hi there!
I'm currently using Fusion 360 to design props for cosplay, and have had a lot of success to date, however my new project requires sculpting, and I am a complete novice in this department.
I'm trying to design and sculpt some individual armour pieces for the character Mister Miracle, and I am coming unstuck time and time again.
Would anyone be willing to discuss the project with me and offer any advice?
Thanks Hive Mind!
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2020.11.30 10:37 GuessImBritish Im a teen(14) and i like my asexual/aromantic friend

I have a friend who is a grade above me. She's in high school rn and im on my last year in middle school. We're doing online cuz of covid but we text almost everyday and chat. We talk about anime fadoms were in hell even share ships we really want to happen. We have had sleepovers and hang out a bit. She's busy alot sense she's a big sister to one pure little girl and one kinda spoiled girl. Anyway, once we were hanging out(we hang out at her house sense i have family problems and a messy house) i told her how none of my friends ever cuddled me and i felt hurt(joking btw) she then just flops onto me and cuddles me. And holy frick i had my FIRST "gay panic' moment, i was laughing awkwardly and being a fluttered idiot. We then continued talking about anime, lgbtq, cosplay, all kinds of stuff. As we were talking i was wondering if i liked her more then a friend. I never been in love before so i was confused. I knew she was asexual and aromatic. I knew she probably just wanted to stay friends, it kinda hurt but i care about her. She helps me when i cry, helps me when im hyperventilating/worring about my parents fighting. She was always there for me. And if you ever meet me im the type of person to see my friends as family. When she cuddled me like that i was all flustered and told her 'Noooooo stopppp ommggg kiwi nooo"(kiwi is her nickname) whining like a baby she teased me a bit with more cuddles and one time her head was on my chest and i just DIED. And tbh even if she doesn't feel the same way about me.. Im glad i have such a loving and supportive friend like her. I might not be able to date her, but having her as a friend is amazing and I'd rather have that then screw things up and never talk to her again. ((Hopefully she doesn't have reddit or im screwed lol))
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2020.11.30 05:52 Angry_Vodka_Dragon I love my parents, but their lack of self awareness is becoming too much to ignore; I don't know how to make them realize the harm in their behavior/actions/choices without starting a fight or just being ignored. [Edited]

The following has been updated with edited language:
Quick Reference: K=my husband of 9 years(34), C=my half sister(35) A bit of background for my husband, he suffers from PTSD & Hyper Nerve Sensitivity, I'm his caregiver.
So, there's alot to unpack here as I've put off coming to reddit about this for a while, but it's getting to the point I could really use some outside opinions on the situation because I feel like I'm excusing my parents' bad behavior too much in favor of love and wanting to avoid a fight over trying to teach them the consequences of their actions...Also because I'm just not sure HOW to get the point across to them so I'm taken seriously and I'm afraid if I don't do something, I'm either gonna end up saying something I regret or just completely cutting them out and I REALLY don't wanna have to go that route because despite their stupidity, I still love them.
So to start, I'm a 27(f) who basically grew up as the black sheep of the family due to my interests/aesthetic. I grew up being told I had an attitude/anger problem by my oversensitive, passive aggressive mom who, while is very kind & loving when she wants to be, she's also had a record of verbalizing opinions without thinking about the choice of words or how it impacts others. Some examples consist of my mom telling teenage me I shouldn't buy certain clothes because "they look 'inappropriate' and you don't wanna give people the wrong idea", asking ADULT me if I planned to change clothes before going somewhere because I "wouldn't want to give the elderly a heart attack"(I was wearing a form fitting tank, some short denim shorts w/ suspenders, and some thigh high stockings; very tame for me), or when she called my husband a "know-it-all" because he was simply more knowledgeable on a subject than she was. To clarify, my husband is VERY smart, and it's made him self conscious when speaking to others because he hates when people attack him for being smart. Ever since she said that, he's been reluctant to join me on visits to my family dinners because he doesn't feel like he can talk, also travelling is hard on him due to his condition. Did I mention my mom's also one of those people who just can't fully accept I changed my name and STILL uses my birth name in alot of social situations and uses her emotions to justify it when I correct her? It's been 15 YEARS since I changed my name, it's NOT about her, she needs to get over it. She thinks her feelings about MY name are more important and while I haven't snapped yet, I've gotten pretty sick of her excuses for invalidating my identity in favor of her feelings. She literally use to make jokes in front of me about how she didn't have a daughter because I wanted to go by a different name. I dunno how she thought that was okay; I didn't think it was funny.
My Dad on the other hand, I mean, he's nice too, when he wasn't yelling at me for bad grades or my "attitude problem"; I would literally hide in my closet when I was kid when report cards came home because I knew the grades weren't what THEY wanted and they insisted I just needed to try harder. I think I needed a proper mental examination, which I still haven't gotten but I'm working on it. What angers me about my dad is more relevant to the current situation with Covid; both him and my mom are in the high risk bracket and he's a school bus driver..with COPD. He insists he stays up to date on the news and when I expressed my concerns to him about going back to work that he'd step away if things got too dangerous. When he said that, he was driving a bus at a 3rd of it's capacity; now he's driving a bus at full capacity and he still hasn't left. He sais he knows what he's doin' is dangerous, but he's STILL doing it because of the "we can't live in fear" mentality; the ignorance of that statement has made me reluctant to talk to him since school's gone back in session.
As for my sister, C, she's a teacher's assistant who never took this pandemic seriously to begin with, she ignored the protocols and kept goin' out to see friends any chance she got, she's also got a serious smoking problem which won't do her any favors if she gets sick and she's setting a horrible example for my niece by teaching these bad habits and carelessly putting her own parents at great risk of catching this virus. C is also borderline paranoid conspiracy theorist and expresses anti-vaxx views when confronted with the subject(How she's allowed to work with children is beyond me). To put it simply, we don't see eye to eye on most things, and it seems like any issue I've had throughout my life(Anxiety, Back issues, etc.) I can't talk about how it's impacted me without her or my mom saying C's had the same problem and then get's tossed aside like it's not important. My parents also just seem unsettlingly nonchalant about setting boundaries with my sister regarding this pandemic even though she LIVES with them and has deliberately put them at risk.
Meanwhile at the first sign of this looking like a Pandemic 9 months ago, I was already starting to cancel travel plans and working on my mental/physical health at home with workouts and self reflection while running a guild with some friends. I take these precautions very seriously since I also have my husband's health to consider as well as my Nanny if I visit her at the retirement home. Seeing my parents went from a video call every 1-2 weeks, to once a month to almost non existent because I don't really have much to say seeing as I don't agree with their views and their ignorance on certain subjects stresses me out. Most of those video calls would consist of bonding over drinking, I'd listens to all the stuff they have to say, but I can rarely finish an entire thought without it either being interrupted, detoured, or I can't express my opinion because it would spark a debate of some sort and they would just shrug off my opinion anyway.
I just had my first video call with my parents for the first time in over a month. I knew they were gonna bring up Christmas plans because it's getting close to that time, but I'd already made concrete plans to celebrate this year with K's parents since we know they're safe, plus technically speaking, I spent Christmas with my parents last year. I told them this, and obviously they were disappointed but understood, they said they had a strong feeling I wouldn't be up to visiting but proceeded to tell me who they were planning to have and how it was gonna be a 'small' gathering of them, C, my neice, my half brother + his wife & their kid Nanny?? Totaling to 8 people. Hearing this angered K because he saw this as their attempt to try and sway my decision and using my Nanny as a bargaining chip because everyone who knows me knows I love my nanny dearly. K saw their attempt to change my mind as an underhanded attempt to devalue his family even though my decision remained the same. I'm more concerned how/why my parents or anyone else for that matter thinks it's a good idea to have a frail 88 year old woman come to a family Christmas party where there's TWO front line workers that could be asymptomatic for all they know. I don't want my Nanny to be alone on Christmas, but I also don't think she should be going there and it worries the hell out of me that they're not considering the danger of the situation.
TLDR; Ultimately, I have some very strong opinions about the wellbeing of my parents both short & long term but it seems like they don't take me seriously because...idk, I'm the youngest and don't have a 'real job' in their eyes? Perhaps because my interests in cosplay, videogames, & artdolls is childish to them? I don't see how that makes my opinions invalid. I don't just stay up to date on the current news, I take time and process it and make educated decisions based on them. Hell, unlike my sister, I'm actually married and have a house so who cares what my interests are? Just because my interests appear childish to them doesn't mean I can't psychoanalyze circles around them. Truth of the matter is, after discussing some very personal subjects with my mom, it's abundantly clear my parents could use some counselling of their own, both individual, and as a couple. Growing up listening to them argue and me trying to mediate as soon as I was old enough was stressful and their communication skills have barely improved in the span of the 27 years I've been around. I want them to stop endangering themselves and my Nanny, I want them to take me seriously, I want them to kick that horrible passive aggressive behavior they have to the curb and learn to think a little more before they speak and to own up to mistakes when they realized they've made them, I want them to get help. I know this post mostly focused on their negative aspects, but that doesn't mean they don't have qualities I love about them. I MISS them, ALOT, but I just can't bring myself to see them or barely even talk to them unless they smarten up at this point. I've tried approaching them many different ways over the years and nothing seems to work, I dunno if I'm wasting my time, but I'm running out of ideas thus here I am. I'm sorry for how long this turned out to be, I dunno how I could sum it up without obscuring details, hell, I'm worried there's important pieces I left out that could impact the advice, I hope not. So, people of reddit, any idea how I could go forward with my parents without playing dumb for the rest of my life and smiling/nodding at their stupidity? I really don't wanna cut them out, but I can't keep blindly excusing this ignorance when I know they can be better if they just try to better themselves like I've been.
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2020.11.30 03:31 Lvl25Magikarp 27 [M4F] Texas - who knew finding a best friend who you occasionally kiss would be so difficult?

Dating apps are exhausting and anything I've found here seems to die out within a week but here I am again. Ive spent 7 years working with animals instead of people so I really don't have a way to meet people irl. Gonna straight up say I'm looking for a best friend who I can date after we get to that point. Im a PC gamer, I used to cosplay pre-covid, learning archery during lockdown, I like memes, animals are my life so I talk about them alot. I despise reddit chat so would prefer to move to gamer chat platform. Horrible picture but its recent from today so here's me.
Some things based on how past conversations have gone you should probably be these for us to get along. Animal lover, gamer, most definitely not a republican, texan for the sake of being somewhat nearby if we ever meet.
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2020.11.30 02:16 CEddsfan19 24 [M4F] Buffalo, NY - On Market: Korean Space Dandy knockoff

Enjoys racecars, gaming, and fitness (whole chicken leg into his mouth). May enjoy Kpop and anime upon coercion. Is perfectly fine with any kind of dating, either casual or serious, preferably in the vicinity of the Western NY area. Do not feed M&Ms after 11 PM. Avoid storing in temperatures below 60 degrees. Always keep hands at least 1 foot away from pompadour at all times. Warning: produced in a facility that processes "PC MaStEr RaCe" trash.
Basic Specs:
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Location: Buffalo, NY
Relationships status: Single
Favorite/Only Cosplay: Sun Wukong (RWBY)
Favorite Anime: Future GPX Cyber Formula
Favorite Games: Fallout, Ace Combat, Warzone, Gran Turismo, iRacing
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2020.11.30 02:16 CEddsfan19 24 [M4F] Buffalo, NY - On Market: Korean Space Dandy knockoff

Enjoys racecars, gaming, and fitness (whole chicken leg into his mouth). May enjoy Kpop and anime upon coercion. Is perfectly fine with any kind of dating, either casual or serious, preferably in the vicinity of the Western NY area. Do not feed M&Ms after 11 PM. Avoid storing in temperatures below 60 degrees. Always keep hands at least 1 foot away from pompadour at all times. Warning: produced in a facility that processes "PC MaStEr RaCe" trash.
Basic Specs:
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Location: Buffalo, NY
Relationships status: Single
Favorite/Only Cosplay: Sun Wukong (RWBY)
Favorite Anime: Future GPX Cyber Formula
Favorite Games: Fallout, Ace Combat, Warzone, Gran Turismo, iRacing
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